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 In tribute to the Oak

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Quote :
"Thunder was called tonitrus, tonitruum (sometimes in the plural, tonitrua), or tonus from the verb tono, tonare, “to make a loud thundering noise.” Something interesting and perhaps important is that the actual bolt was always referred to by one of the words related to “gleaming.” In other words, the Romans regularly referred to “lightning bolts,” and not “thunderbolts,” as we do in English. Modern scholars and translators have generally not observed the distinction. In Greek, the gleam of lightning is astrape, while the bolt itself is called keraunos, and may refer to either or both lightning and thunder. The hurled bolt is called keraunobolia. Thunder is also bronte, hence the term “brontoscopic” to refer to thunder divination...

In tribute to the Oak - Page 2 Thundr10

Thunder vs. Lightning

In tribute to the Oak - Page 2 610

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In tribute to the Oak
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