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PostSubject: iMeme Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:14 am

Quote :
What is "I"?

Imagine if you had to redefine the word, the letter, the concept, "I". Try going a week without saying or hearing "I". Try to go an hour. Listen to when people say "I". Imagine there is no "I". Imagine that "I" is a computer program. Imagine that it doesn't exist. Imagine that what you call "I", what you know of "I", is not what you think at all. Imagine that "I" was put there, installed, by somebody else, your parents, your society.

Try to delete all the "I" out of your brain, can you do this? What are you, after you try? What is left of you? What remains after "I" am gone? After I is gone?
Quote :
The 'I', this iMeme, is programmed into every individual child in the United States. Parents, for generations, have educated their children to understand what I is. But, do parents themselves realize what they're doing or what I is? Doubtful, most parents are following traditions of verbal heritage. Languages, lessons, morality, meaning, are passed on through the mother tongue. This iMeme is also passed on through social rearing, similar to potty training.

The ego, the I, the iMeme, is programmed into the minds, the brains of children, from an early age. You believe that you own an 'I', or that you are an 'I'. But really disconnect yourself from "I". You are not I. I is not you. I is an idea. I is a meme. I is a concept. I is an identity. Without this I, then what would happen?

Obe, didn't you ask "are people better or worse off?" If the iMeme were not educated into children, then children may develop an entirely, revolutionary different conception of individual and social identity. I represents individual identity, does I not?

I is divisive. I separates one from another. I disconnects people, pushes and pulls people apart. I is anti-social. I is individualism. Maybe even, I is the entire concept, category, and ideology of individualism. I is dominant in American culture, due to the overwhelming valuation of individualism, instead of socialism. Socialism is a bad word. So, all value is placed on the individual. I. I. I. I. I. I is most important.

If this trend continues, and more and more value is placed on individuals, then what will happen to American society? It will fragment, break apart, the union dissolved. This is because too many people keep adding value on I. Everything is about I.
Quote :
Heuristically, what people call "I" is a physical identifier of selfhood.

I am George.
I am Barry.
I am Chris.
I am Nathan.

I is George.
I is Barry.
I is Chris.
I is Nathan.

What's the difference between what I am, and what I is? I is, what? I am, what?

What is I?
Quote :
I is possession. I possess body.

I possesses George, Barry, Chris, and Nathan. I takes over these bodies, consumes them. George can only think of I, I, I.

George: "I need to wake up at 8:00am tomorrow. I'm hungry. I went to the store. I will watch a television show tomorrow."

Behold George, who has been thoroughly infected with this iMeme. But, does I possess George, or does George possess the I?

Who owns who, does George precede the I, or does I precede the George?
Quote :
I does not own one particular home address. I has no information to give you. I lives almost everywhere, on every street corner. If you want to rob, steal, and take from I, then you also rob, steal, and take from your own I.
Quote :
Is it anything other than the I that desires to possess? Do you need the I, to eat? At the very least, you can no longer presume that "I ate breakfast".

The hand grabs, the mouth chews, the throat swallows, the stomach and intestines digest, but the I--the I possesses the food. I owns the food.

The I, converts that food into a memory, gives you the sensation of nourishment and health. I bridges the gap, the void, between the physical and the mental.
Quote :
is not advocating for a not-iMeme. I is simply demonstrating the lucidity and ability to detach the I, the ego, from the conscious and unconscious realm. I is a bridge. And I can be destroyed.

It may seem spiritual and mystical, but it's also common sense. All you have to do is question what "I" is, and how this iMeme began within you. Did not your parents put it there for you, did they not install it? Did your parents not convince you of "I"?
Quote :
The iMeme is like software installed into the computer hardware. The software can be deleted, uninstalled, reinstalled, freely. It doesn't change the hardware.

The iMeme does not change the human body, but, "possesses" it. I owns the body. I own the body. I own my body. I owns us. I own us.

Human consciousness is the computer hardware, becoming aware that it is possessed by a program. Self consciousness is realizing the malleability of I.
Quote :
I has been thinking about I.

We, as a collection of Is referred to as "philosophers" by another name, should reconsider what "I am". Reject what "I am". Let's start thinking and considering, instead, what "I is". What I is.

What you is?

Ierelleus brings up a good point. This "I" is fixed. People associate with I throughout their lives. As an infant, child, teenager, adult, elder. The "I" does not change. I does not change. It's fixed, absolute, resolute. The body possessed by your "I" changes, yes. The brain possessed by your "I" changes, also yes. But this abstraction, this artifice called "I", does not change. It's supposedly permanent.

Regarding the schizophrenic, presumably there are two paths toward schizophrenia. Sometimes a person is born with a defect, or brain malformation. This is automatic schizophrenia, an onset innate type of illness. You cannot change this type of schizophrenia. It's like being born blind, or with any other disability. His or her "normal" function in society is compromised. Biological schizophrenia should be considered a pathological illness.

While schizophrenia which develops later in life, in a teenager or as an adult, should be considered a psychological illness. Some are born into schizophrenia, while others develop this as a psychological illness, later in life. These two types are very, very different. But they both demonstrate the same end result. Both types, pathological or psychological schizophrenia, demonstrate a complete fragmentation of the iMeme.

I is John.
I is Michael.
I is Craig.
I is Judy.

This is four-personality split schizophrenic. Again, some are born this way, and other schizophrenics develop this way. But, both have the same conclusion. Both represent a fragmenting, a breaking apart, of the iMeme.

My "I" doesn't want to discuss schizophrenia too much, because it takes away from what I is. Maybe those interested in deconstructing Schizophrenia, should begin another thread on that in the psychology section.

Let's stay focused on the iMeme specifically, here.

What is the origin of I?
Quote :

So this big faced cooing people, essentially, gave you the same name that they had, "I". They named your "I" after themselves. And myself was also given this same name. We can see now, that "I" is some type of common name, shared by almost all people. We all share this same name and proper noun.

We all share this same name, "I". This is clarifying much more about the iMeme, and what I is.

Which primary functions does the iMeme do? What does I do?
Quote :
I is the collective name that "we individuals" all share.

All human beings share the name, "I", all human beings are I, but I is not all human beings. I is transcendental. I extends beyond the human specie, because is a meme, a thought, a belief, a world view, a language, a system, a memory, an identity. Individuals can be said to possess I. And I can be said to possess individuals.

I is the name of humanity.
Quote :
What does I become?

Hasn't it been demonstrated on the thread that I does not change? I adds everything to itself. I is John. I is Chris. I is Tom. I is Sandy. I is all people. Does the I become? Does I change? Does the iMeme change from person to person, or does each person change according to I?

For example, your iMeme probably has attached itself to a given Western, Christian name. Your I is--Ben. I is Ben, to you. But is your I also another person? You probably don't think so. Most people believe that I is only one name, your name. I is Ben, and I is not any other name or person. This seems like a false premise to me. Not only is I Ben, but I is also Tom, also Sandy, also John, also all people.

The iMeme is a program. It can be changed, it can be manipulated. It can be debugged, infected with a virus, uninstalled, deprogrammed. Because I possess you or you possess I. You see the conflict of identity and perspective? Is the iMeme truly first person, or second, or third?

Isn't the iMeme forth person? It's a forth-person perspective. It's outside everything. Take away the iMeme, uninstall it, what remains? What are "you" afterward? Do "you" retain any identity after the disassociation with I?

Maybe this is the difference between "human" consciousness and animal consciousness. Animals simply don't have an iMeme.

The next mystery is sourcing this iMeme, where did it come from, where did it originate, how does it become, how does it change, or how does it stay the same, how does it possess people, or how do people possess it?
Quote :
I is John. I is Cindy. I is Ralph.
I is a baby. I is a teenager. I is an elder.
I is tall. I is short. I is smart. I is stupid.
I is every race. I is humanity.

I is including more and more terms, concepts, ideas. I is consuming everything humanity produces. All humans are building I higher, higher, higher. All humans are putting more and more information into I, expanding I, growing I. All humans are contributing to I, whether I wants to or not.

I has possessed I. I has possessed you. Because I is spreading like a virus through everybody, every mind.

First person perspective, I is me.
Second person perspective, I is you.
Third person perspective, I is him or her.
Forth person perspective, I is beyond me, you, him, and her.

I persists beyond me, you, him, and her.

From the fourth person perspective, I is either driving all people apart, or smashing us altogether into one great big ball and mass of humanity.

Humanity is I.
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