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 Regarding The Anarchist

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PostSubject: Regarding The Anarchist Sat Aug 31, 2013 4:52 pm

I noticed that you contacted the anarchist not long ago. He's an interesting fellow, isn't he? The consistency in his anti-world mentality may be as close to 100% as is humanly possible. In any case, here is who he is and why he does what he does:

I highly recommend reading all of this material, if only for its own sake. The first link gets especially interesting near the end.

More than just interesting, I found the following from the wiki entry on narcissism fascinating... think about it in terms of this cult leader, his group and/or anarcho-capitalists in general:

"Cultural narcissism

In The Culture of Narcissism, Christopher Lasch defines a narcissistic culture as one where every activity and relationship is defined by the hedonistic need to acquire the symbols of wealth,[39] this becoming the only expression of rigid, yet covert, social hierarchies. It is a culture where liberalism only exists insofar as it serves a consumer society, and even art, sex and religion lose their liberating power.

In such a society of constant competition, there can be no allies, and little transparency. The threats to acquisitions of social symbols are so numerous, varied and frequently incomprehensible, that defensiveness, as well as competitiveness, becomes a way of life. Any real sense of community is undermined—or even destroyed—to be replaced by virtual equivalents that strive, unsuccessfully, to synthesize a sense of community.

This is exactly what anarcho-capitalists -ism represent(s)... it's like a religion that grows specifically out of narcissism. They want hyper-competition - though of course only on their own, artificial terms - as, in my estimation, a way of "getting back" at those who were/are better than them on natural terms (this concerning sex and ability in regards to females)... back also at the parents and/or older siblings for neglecting them, the family members being narcissists themselves.

I made this deduction about them and, really, the feminine nihilist type ("leftists"), in the here and now, trying to create what in reality are pseudo cultures, and that these are thus doomed to fail and doomed to have all sorts of other problems preceding, a very long time ago. There's a rich irony in a population comprised almost entirely of narcissists (this being so, and attracted to the anarchist, because he is what they are, projecting himself [at the core, his psychology, especially the more pathological parts] out into the world via the Internet; they are attracted to him because he is them, and so attracted because he is a more potent and effective representation of them) really expecting that they will be able to get along in the real, in the long-term and when full social factors are involved.

Really what is happening here, as when they praise him like a Christian praises Jesus, is that they are making love to/worshipping themselves, seeing / mistaking themselves as the other(s), which is classic to this disorder. Were they to try to maintain an actual community in the real, especially one disconnected from the current, protective, system, they would find themselves at each others throats, in time, literally. Worth noting here is that the anarchist and his wife serve as perfect examples of what would happen. That is, they disconnected from ~all family and live only under the pretense of having "real" relationships with the various persons around them, trapped, because of their narcissism, in a state of perpetual defensiveness and paranoia. Much of their interactions are only for their child's sake.

They are recreating their narcissism in their child through this dialectical parenting in which they constantly and EXPLICITLY reinforce the idea to THEIR CHILD that THEY matter. Note first how ridiculous it is to even convey such things to such a young child, and secondly that it isn't even necessary or particularly useful that a parent do this, and that it unnecessarily fuels / foments a hyper-competitive attitude, here over time and attention. This also reveals an ignorance with regard to healthy human interaction and child psychology. Rather than establishing a cooperative relationship through actions (actions being true, direct, honest, etc.), a perpetually contentious relationship is formed and played out through language games and regular attempts at Pavlovian conditioning. Here the child is treated more like a robot than a living organism and one's own kin... a thing to be "experimented" with and carefully and actively shaped and molded.
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PostSubject: Re: Regarding The Anarchist Sat Aug 31, 2013 7:35 pm

I have defined Anarchism here:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

In short, it is an offshoot of Marxism, taking a more violent path.
It is the emasculated spirit wanting to erase it all so that we can start over again. 
It hopes that with this social rebooting the hierarchies will alter to their advantage.

Truth is, there is no such thing as anarchy.
In all social (inter)actions, or even outside of them in natural selection processes, there is a relationship created.
This relationship is a hierarchy, a value judgment being a comparison. 

The anarchist only dreams of no centralized, institutionalized hierarchy, which is inherited. A noble cause.
Unfortunately, the moment domination occurs, authority is created. 

The question is, upon what criteria is this hierarchy based on?
What principles and values are its standards?

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Regarding The Anarchist
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