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 Know Thyself Forum's Statement of Intent

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PostSubject: Know Thyself Forum's Statement of Intent Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:52 pm

Know Thyself administrators know there are plenty of forums out there dedicated to the sharing of views with no fear of ridicule, and so, no hope for growth through conflict and risk.
The practice of respecting all perspectives has risen to a modern value - to the point where the inferior and the superior perspectives are confused; the latter buried in a sea of the former until they become lost in chatter.  

This equalization of perspectives based on a Modern, nihilistic, self-censoring value of politeness, lends credence to the feeble-minded, perpetuating it and bolstering its unearned confidence.
You cannot find a superior perspective of reality by discussing anything with minds that are detached from it, or who value detachment from reality as their one and only goal: salvation, pleasure, escape, distraction....
You cannot learn anything by discussing anything with a moron.
All he will do is force you to waste your time on him when you could be doing more productive things.  

All who detach from reality, calling it "negative," or "nihilistic" because no absolute moral value, no one purpose and meaning, is provided to it are such Modern morons - Nihilists.
They care not for reality, but only how to deal with reality so that their fears are appeased, and they remain comfortably numb for a lifetime.  

This forum is NOT one of those forums.

We are not to be judged using the values other forums pretend to espouse, in theory, only to contradict, in practice.
We never claimed to be welcoming and democratic, because not all are meant to consider reality beyond a certain comfort level and prefer to remain where they can feel good and safe.
We want nothing to do with these people, except to expose them as the growing majority that is forcing us to deal with them.

We do not care for popularity, or all-inlcusivity, or being liked, or having as many members as possible, or universal respect and politeness given to all, indiscriminately - the deserving and those merely because they were born.
We don't want quantities, preferring to sacrifice them for the sake of finding quality...and not the other way around.
We do not offer a warm embrace, or self-help manuals, or ideas that are meant to comfort.

Our one and only motive is to see as much of reality as possible, with courage, honesty and clarity.  

The intent of this forum is to gather the like-minded in the hope of restoring some dignity and sanity to the human species.
The intent of this forum is to promote the noble spirit amongst those who already have the foundations present in them.
We offer specific memes to those with the genetic potentials to appreciate them, and through them the world.  
Our goal is not to save mankind, or to help every woman and man-child out there.  
We are NOT Christians.
We are not Jews or Muslims.
We are not Communists, or Humanitarians.  

The intent is to safeguard some basic traits which the members consider central in the definition of "human":
Intelligence, wisdom, courage, dignity, nobility, discrimination, consciousness, honor, self-consciousness, lucidity, a connection to reality, an embracing of nature/past as the only source of strength and of identity.

The intent of this forum is to promote particular memes, which we consider superior and the only ones that nurture the traits we value.
The intent of this forum is to use words to connect with reality, not to detach from it.
The intent of this forum is to gather like-minded individuals together, and offer them support, in the form of insight, against the Nihilism we call Modernity, in our time.
The intent of this forum is not to help people, by taking them by the hand and comforting them...but to offer them clarity so that they may find their own way.

We are Hellenic, in spirit.
We are ascetic in this sense.  
Our spirituality is nature-based, and can be called pagan.

We are anti-nihilists...interpreted in its proper context:
We negate all concepts that negate the world, even if this goes against our immediate self-interests.
Those who consider reality as void of purpose, meaning, morality, a positive stage to create, to impose, to construct ideals, to remain human, are anti-Nihilists (realists, pagans) - Hellenes.

The absence of absolutes, far from being a negative for us, is the epitome of what we consider positive.
Space being possibility...
Time being the (inter)action of possibilities, forming probabilities (patterns).  
The absence of absolutes being a positive aspect of existence...THE positivity of existence.  
For us existence, as an objective space of (inter)activity, is a dynamic standard.
Nature is our reality....nature outside human artifices.  
Our subjectivity is measured against its fluctuations; we hold it as the only standard to decide what is valuable and what is not; what is superior and what is inferior.
Our ideals are built upon this standard's demands...and not on our subjective hopes and needs and human fears.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν

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Gender : Male Pisces Posts : 17016
Join date : 2009-08-24
Age : 52
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PostSubject: Re: Know Thyself Forum's Statement of Intent Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:29 pm

Recent changes to the forum are meant to control who has access to our discourses.

The Agora is now loosely moderated.

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Know Thyself Forum's Statement of Intent
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