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PostSubject: Re: Race Mon May 08, 2017 1:51 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Race Mon May 08, 2017 7:28 pm

The theory that IQ is not hereditary is not an anti-hereditity theory but an anti-racialism theory.
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PostSubject: Re: Race Sat May 13, 2017 8:06 am

Curious about thoughts on these: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Since I am Italian, I do not fit into this picture of the future. I noticed a fair bit of interest in Vikernes here, so I was wondering what opinions were on this.
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PostSubject: Re: Race Sat May 13, 2017 8:36 am

Nothing he said about fitness in the hypothetical situation of no technology or an ice age is incorrect.
He does not appeal to morality, he appeals to survivability and selection.
How much of a coping mechanism prevents you from one thing or another because of your breed, will affect your success.

Varg appears to me to generally concern himself with family over breed and breed over race and race over etc. etc.
Morality of the typical sort is not much an issue.
Whether or not he is correct statistically and naturally, you could try to check yourself.

My thoughts are: people will ally with their closest genetic cousins. Where the southern Europeans fit, is closer than Asians, Arabs, Blacks, and mestizos.
North Western Europe will need middle ans southern Europeans, probably.

Whether or not you have a future depends on your definition. Who is "you" in spirit? Some will sacrifice themselves for a black child, others will for only whites or family or no one. If you identify as a race, eventually you will lose the alliance.
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PostSubject: Re: Race Sat May 13, 2017 8:50 am

Each environment promotes the traits that would optimize survival in them.
Indo-European man covers a wide range of environments.
Loss of skin and hair pigmentation indicates more northern environments.  
Less indicates, a more southern environment.
Further and closer to the original.

Stringent environments in comparison to the original African sub-Saharan are always referred to as "northern" because the populations that were forced to migrate had to move northward.
The further towards the north, the more demanding the environmental conditions became.
Natural selection would select for the traits that would be optimal within these more severe, and alien to the sub-Saharan...not only in pigmentation but in ingenuity, cooperative tendency, tolerance of need/suffering etc.
In all cases a move out of humanity's original environment would force an adaptation.
Cold and absence of sunlight is but one stress factor. It is not the only one defining European form non-European, even if it is the most easily discerned and therefore more easily argued for.
Another would be an absence of water, or fertile soil, or large game, or of nutrients that could be foraged directly and that do not require some form of processing, or domestication/taming.
Domesticating other species of life, plant or otherwise, is also an indication of ingenuity.
Each type of stress requires a particular adaptation that would then be naturally selected.

When I speak of Europeans I speak of them in the broader Indo-European genetic lineage.
Of the populations forced to emigrate out of Africa, or out of the sub-Sahara to be more precise, due to their weakness, the move north was then be followed by a migration southward, a re-turn, because of the Ice Age.
Some managed to remain in more northern environments, others migrated south into more climatically hospitable environments with their own environmental challenges.
Ingenuity, and the development of higher cognitive abilities, imagination, cooperation, was common to all, not only because they shared a common heritage before the Ice age forced them apart, but also because no matter where they went the environment was not a sub-Saharan one.
Race mixing, tribal mixing, must also be taken into consideration.
More northern tribes were less likely to become mixed.    

As an example I give the history of the Spanish and the Portuguese.
A sad story of ascent and decline.
Their exploration, ingenuity, helped them come into contact with inferior populations which they then mixed with, resulting in their present decline.
Same goes for the Greeks, and their mixing with the Turkish tribes, as well as their infection with Judaism, morphing, from this mixing, into Christianity.
The ancient Romans must have absorbed many alien to their own bloodlines, from across their empire.
Appearance always indicates the degree of dilution if we consider fair skin and blond hair an indication of adaptation to northern environments.

But if we consider ingenuity, intelligence, an ability to survive severe environmental conditions as the heritage of Indo-European cultures, from the Celts to northern-India, then cold and lack of sunlight is but one aspect of a demanding environment, but not the only one.
Considering all the fact we might explain why civilizations emerged around the Mediterranean basin and not in northern Europe.
There is no civilization comparable to Rome, Hellas, or Hinduism in the north, even if their spirituality is almost exactly the same.
The balance between stress and comfort is matter of cycles.
Too much stress and the branch breaks. Too much consistent stress and there is no time and no energies left to advance, to develop.
A period of stress followed by a period of comfort enables the sufficient release of accumulated stress energies to be applied towards thinking that is not directly involved with survival.

Too much leisure and you have atrophy.
Too little leisure and you have no time and no energy for anything but work.
A fine balance...a Hellenic ascetic one.

The ancient Greeks are a good example.
The geography is inhospitable. The weather might be optimal but not from a nutritional standpoint.
Large populations cannot be supported, and the nutrients require hard labour and domestication to be consumed.
The Athenians, for this reason, turned to the sea, bringing them in contact with a multiplicity of peoples and traditions.
The Spartans chose a more austere strategy, embracing need/suffering. They embraced severity, adapting their behavior to the severity of the land, explaining why they never became a great empire, but a legendary spiritual attitude.

Environmental severity is not only about cold and lack of sunlight.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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PostSubject: Re: Race

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