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 Pragmatic Apllication

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PostSubject: Pragmatic Apllication Pragmatic Apllication EmptySun Nov 10, 2013 1:19 pm

Whatever is being described here is meant as a guide, not a dogma.

I describe what the world is like, in the present, without offering solutions for these reasons:

1- To offer my solutions, how I, personally dealt with the environment being described, is to present myself as a leader, a guru, an authority.
This would contradict the spirit of our camaraderie.  
We are fee-thinkers, free-spirits, joined by a shared observation, a common awareness, and a shared love of self and of the world that made it possible.
We do not seek leaders but only loyal friends and comrades ...some of us mates.
This is both our strength and our weakness, in relation to quantities and the power of synergy and uniformity.
All previous attempts were met with defeat, and the natural cycles of life prohibit the reversal of entropy.
Our battle is a personal one, and in others we only seek support.  
In fact, the easiest way to weed out the weak-minded, imbeciles, looking for a "chicken-soup" comforting, is to describe without offering a relief.  

2- The world is not to be changed, but we must change or adapt in relation to it.
In its present state, there are no frontiers to go off and find an alternative, and numbers, quantities, the establishment is already too powerful to deal with in a head-on confrontation.
We describe the cult of victim-hood so as to exploit it, not to alter it.
Every individual's talents, and goals differ and so no single reaction to this state of affairs can be provided.
What I've done to achieve what goals I consider worthy of my efforts, are not what any one else should do or can do.
To offer a 'thou shalt' is to become like the herd he analyze.

3-  The quality of the other will not be judged using altruism, compassion, I.Q. tests, but how they cope and what they do with the observations provided by the group.
Each as a free man, and/or woman.
Each different usage of the data being provided on this forum is to be taken as an interesting application, which may or may not be useful to every member.
Here we share perceptions of what we recognize as a shared understanding of what is occurring.  
Whomever has a different variant can offer it and justify it, under the testing assaults of the membership.
Trial by fire.
Simply declaring shit, will not do.
Victory dances, will not work.
There are no losers and victors here...only superiors and inferiors.

4- The world, including this artificial, nihilism, the current environment is producing, is not a problem requiring corrections.
It is a challenge, demanding a response.
We seek to preserve what we value, collectively, and each in his own way, what we consider superior.
We do not wish to save the nihilists, because they've already experienced far more kindness than we would have offered when they were protected from culling and exploitation, but we seek to adapt to the circumstances their growing numbers, and ubiquitous morals, are creating.
For each actions an equal opposite reaction senses, naturally, normally.
To this uniformity we already perceive fragmentation, along the memetic lines the very culture of permissiveness and sheltering, all-encompassing, uniformity, is constructing on its own.
The ideals these nihilists offer as saving graces offer the elements with which they destroy their own premises. The protective sheltering they enjoy and flourish in, is exactly what is leading to an internal disparity and division along memetic (idealistic, cultural, racial, sexual) lines.

5- If there is one spiritual position binding most of us in its multifarious presence, then let it be Paganism, as it manifested in Indo-European Aryanism: this love of nature, this honouring of our own individual ancestry, our hierarchies based on interactive qualities of the mind, not based on born, expected, rights given to us by some external power, and guaranteed to us because we were born inheriting power.  
Nature is the past, and it is in this past where we search for identity, strength, pride.
Ego is not a dirty word for us, it is this love of the self, this totality of nature that made us possible.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν

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PostSubject: Re: Pragmatic Apllication Pragmatic Apllication EmptySun Nov 10, 2013 5:41 pm

That was lovely; I like it.

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"All that exists is just and unjust and equally justified in both." [Aeschylus, Prometheus]

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Pragmatic Apllication
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