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 Guidelines Concerning Insults

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Guidelines Concerning Insults Empty
PostSubject: Guidelines Concerning Insults Guidelines Concerning Insults EmptyWed Aug 26, 2009 3:43 pm

To insure the arguing and debating experience is a smooth one, I will create a template to convey when insulting, mockery and/or derogatory remarks become disproportionate and when they are in reason.

The thought to keep in mind is: insulting, mockery and derogatory comments DO NOT or MAY NOT negate substance or content from the arguments themselves.

At some point, one opponent may accuse the other of using far too many insults or hyperbole thus complaining that the argument is no longer argumentative but childish.

This can only be the case, if and only if the insulting reaches a degree of excess.

To use examples:

Example 1:

Quote :
You stupid idiot, Socrates wasn't some divine prophet sent forth from the heavens to educate the youth, he was simply a nomadic man who found a home in Athens and challenged the societal norms established by the state, and questioned much of the principles that were held dear to the sophists. This method of cultivating doubt was what he was charged with in court.

Example 2:

Quote :
You dumb fucking idiot! You don't know shit about Socrates, you never did. You're just talking out of your ass. You go on and on about what you think you know, dumb fuck, but you have no explanation for it, moron. You are hopelessly stupid! Can you give me one reason, why you're so stupid? What a dumbass.

We can see that the usage of insult in example 1 is within reason. The opponent insults, but still provides substantial substance and content to remain argumentative and coherent. Therefore, if an opponent were to complain, he would have no case.

In example 2, however, it is the opposite situation. The opponent is obviously far too insulting and hyperbolic  and fails to retain any content or logic. therefore, the complaint of insulting excess would be solid here.


Please bare in mind that if you are losing an argument and you're only defense is that of accusing your opponent of being over-insulting or hyperbolic, LOOK AT THIS PAGE TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CASE FOR IT!

If your opponent's usage of insulting falls in the second example, your complaining is justified.

If it falls in the first example, you are not justified and are simply frustrated at your inadequacy to debate and compete.

That is all. Happy arguing.

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Guidelines Concerning Insults
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