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 The Commander

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PostSubject: The Commander Tue Dec 22, 2015 11:01 pm

A thread in honor of the man who taught us all, Nietzscheans.

I will call him here, Commander Merlin.

Let me begin by quoting him on the Runes. Which for him, as for me, have become "Main Course" - the real meat.

"The runes need to be the device which breaks through into the subconscious realms - irrational devices - they can have nothing to do with 'writing', but must be symbols, wild.

The runes partake of reversals - revaluations. But some of them are impervious to this.

The Runes are 'mysteries'.
They are therefore a 'secret': an 'initiation'.
The Runes Hide.
They with-hold themselves.
No man can Know the Runes in Whole.
The Runes though, beseech our Knowing.
The Runes then are your Hard Task.
Thanks be to Odin.

Here we have it all. Existence is open-ended. All close-ended language leads to non-existence. All language that encloses, defines, makes "perfectly understood" (that makes this claim!), is the antithesis of life. All Hermeticism is death, or the angel of death, and not of a death in battle, but of a life-as-death.

For slaves there are rules to follow. But for us there are Runes to trace.

Ansuz, Othala,


Valhallah must wait
We have fires to kindle.
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The Commander
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