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 The fundamental purpose of existence.

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PostSubject: Re: The fundamental purpose of existence. Thu Sep 26, 2013 5:36 am

Primal Rage wrote:
If you are familiar with Friedrich Nietzsche, then you should know what the nature of this will to power is, but if not, I will try to sum it up for you. The will to power is seen in everything. Starting from the inorganic, it is seen via gravity; systems of energy/matter use force ( gravity ) to attract other forces ( weaker ones ) to their own systems so that it may become a part of them. In time, these systems become more massive, transcending their former state. In the organic ( life ), the will to power becomes special, more complex. In plants, the will to power is seen in how it extracts energy from the soil and sunlight so that it may grow - so that it may develop and become more grand. In animals, the will to power is seen in dominance hierarchies and ruthless combat in order to dominate the territory. In humans, the will to power is seen in social hierarchies. Most people strive to obtain this power through work in exchange for money. This money, if accumulated and invested in wisely, will assists in their ascent of the social latter. It's safe to say that most people want to be rich, yes? This is because richness will give them power - power for attracting mates, power to survive ( food- water ), power to manipulate others, power to give their offspring a greater survival edge, etc. Even in the act of consumption ( eating and drinking ) the will to power is seen. When you consume sustenance, you are extracting energy from other sources ( like the tree ). This energy is subsumed in your organic system ( body ) and it gives power to your system ( vitality ). Everything is seeking to grow, expand, develop, and dominate.
Is this will to power the same as that which philosophers generally refer to as the conscious will? I'm guessing no considering you state that plants and planets have it (I can see problems down the road for that one).

How would you apply your theory to the dinosaurs? It would seem they had incredible power, but that was not enough to save them.
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PostSubject: Re: The fundamental purpose of existence. Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:06 am

The issue hinges on how one defines and understands the projected absolute - in this case "Power."

For me Will To Power is made up of three sections.

Will = a need/lack. I will that which I do not possess. With my willing, my need, I admit an imperfection, a desire.
Will being the mental agency directing an organism's aggregate energies.

To = a movement towards. All existence is (inter)active, so we are "thrust into activity" as Heidegger would say, or thrown into it, but the term here follows Will, so the movement is connected to what is in need, what is lacking.
The "To" indicates that the Will directs the aggregate energies towards a some-thing.

Power = this term can be anything (God/Being, Omniscience/Knowledge, Nil/Death, Love/Sensation, Some-Thing/No-Thing, Power/Omnipotence, Object/Objective ...).
This is the human abstraction being projected, the idea(l).
It is a human construct and ambiguous because the absolute is what is lacking, and so this projection is always imperfect and unattainable if it is understood as the absolute, the ideal, the perfect.
It is a method of orienting the 'Will Towards...'

Since "to" indicates the temporal character of the will, as it is always a movement towards, then the projection identifies the one willing - it gives it character, personality, it determines its essence.
The balance comes in as an understanding that the goal, the projection may be unattainable and merely a human projection offering the organism meaning and purpose, but that this suffices.

The organism is like a surfer.
The board is his aggregate energies. He is the Will. Reality, the Flux, is the ocean and its waves, its turbulence. The shore is the projection which will never be reached.

The surfer balances, enjoying the ride, for as long as he can.

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The fundamental purpose of existence.
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