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 Never the same river

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PostSubject: Never the same river Mon May 30, 2016 2:09 am

Never the same river

Cornucopia as a small fair maidenlein who wandered the hills of her native far country. She talked to trees and hugged then, because they pleased her for being so pretty and she wanted to please them back. So she hugged them. She couldn't resist it, she loved trees.

One day she came upon a stream. she had been there before but not like this! There as an old man sitting at the water. He had something in his hand.

Now she was curious.

Why ... o why... was this man looking at her as if he saw a cherry - pie?

She came closer.

A surface, a stone rings off of it 20 times, before it sinks into the river, deep, 300 feet, cutting through the continent.

A boy looks with pride at his father.

A very long freight train passes in the distance, far beyond the reach of that stone. Far even beyond the freight train, the sun is setting.
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Never the same river
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