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 Maleness and Timelessness

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PostSubject: Maleness and Timelessness Thu Sep 25, 2014 2:59 am

It seems to me there are absolute, fundamental divisions between human sexual gender.

One of these differences is the separation of time into 'Now' and 'Then'. Human males and females live in the 'Now'. But only human males can live 'Then'. And by 'Then', I mean the past or future. "Then" means, "Outside of now, whether the past or future". Then is not now. And now is not then.

Females are either biologically incapable of living 'Then' or simply lack any need to live outside 'Now'. Females are immersed in the immediate. Out of sight, out of mind. Ignorance is bliss. I connect this fact with privilege. Females embody natural privilege. Most females of most species are privileged in such a way that male expendability is universal. In other words, males in nature tend to be sacrificed and have a relatively low inherent worth (from birth) compared to females.

However this maybe incorrect in terms of insects, in which females are infertile (drones) and expendable. However this observation is dubious due to the lack of knowledge of species other than humans. Also humans tend to suffer from anthropomorphizing human nature onto other things or creatures.

But male timelessness is obvious, especially today in modernity and postmodernity. Females love society and civilization. Females favor civilization and security. Because females favor excess, hedonism, pleasure, and decadence. Females are biologically suited to thrive in plentiful environments. Males are not. Males have evolved to flourish and thrive in austere environments. This correlates with r/k sexual selection theory. Since human females select for quality over quantity, this coincides with the female demand for more civilizing factors (decadence). Females have a biological desire, need, or instinct that seeks to accumulate resources, and then "share" them according to social hierarchies.

Females are cooperative, up to a point. Females represent a hive-mind, and will favor themselves, and children, over males. Females are anti-male, when it comes to resource distribution. Females will exclude males from society during a famine. This will lead to male exile and expulsion. Proving this point would be easy, after looking at historical cases of such.

Females represent an in-group biology, gender, genes, nature.

Because of all these factors, females are conceptually, mentally obsessed with "right now". Females only focus on 'Now' and never look outside of now. Females cannot or will not look at the distant future or past, despite the female instinct that drives females to pick mates. For example, you would presume, falsely, that a female "cares" about having sex with a male, in order to have "better or the best" children, and this would entail understanding the future. A female ought to have some idea of the future, implied through the sex act. Because to have sex, is to have children.

But you'd be wrong, very, very wrong.

Females do not conceive of "the future" or "the past" as males do. Because females don't need to. And since females lack the need to conceive the future or past, are extremely inept at doing so.

So since we must appeal to "degrees", you can think of a female living in the present 90-99% of the time. While unique males may live in the present 20% of the time, 50% of the time, or 80% of the time. Females don't care about "the past" or "the future" except when they repeatedly reconnect to "the present". In other words, the past or future is not applicable to females, except by how females benefit from them, right now.

Therefore females lack the ability to theorize, or understand hypotheses. Females lack logic, which males possess.

Males retain (true) ideas of the past or future, due to historical progression of human evolution. For example, when ancient prehuman tribes roamed the earth, males protected females and the tribe from 'Outsiders'. Males fought against animals, nature, the environment, and other tribes. Within any particular tribe, represents the present "right now" which females revolve around. Females are naturally introverted, due to this evolution. Females are within society, looking in.

Males are sometimes within society, looking in.
Or males are inside society, looking out.
Or males are outside society, looking in.
Or males are outside society, looking out.

This "looking out of society" is also looking at "the past or future". Society and civilization represent modernity, what is always "right now", eternally present. Therefore you can call this "omnipresent" or "always right now". Time stagnates in modernity.

It is always modernity, inside civilization, and within the heart, does not change.
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Maleness and Timelessness
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