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 Simple Arguments

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PostSubject: Simple Arguments Thu Jun 19, 2014 4:35 pm

Simple Arguments

The Philosopher masters argumentation and converts His statements into an artform. Every word, letter, and symbol is critically important. All sentences are relevant to various areas throughout the overarching message. No points are lost. Even the simplest minds recognize the power and profundity underneath these seemingly simple sentences. Because the points add-up to common sense. Each point is clearly labelled and easy to reference. Statements are the structure of the argument. Arguments are constructed through rationalized and justified, logical principles.

A simple argument is easily memorized by the very intelligent or unintelligent.

However simple arguments have a steep cost; because it is very difficult to maintain simplicity within the scope of philosophy. Hence The Philosopher and His associates demand the most scrutiny from, and investigation into, every preposition. He doubts every statement, claim, premise, and presupposition. Nothing is immune to His ability to doubt and deconstruct arguments. The Philosopher retains His famous ability to inquire deeper into imagined contexts. Context exists outside what is written and neatly formed. So The Philosopher will apply powerful contexts to otherwise mediocre statements.

The Philosopher reattaches every statement of an argument, returning their implied and intended contexts to the universe. Because statements represent reality and provide an immediate evidence of a particular perspective. People expose and expound their values through simple statements and arguments.

Let this text constitute such a simple argument as an exemplary one.

Let The Philosopher scruitinze these few points until perfected.
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Simple Arguments
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