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 Behavior and Facade

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PostSubject: Behavior and Facade Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:28 pm

The superficial appearance is the end result of evolution, resulting in beauty. This is feminine order and value.

Surely everybody judges and discriminates based on looks, but the modernists forget the most important fact of all. Everybody discriminates behavior, not just appearance. Discriminating appearance is taboo in modernist, liberal, western, degenerate, hedonist, popular non culture. We are not supposed to discriminate the difference between black and white skin, black hair and blonde hair, black eyes and blue eyes. Because "we are all human".

So liberalism and modernism both make it illegal, a thought crime, to distinguish the end result of evolution. This essentially destroys thought at the root and core.

Because discriminating behavior is more powerful and profound. If Terry is a violent male, who regularly gets into fights, assaults people, and eventually murderers a few people throughout his life....then must we also not discriminate against him? Isn't it christian to "forgive" him? Because all criminals can reform themselves, change their nature, correct? No??? Then you disagree with modernity, liberalism, and hedonism. All these ideologies prevent, not just discrimination of appearance and superficiality, but also discrimination of essence and character.

"Judge not lest ye become judged."

Christians are worse. The christian is trained, indoctrinated, not to judge anybody at all, for anything. The christian must defer judgment to the higher authority of priesthood, up to god. The christian must not discriminate facade. The christian must not discriminate behavior. This makes everybody, especially "criminals", immune to shame and guilt. Why should a criminal feel ashamed of crime? Why should a criminal not commit crimes?

"How, fucking, dare, you judge me???? Who do you think you are?! You're not God, you can't judge me!!!"

The point of this post is to spark some thought about discrimination of behavior. I believe this is far more primary than discrimination of mere appearances.

For example, I can deem a girl very beautiful, because she is petite, thin, virgin, blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, nice smell to her, symmetrical facade, etc.

But what about her behaviors? What if she is comatose, in the hospital, and may never wake up? What does that tell you about her and her nature? Without behavior, what is she? Is she an object or a subject?

Now think of a rock. A simple rock on the ground. You can judge its appearance in the same way you judge the aryan girl, above. But, does the rock move? Can the rock move of its own volition? Of course not. It is an object with no potential to become a subject. For the aryan girl, she does have potential. She presumably is alive, living. And life immediately proves the result of the discrimination of behavior.

The behavior, the autonomy, the self law, is primal and primary. It is core of the essence of nature. Not only does a rock and human both have a facade, but the living entity, the creature, the animal, is "evolved" in the sense of its own movement and ability to change corresponding to her environment.
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Behavior and Facade
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