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 The Bleeding God

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PostSubject: The Bleeding God Sat Nov 14, 2015 7:46 pm

We meet death in a gift to the Earth, they meet death escaping her, into the void which they imagine filled with bliss. We like for our Earth to grow, they do not know much besides desert, an they take the desert with them in their hearts up into our green lands. Not has any one of them learned yet the love of the dunes or the forest, the mountains with the snow, the isolation from speech an opinion that we allow ourselves, the purity of existence of a tree that now hides in a winter clouds that drift up the slope, then is a splinter in the sun to the climber who peers at his blistering goal in just another European summer day; incomparable is our bliss to theirs, and inconceivable our freedom to their puny minds.

The question remains the same; what force can defeat that nihilism besides itself? Because what more does it ask for than to be annihilated? Nothing; it only asks for nothing, which would even out the scales for it; so the answer is; Pride. We've been much too humble, friends. We've not been generous, gregarious and ecstatic with our gods like our ancestors were; we've even supposed them to be dead, lying alongside the Christian god! It is good that our gods are not desert gods, that they have a sense of humor.

Teach your little ones the Runes.
Learn the Runes.

Carve them, everywhere, first in your heart.

Thurizaz, Thurisaz, Thurisaz.

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Heed your Priestess! Sway your master into war.

We will break them. Crack their puny minds in agony and release their spirits unto our lands.  

So that in a thousand years will be be worthy of the next Rune; so that in a thousand years they will become Earthlings.

And praise those who have strayed from the desert on a scent - praise those with good noses that come to us first. But do not be misled; the runes have not been carved in their hearts. They have smelled but not felt;

What shall be our process of initiation? How shall we turn those that are worthy?
Strong means. Physical and physiological duress is required. But more the will to such duress. An this will is born out of a tremendous self-reverence, an awe so great of existence that is must always be put to the test for we do not permit ourselves false respect, respect for a fantasy.

Of course Nietzsche's Dionysos was, as Jung divined, no other than Wotan, our Odin.
The norsemen rank differently than the Greeks. So Dionysos is associated with Hermes;
and it is true that Mercury is a transfiguring god, and that he is closest to the fire.

But I wander.

And yet wander we must for Odins fields are vast.

Dozens of years will pass before our Gods have been raised from their living graves into the image of our society; and much will they have seem to have changed but it is just us who have changed. We can not change this; it was fate that Odin would die, and it is fortune that brings him back to us now, at the turn of the tide.
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The Bleeding God
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