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PostSubject: Arcanum Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:38 pm

Aleister Crowley wrote:
The Qabalah, that is, the Jewish Tradition concerning the initiated interpretation of their Scriptures, is mostly either unintelligible or nonsense. But it contains as it ground-plan the most precious jewel of human thought, that geometrical arrangement of names and numbers which is called the Tree of Life. I call it the most precious, because I have found it the most convenient method hitherto discovered of classifying the phenomena of the Universe, and recording their relations. Whereof the proof is the amazing fertility of thought which has followed my adoption of this scheme. [Little Essays, Man]

Let's consider culture as a vessel for value.
We judge the value by the value, and the culture by the value, and not the value by the culture; the culture is the servant of the world-spirit, the monster of energy.

No food is pure; a strong stomach is a selective stomach. It knows how to separate, discard, and upraise to blood.

Now, here is the system that was passed on.

22 Paths
22 Fates
22 Characters

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

I wished to make a post in my ILP thread, but my stomach refused to go there due to recent trolling.

The plot I am engaging by posting such here is thicker, and I have to contend with the cultural aspect which runs deeper than any of out consciousnesses; great force is always called in this context and I hope to have wielded it swiftly and prudently enough to leave it, for now, behind and take up the wheat from the threshing circle and offer it up to our new ... "Theatre"...?  (open invitation to Satyr)

So within this thicker narrative, the story I have in mind actually 'cuts wood' -
it concerns the three parallel sideways axes of the tree, that connect the three pillars.

The Tower
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

the unmediated, untamed tension between the emotions the mind ; lightning, pure discharge of pure difference, collapse, splintering, catastrophe, catharsis.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

the controlled tension between the emotions (here, love) and the mind (here, might); containment of force so that it can be directed and enjoyed; force enjoying its own containment; entity recognizing itself in its compassion for its power (higher love); the capacity now exists to build up reserves of power and create changes, conquer and rule, set a standard and uphold dharma. The love of might, which is recognized as a state of tension, not of resolution. Resolution is time itself; fate and destiny.

The Empress
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Full resolution of the polarity in a mighty state of flux that causes spring and sexuality and is the same thing as what was born out of the tension that first resolved in life; the super-human, supra-individual Dionysian upheaval and under-heaval, the heart of all that we know.

So we see that the highest stage precedes mankind, and the lowest stage represents mankind.

The stage in the middle is what connects man to nature. Man, attempting to become Master (Worthy) of the Earth; this struggle is the Lion stage in Nietzsche's metamorphosis; the Child is related to both the Tower and the Empress, as is the Camel. "The Lion in the Breast" is at the center of all this, all human systems of some dignity; Lions, or other animals born of the most ruthless passions under the sun.

The Tower and the Empress are both Dionysian and akin to Shiva; they rage, and they break what does not bend; except nearly everything does bend under the Empress, and nearly nothing under the Tower.

Strength represents thus also to bend where one is otherwise broken, but also, to be ready to break on principle; in this way the will of the lion bends the will of the tamer, who is conditioned purely by the force which he tames; the tamer is a function of the wild one:

The development of the tamer, as a controlling circumference to the Wild, is the emergence of the individuality, the soul. ( why animals have their souls on the outside. ) This is the principium individuationis, of which Nietzsche picks up the thread left by Schopenhauer as he sets out on his cataclysmic path of reasoning in the Birth of Tragedy.
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PostSubject: Re: Arcanum Wed Jun 08, 2016 5:22 pm

Erik Wilson wrote:
"This is the primary difference between the mummy and the animated figures of the Hermeticists, the alchemists, and the Kabbalists: while the mummy is a result of a thwarted love of matter, the living statue issues from an abiding chagrin over material. The myths of the ancient Egyptians are not troubled by a sense of the fall. Though men issue from the tears of Atum and Osiris’s torn limbs produce the yearly grain, the narratives of the Pyramid Texts, the Coffin Texts, and the Book of the Dead do not suggest that the cosmos is a decline from eternal perfection. A precipitation of the High God’s fluids, the world is a manifestation of divine consciousness. The worshipper of Osiris never wants to leave this realm. He wishes to become a machine through which the eternal sensitivity can continue to enjoy eating and walking and talking. In contrast, the mythologies of the Hermeticist, the alchemist, and the Kabbalist are obsessed with declension, the idea that the cosmos solidified only after some colossal mistake, a fall from spirit to matter. In the Poimandres, the anthropos through self-love causes his spiritual form to contract into matter. After this event, he and his progeny are torn between their origin in God and their present prison in nature. In the alchemical texts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, the great work of the magus is to discover the spirit in matter, to draw spirit out, to return it to its home: the primal man yet unwrecked by desire and fear. The practitioner of the Kabbalah held the same dream, believing that he could recover God’s creative word from among the shards, that he could deploy this sacred name to make a new Adam, unstained and eager.

The golem is more than a figure from antiquated lore. It is a register of one of our most persistent yearnings, now more intense than ever: the desire to transcend mechanism through the machine.

In our digital age, we daily entertain the bewildering possibility of one day downloading our individual consciousness into a computer. Could we but do
this, we think, we would no longer suffer the limitations of matter, the determinism of physical cause and effect. But obviously this potential transcendence of mechanistic body is troubled, for our liberated consciousness would still be constrained by indifferent circuits, the cold bytes of the hard drive. This is the double bind of the digital age, a bind fully illuminated by the old golem: we want to trade our decaying bodies for eternal machines; we wish to escape mechanistic prisons for undying vitalities." [The Melancholy Android]

One cannot take Emanationism seriously.

The scientific jargon covering it - "emergent" systems or "emergent be…ing" is really saying nothing at all, than a making "emergent potentials" as a sacred or divinity or valuable in itself.
God now redefined as a possible-potential-unfolding…  a.k.a. Deepak Chopra.

Life as an exception does not mean life is a miracle - which is giving it a moral hue, a value into nature where none is present.

There is a monster of energy, chaos at the start which tends to organize itself into efficiency into man/culture. This is "A" logic, "a" drive, not a logos - and therefore, its meaningless to say, the upper is a higher "order" to the lower. There is no order, no logos, unless one believed in emanation because they see life as a miracle.
I say this is "a" logic, because it is merely one of the many open-ended possibilities that prevailed, and because it is open-ended, one cannot from hindsight retropolate to make potential itself a value, or valuable. Then anything and everything could become valuable, and value would amount to nothing.

Otherwise by your reasoning, acc. to the following,

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

"I" as a product or a higher resolution of humanity, comes to mean humanity is a higher order than the discriminate or refined individual… which is a non-sense.

Here's a better version:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The crown-chakra, endless potential has no innate value, much like fire in a match-stick. It is real-ized only by interaction, and every real-ization is an excess given shape, form, or in kabbalistic terms - the 4 atziluth, beriah, yetzirah, assiah : swelling, creation, formation, manifestation - degrees of poesis.

I have changed the meaning of atziluth from emanation to swelling to show what a difference it makes. Even to say physis would be a fault. As if there is a being or centre or proto-consciousness that emanates… no; there is only a swelling entropic force.

In the Vedic view, akin to the germanic ragnarok, even the cosmic man or the Virat-Purusha [wide-strider, all-pervader, wide-expander], with the 1000 crown, goddess at the centre, avatars of Vishnu as the foundation, Arjuna - the highest man/dharma warrior at the feet, undergoes periodic dissolution:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The only remainder at the time of dissolution in the entropic ocean is the 1000 headed snake Ananta Sesha [lit. endless remainder] - the endless potential, upon which the cosmic man retires into deep sleep and is stirred again:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

While popular Hinduism has made this Infinite into a divine absolute, in the Rig Veda, the non-differential state was seen as an apparent Inertia, a tamasic or lethe-argic state that is neither death [black] nor life [gold] - Vishnu with a blue body.

The Indefinite or the entropic swell, even though it organizes into a form, into Life, it was only qualified by the oldest sages in the creation hymn as "nothing can be said about this, which is neither day nor night."
No emanation, no intelligence, no design, no proto-consciousness, no pan-psychism.
It is a disciplined restraint.

'Truth' and 'Order' were born from 'fervour' - a 'brewing' of heat, fury…. 'bubbling' - the first shape of resistance maybe seen as a foam, which is almost-form;

Rig Veda wrote:
"From Fervour kindled to its height Eternal Law and Truth were born:
Thence was the Night produced, and thence the billowy flood of sea arose.
From that same billowy flood of sea the Year was afterwards produced…"


It does not posit law, logic, or truth as innate design, but as a product of fervour reaching intensity… a passionate fuming, foaming into a form…, violent vibrations reverberate - strike back, repel, resist...

Energy from a resistive differential entropy, coalesces into force, and force into power.
From potential to potency.

This is simpler to visualize in the architecture of a temple or a cosmic man, that amasses max. horizontal breadth which can be efficiently asserted only by a vertical tension of lifting up the breadth to a height of higher and higher self-resolution to attain to a shining clarity, what a 1000-petal crown chakra means…
Not so much "hard logic", as much as "High Definition".

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The faces/egos multiply and widen at the sides, one takes in many and many contradictory perspectives, but they are lifted by higher and higher organized centers, aesthetics, a severity.
Intensity giving a Density.

Back to the atziluth, every increasing real-ization is an increasing efficiency - Satyr would call this a restriction to possibility, which fruitions into probability, a reliable form.

From bottom-up, the increasing opening of the petals, all the way up to the 1000-petalled crown chakra is also an increasing efficiency, in that, an increase of possibilities, increases choice and dimensional depth to one's being. The path of maximum resistance reflects the degree of Indifferent entropic reality one can endure.

Efficiency is an elasticity between flow and flux, self-organizing and entropic-vitality, drive to truth and drive to knowledge,, balancing away any fall into over-Apollonian rigidity [being], or over-Dionysian fluidity [becoming].
Both - "two few choices" and "too many choices" spell death.
One is monolithic stagnation, the other is over-fragmented disinformation, chaos.
The efficiency of every organic form is marked out both by apollonian durability [degree of prevailing and not just existing] and dionysian intensity [degree of liveliness and not just existing].

There is no conatal self-maintenance as if there is some abs. original structural integrity to conform to.

Fire > Water > Air > Earth - the stablization from flux to flow, from energy to matter requires a cyclical appreciation. It is purely in the plotinian and monotheistic linear view that matter and earth and forms are derided as inferior or lower-order to energy and fire and ideal respectively.
The confusion in this derision being one based on hedonistic, nihilistic clinging to highest reality as being and lowest reality as becoming,, when in the real picture, it is fire that is most dynamic becoming, and earth that is the more stabler being.

Taking the highest realm as Nature = God = Being = Good, and the lowest realm of earth as Nature = Daimon = Becoming = Evil, the Emanationists have stunted life, the dynamic inter-activity into a static code.

In the dynamic symbolic sense, earth is the fruit and the seed of air balancing between fire and water.

In the ISKCON painting of Narasimha, the story revolves around the shattering of a pillar/tower and the lion errupts out of the pillar with wrath killing the 'non-believer' who sees static abstractions as truth, and the lion's destructive frenzy is restored to calm at the sight of the sovereign goddess…

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The tower is the point of security; and false securities are shattered by alarm, the 'daimon' beating the drum outside it… making way for founding the freedom for true con-fide-nce which the lion represents. The empress is the con-fide-ntiality of life at its most ambitious, she shares with the truly eager.
[Eager: strenuous, ardent, fierce, angry," from Old French aigre "sour, acid; harsh, bitter, rough; eager greedy; lively, active, forceful," from Latin acrem (nominative acer) "keen, sharp, pointed, piercing; acute, ardent, zealous" (acrid). Meaning "full of keen desire."]
The Empress Is the Trust in life; the confidential, the arcanum [from arca "chest, box, place for safe-keeping," from PIE *ark- "to hold, contain, guard", Greek arkos "defense," arkein "to ward off] to life's secret whispers, the secret backdoors to empowerment; the clandestine drafts and treaties occuring below the conscious that keep our trust in life, the clandestine love between the courtly lady and the chivalrous knight, par amour under the velvet hush…, knight and empress: "my honour is my truth"…

Nietzsche wrote:
"Vita femina. - Not even all knowledge and all good will suffice for seeing the ultimate beauties of a work; it requires the rarest of lucky accidents for the clouds that veil the peaks to lift for us momentarily and for the sun to shine on them. Not only must we stand in just the right spot to see this, but our own soul, too, must itself have pulled the veil from its heights and must have been in need of some external expression and parable, as if it needed a hold in order to retain control of itself.
[W]hat does unveil itself for us unveils itself for us only once! The Greeks, to be sure, prayed: 'Everything beautiful twice and thrice!

Indeed, they had good reason to summon the gods, for ungodly reality gives us the beautiful either never or only once! I mean to say that the world is brimming with beautiful things but nevertheless poor, very poor in beautiful moments and in the unveilings of those things. But perhaps that is the strongest magic of life: it is covered by a veil of beautiful possibilities, woven with threads of gold - promising, resisting, bashful, mocking, compassionate, and seductive.

Yes, life is a woman!" [JW, 339]

Emanation is an escapism from the weight of gravity. Having to contend with existence requires effort from exhausted souls… earth becomes an evil, because they feel depleted.
Exhaustion prevents the courage for pro-curing nourishing routes/roots,, its far easier to simply rename things by cunning and condemnation.

Galactic forces are terrific in comparison to the human form, and in that sense, yes, the complex conscious entity 'man' is a fragile ordering.

But in the sense, these are haphazard tumultuous forces, a pan-daemonium,, man directing nature to a real-izable and power-full harmony, he - as nature growing to consciousness to in-form itself, conscious man has a 'brilliance', and is a higher ordering.
To be more with less and less - the aphoristic power is more efficient than a voluminous essay.

Intelligent nature - man, anchors himself up by placing ideals.
Chanting the 108, or 1008 names and epithets of gods and goddesses in all their ideal glory and terribleness is 'placing gravities in the universe'.

To Be the whatever degree of agonistic tension of nature's wisdom [i.e. abstracted patterns] and nature's indifference in the same breast without fragmenting, Man - the Titan collaborating with Apollo, conspiring with Dionysos, destroying and creating his earths, is a lust, splendour and victory He must want to attain to, *because* nature is indifferent, not because nature itself supposedly values at the subtlest nuclear level that man simply just needs to conform to and copy.
That is making man, a piece of mere conatal Inertia.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

"ἐδιζησάμην ἐμεωυτόν." [Heraclitus]

"All that exists is just and unjust and equally justified in both." [Aeschylus, Prometheus]

"The history of everyday is constituted by our habits. ... How have you lived today?" [N.]

*Become clean, my friends.*
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PostSubject: Re: Arcanum Tue Jun 14, 2016 6:04 am

Shakespeare wrote:
"He that will sliver and disbranch
From his material sap, perforce must wither
And come to deadly use" [King Lear, IV, ii.32-­‐36]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

"ἐδιζησάμην ἐμεωυτόν." [Heraclitus]

"All that exists is just and unjust and equally justified in both." [Aeschylus, Prometheus]

"The history of everyday is constituted by our habits. ... How have you lived today?" [N.]

*Become clean, my friends.*
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PostSubject: Re: Arcanum

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