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 Feminism, Gaming, and the Military Industrial Complex: The big picture summarized

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PostSubject: Feminism, Gaming, and the Military Industrial Complex: The big picture summarized Wed Oct 01, 2014 11:21 am

"Very interesting video and analysis. If I may be critical: your own ideological bent against feminism is causing you to miss the bigger picture, which is far worse than the degeneration you observe. You are correct that feminism is encroaching gaming and gaming research. But what it represents is militarization and social control by the military with respect to gender as a vector of identitarian formation and plasticity. Look up the recent disclosures of the Minerva program. The military recognizes the power of gaming in social media, and gaming's unique ability to translate gender boundaries in its own (the military's) interest. Left is the new right. The fact that DiGRA board members are increasingly "feminist" does not mean that they are for social equality. Generally it means that the CIA is funding games research and feminist discourse provides the best current cover for penetration into a realm which has heretofore been unexploited for its contributions to 'national security' aka permanent war footing. Try if you can, to shed your hate of feminism long enough to see that it is not in the interest of women generally, therefore something else is driving (including financially) this trend to make women more interested in killing, and to perversely reverse the unproductive disengagement of males."

"I understand that that is your point. My argument is to beware that the militarist tail is wagging the feminist dog. Recall from just a few days ago Emma Watson's favorable remarks about Hillary Clinton. HeForShe is a campaign of imperialist humanitarian interventionism. It is important to see the fetishized feminism of today as a device for state interventions and imposing  the neoliberal order (austerity) by means not otherwise available."

"Well, since you've stepped away, I guess you don't want an answer to your question. For others then, here is my response. There would not be any sure way to know that I'm not CIA. So what you'd have to do is independently evaluate my claims. The CIA does not try to expose itself. The CIA is tasked with maintaining the control of financial elites, i.e. the ruling class. Modern feminism is a wrecking crew, in many areas of cultural and economic life. So the question to ask is, In whose interest is it for social institutions and customs to be destroyed? You have to step back and compare that which replaces them, and the comparison has to have a look at functionality beyond the institution's immediate realm. In the current example that means the effect of the destruction of gamer culture is of benefit beyond gamers."

"Modern feminism is not the answer. It is the means of increasing militarization and state erosion of civil liberties."
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Feminism, Gaming, and the Military Industrial Complex: The big picture summarized
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