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 The divine suicide

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The divine suicide Empty
PostSubject: The divine suicide The divine suicide EmptySat Dec 14, 2013 11:54 pm

The Divine suicide is a theme recurrent in the mythology of almost all cultures.  In God’s death, latent potential was transformed into kinetic energy and the perpetual cycle of coming to be, being, and ceasing was fulfilled in its highest possibility.  

The great irony of God is at the apex of that climb, right before God manifests himself into complete being, God must obliterate himself in one grand destructive, self sacrificial act.  To himself he must return, he must descend into the depths so that he may once again come to know himself.  He must sacrifice himself to himself.  In every icicle which melts back into liquid, in every worm infested Oak which thunders to the ground, in every corpse which craws with maggots, we see God.  

Many find discomfort in this fact, an unlimited and perpetual becoming is the primal fear of man.  The notion that God does not exist is terror to the psyche, for it says- there is no end, there is no rest, there is no ceasing only an endless striving and becoming.  

Unhinged from a sense of purpose, these men become like freed comets hurling through the heavens without the ability to change direction.  All they are is velocity, their direction is constant until their eventual collision with a greater body changes their velocity,  direction and mass.

These men are completely engulfed in the current of time, tossed around like a ship in a storm.  They are not capable of self activity or self knowledge.  They become victims of the past, despise the present and dreadful of the future.  Time moves upon them like a thief, for their lives are defined in seconds, minutes and hours, days and years which pass unabated before them.
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PostSubject: Re: The divine suicide The divine suicide EmptySun Dec 15, 2013 11:56 am

The divine suicide reminds me of the universe itself in a sense; in the beginning, there is absolute order, being, the singularity, and then God commits suicide by exploding into multiplicity, becoming, plurality.

Will God return to his orderly state, the singularity? Big crunch? Is this an eternal game that God plays? Contracting and expanding, becoming and being, oneness and multiplicity.

Are you a pantheist?
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The divine suicide
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