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 The rise of the Mannequins...

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PostSubject: The rise of the Mannequins... Sun Apr 13, 2014 3:10 pm

Then we have the Mannequins...

They desperately try to avoid the struggle of life. In nature they are like children holding tightly on to their mother never wanting to let go. This comfort is a form of isolation which creates a platform of decay which they are forced into expression when reality calls, the decay manifests as a desperate projection. A lack of engagement in life builds a frustration which can only be satisfied if they become life it self, the spirit.

A constant need for validation to soothe the misery of life. They know everything without knowing anything at all. Enough is never enough, a type of parasite that aims to drain in order to remain. The mind is lost, detached. Everything becomes magical, a type of delusion. Assimilation into society, a normal work lifestyle is impossible as it does not feed the immaturity of responsibility and magic is not permitted. The screams are not heard in those environments and they start to die. They seek a different way, to appear to be extremely strong and effective to cater to extreme weakness. They must be beyond human, a hero or a god. They seek to save in order to save themselves. They are afraid, sensitive and begging reality to bless them with a smooth escape.

A platform needs to be manufactured ready for their performances. Through desperation and inaction towards self, they become masters of everything outside but all remain in an unrealistic superficial context carefully crafted to replace the perception of reality with themselves.

At an earlier stage, they would impulsively blindly project which was exposing and instantly met with rejection which increased the fear. At this point, a lot of them die. The ones who don't die, they learn to move, to navigate, manipulate and exploit, but not out of strategic calculation in a self stability, but rather the opposite. They are an illusion for many, they recognize themselves. The early less developed mannequins give power to the more "sophisticated" mannequins.

After awhile when influence is maintained, a release from fear/desperation is granted, but never completely, they can only escape within you. They start to "develop" their magic once they created a pathway into you.

This is a great time for them, humanity is a comfortable chair. This is why I call it the rise of the mannequin. You will start to see them show up everywhere. Is not particularly difficult to find them. They remain in different levels and tones. I've found a few to demonstrate..some are known, others less so...

Here we have little old Charlie, he is a classic case. I'm sure you are all familiar with him. The prison system is his home and always has been. During his time out, he hung out in the desert and worked his magic, created the Manson family, a group of people he manipulate into killing others and attempted to start some sort of revolution where eventually he would come out on top, as the leader. At that time the idea was to lead the blacks, after Manson predicted there would be a black vs white war, where the blacks will overpower the whites but not have the intelligence to lead themselves, that's where he would come in.

His vehicle is love and to maintain the purity of nature, and still is. He has an organization called ATWA. He uses Jesus as a safe place, a tool he reference as a representation of stability.


Here we have a Mannequin called Dan, he calls himself "the life regenerator" He aims to save you from the world. His vehicle is love, fruits and vegetables..He also uses Jesus in the same way. I would consider him to be a more "developed" mannequin as he can pull the wool over people's eyes quite effectively... wait for it..


Here we have Caleb. A mannequin who hasn't learned how to manage himself, a more disturbed case. Of course, he was labelled as a hero by the public for saving somebody from a crazed man, by smashing him over the head with a hatchet.

Shortly afterwards, he got arrested as a suspect of murder of somebody else. He currently trying to kill himself in prison.

He doesn't have much of a vehicle because he is less developed, but the opening of the video he talks about how loveable you are...that's usually the entrance into something more...but it stops there for him because he's too retarded..destined for jail. Wild like Manson, but less intelligent.


Here we have a Mannequin called Russell, a little bit more slightly known because of his celebrity status. Former heroin addict turned TV personality which still wasn't enough of course. Now he is hell bent on opening your eyes to the truth, calling it true news or trews.

His vehicle is love and peace for humanity, he also uses Jesus or the spirit of life in the same way as Manson/Dan.

This one is wild, quite like Caleb, but more calculated and developed.


Here we have a man called Greg, this Mannequin has a youtube channel called CannabisCureTV. Yeah, his vehicle is cannabis, love and world peace. He is going to cure the world with cannabis creating the ideal humanity. He travels around the world promoting cannabis.

He did have more personal videos uploaded in a blog style, but I guess he took them down to make his channel appear to be more professional..


With that said, I would consider all these to be of the "special branch", meaning they "excel" in what they are. Notice they all look similar too. These Mannequins recognize other Mannequins but not on an objective level, but rather they see themselves in other Mannequins subjectively. They really don't know what they are, they just process desperation..

Mannequins like myself can see themselves without the reference to the other, if you like. I would consider this to be an advantage since all the projection is not as necessary..with such awareness leads to self progression, not in every case...but yeah I wonder how many such Mannequins are hiding out here...
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The rise of the Mannequins...
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