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 God and the State

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PostSubject: God and the State Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:34 pm

Curently I will be reading Bakunin (God and the State), Abdullah Ocalan, next to many PDF' files.

So I will like the posts to be in the context of 'against the State / Institution', 'before the State', Law, other forms of systems, Democratic Confederalism, NS' (I have many great photos of pages about the Ding law), dissecting of a system, quotes (Satyr already did a great job describing the State), Rojava project, relating philosphers suchs as Deleuze and Nietzsche (I remember N stating that "the State is the biggest mistake of the 19th century"), alternatives, examples, history, Anarchist / ecological works, survivalist communities etc, etc.
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PostSubject: Re: God and the State Sat Jan 21, 2017 8:36 pm

In the West the people have nothing to live for, and that's why they have nothing to die for. There is no other sacrifice than the prolonging of their lives, which is their reward. Like a terminal sick person, given more medical years of existence (the illusion of value).

The Institutionalized work ethos is the only reason to exist. With or without children, the people desire prolonged and Utopian (eternal) existence.
The parents in the family units do not see their children as extending continuation of themselves, their lives and values; because the State has claimed all the resources for itself. Which includes intellectual property, education and the restriction and near impossibility of life experiences to pass onto the children.
This also extends to their idea(l)s and visions as family units and the desire and understanding of different ways of living. All desires are reflections of the Institution's idea(l)s.
Most family units have been Institutionalized in such a way ( State property / resources), that they represent the values and life perspective of the Institution.
Family units as micro-cosmic States.

The will to fight beyond current Moral conscience and restrictions (and thus the will to [self] sacrifice and even wage war through suicide [attacks]), has been demoralized, neutralised and made to be misunderstood.

If suicide is commited, in the West, it mostly correlates to existential problems; the felt meaninglessness of life, only fulfilled through the economic work ethos and fragile / superficial (social) relationships.

While in other and former cultures, 'suicide' is commited in regards with honour after defeat, thus a lost fight, or as sacrifice for the sake of a battle. And, as still happens regulary in the Middle-East, to take your enemies with you into death. A will and dedication that the West has lost.

To kill an existing system, it is crucial to kill the hosts carrying the idea(l) of the system and those practising the particular system of living, as law givers, executioners, general elites and the propagaters.

The State, with whatever social and Moral ethics; is the enemy as a whole against the sovereignty of the free spirited people. There are no "enemies from the State", but rather, all Statists (law makers and abiders), are enemies.

Books and knowledge are great friends. But with a State practising a monopoly on the distribution, (credential) publishing and censorship of knowledge - and thus also the moulding of a collective memory / history ( see my "war of the memories" articles). The books and knowledge will not change a system in which you (have to) live.

This is why a Nation State (corporation) and any other centralized institution with the claim of having / representing absolute truth; makes out of its subjects, through its monopoly on education, a docile herd of law abiding, so called, as Satyr states, ''good citizens'' (and in Christian context, "pious Christians").

This is often referred to as "feminization", but it is better described as "transgendering" (from our Indian friend), in Modern context, of having both sexes equal in competition against each other, for the benefit of the corporate State (divide and conquer related to gender psychology). At the expense of the balance between feminine and masculine relationships and symbiotic co-operation in the different fields of knowledge, understanding and practising.

Another form of Masculine / Feminine disbalance, is the ideal of an absolute representation of truth, values and power. Such as the man as the representative power (image) of God (in Abrahamic context) and the downplaying of the role of women and humiliating their work ethos (nurturing, food preperations, skills etc).

Hence it is a conclusion, as Ocalan remarks, that after the housewification of women, it are the men that will follow the same process during the creation of a State / Institutional power. Resulting in citizens and other forms of Institutional followers.
The man as a representative power as head of the family, while the Institutional power monoplizes the thoughts of men and makes them devalue women into subordinate objects of the house.

By devalueing the feminine, the masculine element also gets distorted, as you understand one through the other and yourself.

Instead of having a symbiotic "coming together" as man and woman (in family units). There is an Institutional subjugation of the family through the manipulation of power-share for the man. But also the woman as wife of the State, as she is promised freedom and resources by submitting to the State's narrative and accepting its protection (Police, special rights etc).
From the man as an indirect representative of the Institutional power share, she goes to the Bureaucratic State as a direct care-taker and power / resource holder, for her manipulated needs and desires. An abstract surrogate marriage to State Law.

Either way, the State / Institution is directly involved in the manipulation of women, followed by men as indirect representatives (of God's image); secularized into State Law, which doesn't emancipate women, but rather devalues all the masculine elements into an abstract Bureaucratic "head of the family (people)"; as a State setting up the women against the men. To have direct Institutional power over the hearts of women.

It's one thing to direct the sexual impulses and desired selection. It is another thing to monopolize all thoughts of men by devalueing women into mere sexual objects (commercials) and distort both masculine and feminine essence.

The woman as the State's housewife (secretary), prostituted as a means to sell the Modern Economic ideal. And in the way an idea(l) is propagated, it will reflect the organs' hierarchy of the people buying it. Thus all is intended for the sexual desires. Economic life's value thus correlates to hedonistic immediate gratification.

The reduction into State resources and sexual organs.
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PostSubject: Re: God and the State Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:53 pm

The housewification of woman is due to the laws of mathematics. The human has a long gestation period of 9 months, the female mind must have a sense of satisfaction at lounging around the house for long periods. In order for civilization to acquire a surplus of resources to sustain itself, it must be very efficient. If I were to make a game, I could code it, make the art, and do the business, but the quality of the game would not be as good, it would be easier to find a woman to do the art, and me to simply program it, then find a third leg to do the sound effects, and then we share the business 45/45/10.

In Native American's (non-moderns) they had a certain multiple-personality type mind, which could enjoy both hunting, then lounging around for 9 months. I call this the hermaphroditic mind. Ie, the Joker in batman (when he isn't acting asexual).

The opposite of this, is the asexual, or agender mind is a nullification of gender, such as shitlibs or feminists or Sherlock Holmes. The difference between Sherlock is that he is mostly Apollos, while shitlibs are mostly a sad mix of Apollos and Dionysus (nuns, shitlibs). Apollos and Dionysus are tools and components, and you can use tools and components the right way. For instance, using Apollos in the right way would be building a home from logs, or building a bow and arrow. Using Apollos in the wrong way would be being a nun or malfunctioning asexual, using Dionysus in the wrong way would be slapping students on the wrist for not believing in Xian delusions.
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PostSubject: Re: God and the State

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God and the State
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