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 The absurdity and cowardice of religio-morality.

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PostSubject: The absurdity and cowardice of religio-morality. Fri Sep 20, 2013 10:01 pm

I see often on internet posts that many people seem to believe that morality is objective and innate in nature. These sorts of claims often come from atheistic individuals who proclaim themselves as enlightened, free-thinkers. A lot of Sam Harris regurgitation all over the place to be frank. But what evidence is there, really, to support the supposed veracity of objective morality? Are compassion and empathy proof? Must it be true because otherwise what the Nazis did to the Jews was justifiable? It seems to me that people allow their emotions to cloud their judgment on this topic. Many intellectuals ( supposed ones ) try to rationalize their own cowardice, i.e., they can't bear the clear, conscious thought of an amoral universe because then they would be tempted to commit acts of " evil ", so they do, essentially, the same thing the Christians, Jews, and Muslims do and create a comforting delusion of the cosmic good and evil. Secular morality is religio-morality minus Yahweh. It's an emanation of the same nihilism, i.e., the hatred of nature.

Speaking of nature, let's take a look at it shall we? Let's go into the jungle. What do you see? Unconditional love? Peace? Justice?

.........Yeah, that's what I thought. Nature is the eternal refutation of religio-morality - of absolute good and evil. Nature laughs with sardonic wrath upon such cowardly and emasculating concepts. In nature - in the jungle, it's an all out war - a competition for resources, females, power, and survival. Organic systems ( animals ) are engines of self-preservation. They will do whatever it takes to survive; e.g., shred other animals alive to consume them. Nature is harsh and cruel - supremely vicious. Her smile is only for strong, brave, beautiful, and all daring. Weaklings and cowards perish without mercy.

Humans are part of nature, so what objective reason is there for one not to behave in accordance with it as it is on a primeval level?

Also, I ask: where is the objective right and wrong? Is it hiding underneath a rock somewhere? Is it tangible? Can someone please ship me a box of 5 pounds of objective goodness? I want to slice it open and dissect it so I can measure it objectively.

Food for thought.
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PostSubject: I found a moral in my cheese fries. Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:54 am

Ah yes, those elusive universal morals, aren't those made of electrons or something?

This reminds me of a Christian apologist named William Lane Craig who is a joy to watch debate these secular humanists. Craig doesn't further his Christian theology really, but remember that he's arguing with what Spengler called the granddaughter of Christianity. What he basically does is accepts the premise of objective morality, then argues successfully that it cannot be true without God (or something supernatural). He's debated Harris who if I recall correctly wrote a book about how neuroscience can somehow (magic?) discover objective morals. It's like those physicists searching for their indivisible god particles and singularities. Good luck with that.

You're kind of singing to the choir here though.
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PostSubject: Re: The absurdity and cowardice of religio-morality. Sat Sep 21, 2013 10:59 am

It is fun to watch WLC destroy secular-humanistic morality even though the vast majority of what WLC believes is utter horse sh*% too, but I can look past all that and appreciate how he picks secular-morality apart.

With Sam Harris, it seems as though he sees altruism and compassion as identical with inherent or objective morality. This, of course, is mistaken. Compassion and altruism are characteristics not universal values. Other cultures perceived altruism and compassion as womanly vices while viewing bravery, grit, strength, power as the highest moral ideals to strive for. There is no objective reason why one ought to value compassion over ruthlessness or aggression. I''ll save the rest of the relative-morality 101 as you seem to be enlightened already in this regard.
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PostSubject: Re: The absurdity and cowardice of religio-morality.

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The absurdity and cowardice of religio-morality.
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