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PostSubject: Re: Alt-Right Tue May 15, 2018 7:52 pm

Taylor is making the point that these emotional vampires have already put us in their little boxes, to dismiss us.
Feeding into this adds to it by swaying those who are fence-sitters.
Cowards and hypocrites will not be convinced. For them this is a threat no their existence....reasoning that is.
They will find a loop-hole in mysticism, or theoretical physics, or philosophical prose to wiggle through.
Feeding into their little abstractions does not only validate their lies, but it becomes evidence to those who are still unconvinced.

Let's face it, this is an uphill climb.
Rational thinking is not for all.
With no external threat to awaken people up, with no bigger threat, the morons of the world will run to anything that offers comfort and pleasure.
Europeans evolved in times of austerity and war.
This is why we excel in the sciences, in art, in anything creative and pragmatic....and in rational philosophy.
We challenge authority, the status quo and to do so we must be sober and realistic and clear-headed as possible.

In a battle praying to god, or for a fantasy creature to swoop in and save you, will get you battle reason is a do or die either see what is occurring, as clearly and honestly as possible, and construct a difficult but necessary course of action, or you die.
There's no time for debating, word play, mysticism...holy symbols, magical incantations.

That's for the women and old people, behind the lines, lending their spiritual support....noetically.
When it's a matter of life or death, there is no debating, or word-selecting, no sacred symbols....
These are used before to raise courage and to fuels passions, in preparation.

Why are close bonds made in times of war...between strangers?
Bonds that last a lifetime and may be stronger than between blood relatives?
Because in battle there is no hypothetical, to 'what if' this and 'what if' that.
There is no theory in war.
There's only action.
this is where Europeans excel....and always have.
Others are good in abstractions, in words, in metaphors, in athletics....but none are as good as Europeans  in pragmatic application.
This is why we dominated.
This is why they fear us and want to castrate us with rules and language games.
This is why the effete and the weak, rally against us.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
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Gender : Male Pisces Posts : 16577
Join date : 2009-08-24
Age : 52
Location : Flux

PostSubject: Re: Alt-Right Tue May 15, 2018 8:05 pm

European directness and pragmatism is both our strength and, in these circumstances, our weakness.
Our race almost went extinct, in harsh environments, and we had to become pragmatic and honest....not wasting energies on guile and pretenses.
We did not evolve to manipulate using pretty words, or to seduce using lies and pretensions.

Some became so, when softened after generations of easy living, and necessities born in more superfluous when the Ionians veered away from their common roots with the Doric tribe...and yet still feared and idolized them.
Turning to the sea, away from a less generous mainland, they found abundance and with it came comfort and softening.
But the blood still recalled their ancestral past, cultivated under more austere circumstances.
Their language reflected this change.
Athenians became more loquacious, and their minds more feminine, more flighty and flaky.
Dorians remained more trite, and direct.
Still, nothing like what became of the Europeans later.
We're like female chatter-boxes today.
Jabbering on about nothing.
Endless discussions over gossip, and nonsense.
Words referring to more words, constructing a linguistic web of meaningless rhetoric.

We use words like children and women - as toys and social tools.
To seduce, to create mystery, and in the mystery to lay our eggs in their tangles semiotic nests.

The disease is a linguistic one....and we can only fight it linguistically.
This is our conundrum...our challenge.
How to immunize against a memetic virus using symbols/words to infect, by using as few of them as possible.

Not all can, or ought to be saved.
This is what got us into this mess.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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