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 Flux UnTology

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PostSubject: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:37 pm

I think it's time to change my mind.
Been talking of feminization of man, and interactions & interpretations, and Nihilism for too long.
World is changing, so I must change my mind about it constantly.
Time to stake a claim next to the philosophical greats, the pantheon, with my revolutionary, groundbreaking, unique, and all-explaining, all-solving, un-philosophy.

Its called Flux Untology, or FU for short.

Its so complex nobody will understand it.
They can only feeeeeel its truth.
Sometimes its rational and other times completely irrational. Sometimes its mundane, and pragmatic, and other times its profane, and mystical.
It's un-predictable, and can mean anything, to anyone.
If you agree with it, it makes sense, and if you do not it's too complicated, too mysterious for your inferiority to grasp.
You can only appreciate it if you feel it.
It all depends on your attitude, your willingness to feel its power, and emotionally un-leash its promise.

Here are its basic complex, random, principles that may change in a bit, or may not:

1- All will change their opinions on everything, at random times, to create the one true philosophy, FU Un-Philosophy.
Undoing the damage of decades.
No reason to change your mind, just will it and do it.
Progress from sanity to in-sanity. Be-cum en-lightened: light as a fairy, or pixie dust.
Float on the your whims up to the stratospheres of your desire.

2- Changing your mind, your positions, can be totally random, or it can follow one basic rule:
When your circumstances and your self-interests change, change your mind as well.
For example, if you have one position about homosexuals one year, and then your son turns out to be gay, change your positions to accommodate this change.
If you are poor, and a Marxist one decade, when you come into some money become a capitalist.
If you have a poor view concerning women and their sexual power, one day, and you get laid the next day, then your opinions change.
Simple right?
I call this Super-Subjectivity or SS for short.
It deals with the world authoritarianism, its fascism.
Reject gravity for keeping you down, change your mind about it.
Every mind-altering event I call an epiphany.
It indicates that progress is being made, that one is growing, evolving.

3- Use words, symbols, in any way you like to create the desired effect.
FU is a creative process of self-definitions and self-creation. It says "FU to the world", and to nature and to reality...and that's all it takes.
It is unworldly unreality.
An act of insurgence.
Rally your comrades in a world-altering FU event, that will settle your legacy as the 'one and true philosopher'.
The philosopher of 'un': unnecessary, unsettling, unimpressive, Flux.
Un-Do the past.

4- Sensual awareness, empiricism is irrelevant and can only serve to accentuate our personal, private truths, or it can be dismissed to not soil them, or hurt our feelings.
This is the untruth truth in FU Unphilosophy
All have a right to claim any 'truth' they like without having the apparent intervene, or limit what they prefer to think and believe.
How we feel about someone or something usurps what is in front of us.
We project outward a shadow, from our Will, our spirit, to cover the world with an unworldly, fabulous and fantastic, as Trump would say, sheen.
Fantasy is an important part of my FU Unphilosophy, from now on called Philosophy, as the erotic passion, and love for our own personal wisdom.
Our Will to Madness.

5- If you disagree with my FU System, my SS method, you either hate me, or you are jealous of my greatness.
Some emotion is involved in constructing and deconstructing un-philosophical positions.
If in a bind and you are left behind, claim a motive based on emotion.
Emote yourself to greatness.
Be inspired means be envious in FU.
Critique that hurts feelings is hatred or envy, in FU.
Being honest means lying, in FU.
Flux means changing your mind even about changing your mind - chaos is order in FU.
Un-Tology means the logos of the UN - un-Being Being, un-binding self from reality, releasing it in un-reality.  
It does not matter what you see, or hear, what matters is how it makes you feel.

6- Declaring something as 'true' is all that one needs to do, and if you disagree you are a shrew.
In my FU Philosophy if you said it you dealt it, or if you smelled it you dealt it.
Taking a more mature attitude, it's about the power of words.  
Declare it, and it is so. Do so with positive passions, and it is doubly convincing.
Pathos is the creator of all.
Simply state it and passionately insist, and then change your mind, and then go back to it.
Be like a...girl. You know, wo-manly.
If you cannot invent something new, invent a new way of repeating the old.
Be creative with the untruth, truths of words.
Declare yourself God, or a philosopher, and make it so by saying so.
Plant it in the mind of others, seed doubt, enjoy yourself playing with yourself - become a master at it.    

I will be unfolding my revolutionary philosophy in time, solving everything, and making me the rightful and true heir of Jesus...the second cuming.
Salvation and Love, or FUing to one and all.
A fuckfest of intercourse directing pools of ecstatic pleasure towards self-fulfillment.
Self-Pleasuring Self Mastery.
Make love to yourself for an eternity, then change your mind and fuck-up another.
Fuck them upward. Fuck-em UP.
Blow his mind.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν

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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:39 pm

It's an un-philosophy philosophy. A multi-utility, multi-faceted fashion trending application of words.
Like layering. You put the same sweater over an old vest, and wear some shorts, and you've got a new outfit.
It's how you wear the outfit - how you support it with your attitude that gives you style.
Will to Power as Words of Empowerment.
Words of Power.

Sleight of Tongue definitions.  
Reflecting chaos as confusion - flux- constantly changing your mind on everything, at any time, for no reason at all.
Using words in whatever way pleases you, or validates what you've already decided is to be 'true'.
Mixing and mingling.
Tossing a salad, tea-bagging, fudge-packing. If it feels good, it is TRUE.

SS Super-Subjectivity, not taken seriously, or held as superior to any other. A self-defeating perspective I learned from the fashion guru, and secret transvestite cAnus.
I might be wrong, need not be repeated. It is implied.
Everything is wrong, and by being wrong is right.
The un-philosophy philosophy.  
Not only may I not be right, but I most certainly am wrong, on everything, because I only have opinions for fun, for the fuck of it, or because its trending, or convenient.

What you see is meaningless. It's what you feel.
Trumpism, as an offshoot of Secular Humanism, and Liberal morality - Abrahamic Ethos: all are victims, all are valuable, lovable, precious snowflakes, deserving of eternal life, respect and so on.
Everyone is beautiful to someone, at some time for some reason. Therefore all beauty is 'in the eye of the beholder'.
If I like you, you are beautiful, smart, valuable - you 'get it'; if not, you are ugly, vile, stupid - you just don't get the power I am offering, the salvation I am don't understand my genius, my love.

Race and sex are social constructs - what you perceive as different is really one and the same.
Do not trust your eyes, feel the 'truth'.
Senses have proven themselves successful for millions of years of natural selection, but this is a new era. None of the past matters anymore.
A New Age, full of old ways.
Things are too complex to be understood sensually, if the conclusion feels bad...but then so simple if they feel good.
It's about perspective and attitude.
Sensual awareness be damned!!!

Un-Think what you've thought for so long.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν

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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:41 pm

FU is about maturing from drug user, braggart, using chemical aid to bed imbeciles and to impress imbeciles, to google surfer, finding obscure names to drop, and to show no understanding of them, nor the mainstream intellectuals you profess to have overcome, to this "maturation" pretense, where you can pretend you are too 'adult' to deal with what you cannot.

"Oh please, Schopenhauer? I'm way too mature for such childishness."
"Nietzsche? Listen kid, go to school, finish your entry level courses and come and see me."
"Plato, Aristotle, Socrates....So childish. I was done with them when I finishes kindergarten."

Meanwhile gossiping with idiot, neck deep in self-handicapping is still part of the modus operandi.

Self-gratifying self-flattery, has progressed to declarative statements, accompanied by contradicting performances.
The spineless fish, pisses ink into the water, to escape the coming predator, running for the nearest rock to hide under.
There it waits, patiently, for the threat to pass...only coming out when it is sure it is safe.

FU is about allowing imbeciles and pretentious, feeble-minded cowards, the right to expose who and what they are, while thinking they are assaulting another.
For example:

They will tell a simpleton, on ILP, of how jealous someone is of them, someone who they are sure cannot respond, and how this someone who cannot respond surrounds himself with kids, and idiots to feel smart.
So, this Shit-Stain goes to ILP, a den of dim-wits, and tells a dim-wit that he only goes there to feel smart.
But such irony is lost to some minds.
Almost as ironic as claiming to be too adult, too mature, to be bothered with mainstream, "entry level", philosophy, when you've not displayed ANY understanding of it, at any time.
You pronounce yourself graduating to what is above, while never passing a test.

FU is about doing whatever it takes with no shame, no integrity, to stop you from performing your pretense to perfection.
It's a self-empowering philosophy, or un-philosophy.
It overturns the past, contradicts what has come before, breaking through new grounds of hypocrisy and lies.

FU is about agreeing to share a lie, benefiting all participants.
It's all-inclusive, if you agree to the unstated terms and conditions.

You do not expose the lies in the others beliefs, and he will offer the same service to you and your own.
It's an implied social contract, founded on a common defect, a shared weakness - mental, physical, psychological, spiritual, whatever it is.
FU is the future.

FU has already begun sweeping the world.
Trump is but part of a process that began decades ago. In the sixties. Before that, in the catacombs of Rome. Before that in the deserts of Egypt, and the hanging gardens of Mesopotamia.
FU building momentum, waning and then picking up steam obliterating everything in its path.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:42 pm

FU's basic premises

= Super-Subjectivity - Constant epiphanies brought about by randomly changing your mind, adjusting your opinions to your changing self-interests, and/or adapting them to trends, changing socioeconomic, political beliefs, mythologies, convictions.
Being a step-ahead of altering circumstances - being in-tune with popular trends, shifting beliefs, changing popular mythologies - remaining focused on the unifying goal of pleasure - hedonism.
Keeping your eye on the 'ball' - orgasm. Relief from need/suffering, or the experience of existing. Escaping, or giving your private pain meaning and purpose.
The goal must be equal to the suffering, therefore the higher the misery the more ambitious, supernatural the lie; the more exaggerated the pretense.

CC = Constant Confusion - the promotion and maintenance of a state of perplexity, conundrums, ignorance, vagueness, using obfuscation and complexity to create the sense that something profound is at work - mystification.
The shadow is where light and dark merge, Confusion, is where the rational and the irrational, synthesize, unified by the automatic reaction of emotions.
Emotion binds, even the contradicting ideal and real - like rage converts fear into courage, and love converts empathy into sympathy, and self into other.

WM = Word Magic - Right attitude, positive thinking.
If it feel good and you repeat it often enough, it becomes 'true', eventually.
If you repeat it among those who share your need, and the level of your emotional desperation, then you will find willing and open ears, hearts and minds.

These are the 3 basic rules in my FU un-philosophy ----- SS- CC - WM for short.


γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:43 pm

FU Philosophy: First philosophy is the positing of the metaphysics one loves and hopes to gain the most adulation, pleasure and love from.
I feel, I love, therefore I am.

FU Metaphysics:Being is essentially self-loving: beings exist inasmuch as they love themselves, are self-loving, and so nothing exist other than life, or love.
Everything is loving itself loving.

FU Axiology: Love is a rational love, as the un-loving of it would un-love itself, too.  

FU Logic: Logic's self-identical "A" is love, and not necessarily a fact.    

FU Ethics: It is lovely to consider things loving, and hateful to consider things hating.

Therefore relativity is absolute, and absolutes are relative.
Flux implodes into a singularity - self-loving.  
All is LOVE.
Self measures itself, appreciates itself, loves itself, pleasures itself, therefore it is.
What exists can appreciate, measure, evaluate itself, love itself.
YHWH thundered, I am what I am = LOVE.

I appreciate myself, appreciating, therefore I am.
I am conscious of my own consciousness, therefore I am, and all is just like me.
I love myself loving. I love therefore I exist as loving self.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν

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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:44 pm

FU is a philosophy of self-loving.
Flux-Untology, FU, represents self-fucking, self-intercourse, self-copulation - self-loving.
To love thyself, is to self-Love. To make love to yourself, and be.
Being as self-loving - FU = Flux UnTology.

All is in a state of loving itself.

Fluctuating logos of self-love, made static, given an absolute feeling.
Flux frozen in a moment of self-pleasuring, adulation.
Caught in the act, as it were, and frozen in time/space in the act of love-making - self-creating, self-propagation.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:45 pm

Flux Untology is about creating the illusion that we are involved in something serious, when it is all fun and games, like children are wont to play.
FU is but another variant of Nihilism - one among the myriads human minds can create when and if reality is not a factor.

Being protected from world permits men-children, like us, to create without caring if it is applicable, or useful, or self-indulgent, mind-fucking - for the pleasure of it.
Pleasure is the Nihilistic only validation.
Whether it comes directly, or in the form of monetary reward, the main objective is always self-comforting, self-flattery, self-pleasuring.
To that end 'words' like the abstraction of money offers the potential of multiple orgasms, and like money, the words we FU Foolosophers use are only meaningful within a human group sharing the same codes and symbolism, and the same values and methods of evaluating actions.
Our Foolosohy is only useful if there are other minds sharing in its premises, therefore popularity is a measure of its 'truth', and money is its just rewards - the acknowledgment of this shared appreciation.

All hail Chaos, mother of life, and FU to Order, our patronizing, domineering, now overcome father.
Let us love, mother love, and hate father hate.
Let us value value, and dis-value what is of no use to us.
Let us embrace subjectivity, and the religion of Nil, baptized One, because we no longer care about world, we new Foolosophers, we care about feelings and our ego.
Let us sacrifice, reason, integrity, objectivity, reality, upon our Altars of Nil, now name ONE, and feast upon its noetic, theoretical flesh and drink of its theoretical blood, in the forms of symbols.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν

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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:45 pm

FU will soon sweep the world with its wisdom.
As the one and only true heir of Nietzsche, and Jesus I deserve only accolades and the most beautiful women in the world pleasuring me.
Only super-models will I accept as the only reward worthy of my gift to humanity.
My genius should be spread into the human gene pool to ensure future generations of a equally valuable insight.

Effete, subordinate males should worship the ground I walk upon, profiting from my power by being bathed in its presence.
I call them all friends.
There is no greater gift a demi-god, like me, can give to his inferiors.
I accept their gratitude as the least they could do.
I will accept your queries if they show the right level of groveling.
If not I will not bother with you, being too mature, too adult, to explain my genius to kids.
I have better things to do, like counting my money, sipping expensive wines, and fornicating with the best and brightest and hottest females in the world.

Just last night I was invited to a surgeon's friend of mine's cocktail party.
Before I left I had ten numbers from their wives and another twenty numbers from the cream of the social crop wanting to network with me.
Can't say more without exposing their privacy to children.
I can only say that one was 'high' up in the present cabinet of some very powerful country.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:47 pm

Self-loving, as I understand it, is the making love of 'making love'... It is the passion, by that which it passionate, that this way of 'making love' is worth the while--the time, the Being--of that which it makes lovely... A most primordial way of doing so is acknowledging that which one makes love to of actually being other ways of 'making things lovable'--

FU is way of using words to allude to pleasing things, as a way of self-pleasing.
To make love to self, self-loving, is to give pleasure to self-fucking.

With no exoteric reference, this is all self-referential, self-pleasuring, alerting the application of symbols to hide the fact.
Words that please self, are self-pleasing - words of love, of self-loving, words of love-making.
It does not matter which words I use, or in what order. Words are for making love to self.
What matters is how deeply I can pleasure myself, when I speak them lovingly, when I think them, bringing myself to orgasmic ecstasy.

Flux Untology, is the un-told, logos, the anti-logos, the annulling of logos.
Words cast into the void, like pissing against the wind, returning to self as raindrops of pleasing golden shower love.
Will to Pleasure...Will to Love.
Love and pleasure the expression of self-empowering logos - words.  

Words to bridge the chasm between Pagan and Abrahamism, Reality and nihilistic Idealism, world and fantasy.
I am the bridging half-wit, the new Messiah of Abrahamic evolution: Christianity 2.0, the next phase in degenerate herd-psychology.
Nietzsche is but my John the Baptist, my Saul-well-ios.  
Saul, of well-being, dis-ease.
Those that follow are saved, those that refuse me simply do not comprehend my gifts, my generous offering.
I am too deep to fathom.

I speak in Babel-onion tongues.
Layers over layers, of eye-watering pain/pleasure, encompassing the empty space/time of my brilliance.
Soon all will be self-pleasuring, making love to what is pleasing.
Stones, clouds, particles, all in a loving embrace of self-loving, self-pleasuring.
Self-Fucking, Fucking-self.

FU is a liberation movement: freeing words to be applied in any which way is most pleasing, and self-loving.
Linguistic Liberty, or Liberated Language = LL.
L = Love: Love, Loving Love.
Self-Loving, or Love-Selfing, is the Love of Loving Self-Loving.
Self-Pleasuring, or Pleasuring-Self, is the Pleasure of Pleasing the Self-Pleasuring.

Uni-verse, or one-logos, of self-pleasuring, self-loving, fucking self-fucking, or fucking-self - FU.
What exists is self-pleasuring, self-loving - self-fornicating.
Flux is the synthesis of pleasure, love, fornication, Self is engaged in, as Self-Reproducing, Self-Copulating.
Words are the means by which Self pleases self, inseminating itself with its loving words.

FU is more than a theoretical philosophy.
It's a philosophy that brings fame and fortune, and most importantly get's me laid.

FU is the product of me not getting laid, and how I invented it just to get some pussy.
I felt unappreciated.
Now that I have plenty of it, I no longer need to bother with all that crap.
I am superior to my idol Nietzsche because he got none, and what he could get he paid for and it gave him syphilis.

My FU Foolosohy promises grade-A cunt, lots of friends and all the appreciation you can handle.
Isn't that the least a Foolosophy can do for you?
Didn't Nietzsche, and Heidegger, and Plato, and Heraclitus, and Goethe write philosophy to be happy?

I did not call it FU for nothing.
With FU you will be making love to yourself, using another, in no time.
Masturbating using another's orifice, or appendage, is the FU Foolosophical method.
I know I am sounding like a T.V commercial, but it's that Good.
Buy, Buy...BUY!!!...and all you have to do is worship the ground I walk on...and call me Messiah, once in a while.
If you can't do that, then call me friend.
And if you can't do that, then you can fuck off.  
No FU for you.

I really did not give a shit about anything but getting 'some'.
You know getting what I deserve, what's coming to me.
SuperModel level, self-loving, self-pleasuring.      
It's why I luvs my cRAP culture. Gets me all the shorties and bling-bling I can handle.
I'm so happy I need to announce it, to make sure others can see me being happy.....'cause even I do not fully believe it.

I know there are millions of guys, out there, getting laid with no clue what philosophy means, let alone having read and understood my FU Foolosophy, but in my mind I owe my successes to my FU method.
What other reason can there be?
It's all FU, all the time.
If you follow me, and submit to my method, you too can get laid, and be happy, just like me, and all those other guys who have never heard of Flux UnTology.
For all you losers, out there, who cannot trick a dumb-fucks to fuck you, to FU, please make sure you learn how to self-love, or self-pleasure.
You will need it. Trust me.
If I had the time, in my busy life, and gave a shit, I would upload vids of me getting it on, in my self-loving ways.
Love me, loving myself, loving other, who loves me.
Sheesh I'm great.
Until next time suckas....think of me and be jealous.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν

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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:48 pm

Having un-packed my FU Un-Tology, my Foolosohy of un-reason, un-logos, reasonable logos, you are, by this time, realizing that I am the pure expression of greatness.
A true demi-god, among inferiors who must learn to worship what is above them; learning to appreciate what is of greater value, and by doing so raising their own market share, their own value on the social scene.

Ah, my friends...if I may be permitted to be so intimate and loving with you.
Do not envy me, be me.
Now, I can become magnanimous with my liberating gifts.
Now, I come to you as a humble friend, offering you generous aid in your time of need, caressing your desire to be like me.
For I am the way to your own glory.
Take it!
I urge you to set aside your ego and to bow before my affluence to receive my gifts.
I cum all over you with my excess. Open an orifice to take it in.
Swallow. Take it.

Have I not been kind to you?
Have I not avoided stepping on your worm-like presence, and refused to vomit?
Have I not explained my paradoxical complexities, in the most mystifying, yet pleasing, manner possible?

Some of you have gladly opened yourselves up to the need inside of you, and welcomed me as a mysterious salvation, but many still resist my engorged glory.
How can I provide more of it, for you, if I cannot receive, as recompense, your adulation?
Would a father give to his son, if the son were to turn his back on him?
I ask you to be my friends, so that I can then be your master.

Help me, help you.

I cannot and will not hypnotize you without your willing participation, your consent.
Stop resisting my narcotic words on the basis of some contradictions.
Accept me into your hearts, and find them become mystical insights.

Love me to love yourselves.
Pleasure me, to please yourselves.
Honour me, to honour yourselves.
Make me happy, to be happy with yourselves.
Fill yourselves with me.
Let my brilliance access to your depths - to copulate with you.
Let us intercourse, and I will seed you with magic.

Let's FU.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:49 pm

As the rightful heir of Nietzsche I plan to add to his aphorisms my own, finally completing his work.

One will read...
Why I get so much hot pussy.
Why I'm so popular with the ladies
Why I'm so happy
Why I am so popular and sexy
Why do they all envy me

Another echoing Russel's essay will be titled...
Why I Am a crypto-Christian

In the ignoble traditions of my Abrahamic teachers and mentors who used a Foolosophy all their own to take advantage of the wayward lamb, I save the living body of Christ, from a slow and certain death, and resurrects him in my own name.
Christ with the experience of Nietzsche's mind-raping of him, on his bed-post, keeping the secret of his enjoyment of the abuse he suffered.
Bastard, half-breed, son, coming home upon his unknown father's path, to mind-fuck humanity; to lead the gullible, the feeble, the meek, the ill, the idiot, the hedonist, the retarded, the slut, the maggot, the confused and lost in paradox, back upon the path of self-pleasing righteousness, of self-loving lovingness, towards the promised land - parting seas upon his wake, to reveal the concealed depths as fantastic land bridges.
Not over, but un-der, is the FU way.
Not out of the catacombs, but into them.
Not out of Egyptian bondage, and their death-cults, but back to bondage, embracing them as liberators.
Think yourself free, and ye shall be liberated.
State thyself happy, and it shall be.
Declare yourself master, and a master of your destiny you shall become...on the power of your words, speak it and it shall be so.

I think I'll title my book of aphorisms...
Daybreak of the Idols

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:51 pm

What good is a philosophy if it does not make you happy?
Happy are philosophical dividends.
You know you are a true philosopher, with the right philosophy, by how happy you are.
Not a well known fact but all the great noes were incredibly happy people.
Nietzsche, Goethe, Schopenhauer, Socrates, Heidegger, Sartre, name one big philosophy name and you can be sure he was happy - a bonafide cunt-magnet. Philosophers were the Pop stars of their time, or celebrities for the intellectually gifted, and like pop-icons they had to take narcotics to keep their joy contained, and practiced stringent asceticism to keep the fuck away.
A man-child can only take so much grade-A, genius fucker, am I right, or am I right?

Let's face it, it's had to get laid these days. there's just not enough whores and sluts to go around.
Being a philosopher, today, has its perks.
You get a following of geniuses, pussies breaking through your security entourage to get to you, and adoration everywhere.
What good is a philosophy if it does not give you that?!

My Foolosophy promises this and then some.
This is not some theoretical, crap. This is a stairway to heaven - pleasure after pleasure, until happy flows out of your eyeballs.
Overflowing power.
Will to Happiness, Will to Pleasure, Will to Love.
Make love to yourself with my new and improved method, my Foolosophy for retards.
I guarantee you, for the small amount of worshiping the ground I walk upon, that I can teach you a system that will separate you from the pack.
I don't call it FU for nuttin'.
This is fool proof, no retard proof. In fact you must be a retard to apply...and many have.
Do you know how much retardation is out there?
I want a market share of that.

This is about self-loving, self-pleasuring...a lifetime of heaven on earth.
Please me to pleasure myself through you.
Your pleasure is me pleasuring myself.
Your loving, is my self-loving, loving myself through your love of yourself loving me.
Self-Loving Self-Pleasing, Self-Valuing, Self-Copulating Flux Un-Tology.
The un-logos of the future.
I've learned from the best and from each I've collected the core of their passion, their joy, and I've bottled it for your convenience.
A few drops of my pheromone foolosophy and you'll be the center of attention, wherever you go.
If you sign-up to be my life-long friend, for a small fee of adulation, and whatever I demand of you I can teach you secret techniques for self-healing, like rune aphrodisiacs.
Imagine making a tattoo on your arse, of a shape that will make you irresistible to females, or males, if you prefer.
Imagine being able to do anything with a scribble, a chant, and conviction in your heart - passion of belief, the passion of Christ.
A few rituals, which will be included in the Gold Package when you subscribe to my friend's list, and you are off to happy-ville, on my FU-mobile.

This is a short-time offer, because, like the chosen ones, I will stop proselytizing when I've accumulated too much joy, for me to handle.
A man must know his limits.
If you do not FU yourself, you will be FUing another who is doing it for you.  
There's no end to how the synthetic, existential, Spin-ozean, crypto-Christian, Abraham with Thus Spake Zarathustra under his chiton, snuggling near his circumcised phallus with the pages replaced with exerts from the Talmud, can do for YOU!!!

Get it now before the offer ends people.
I've got my happy life to live, and I've distracted myself from my own importance to give you this opportunity.
Don't be a virgin, loser, with no friends, stuck ion your mother's basement masturbating into Kleenex, while watching porn.
Join my friends list NOW!!! and find happiness.
Self-Loving, Self-pleasuring, pleasure-selfing, love-selfing, please me to please me, through you.
Be a true Foolosopher.
Do you not recognize greatness when it introduces itself to you?
I am HE, the ONE.
Do not reject my loving, pleasuring, my FUing Foolosophy.
Be a man-child, for once in your life.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν

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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:52 pm

There's a sucker born every minute.
A fool and his sanity are soon parted.

My FU Foolosophy does not promise low-grade retards.
Any fool can exploit and manipulate substandard morons.
My Foolosophy promises to take advantage of the upper 1% of foolishness.
Grade-A idiots.
Genius level imbeciles.
If you're going to masturbate, using another, do it with the highest quality, do it with style.

Any Shit-Stain can use drugs and money to get idiots and whores to blow him, to pleasure and make love to him.
I'm offering a fool-proof system, foolosophy, to mind-rape, to FU the retards and whores beyond the average hustler.
I'm, talkin' gangsta Foolosophy.
Shorties of the highest, low, caliber.
Along with Nietzsche, and Goethe I place Tupac, and Kanye as top-notch hustlers, and Foolosophers.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:54 pm

FU , Self-Loving is necessarily the case for all life, not just our human or earth-animal ones. Thus it is objective, in the true sense; how do we know this? We know it because it is impossible to conceive a life that does not follow self-loving, self-pleasuring logic...
If you can conceive a life that does not follow self-loving, self-pleasing logic, I would commend you. But I would strive to show how in fact such life is indeed governed by the deepest logic that proves and provides the fundament of all things, living or not.

Everything that exists has a un-reason, a purpose, for existing.
How can it not?
It exists because of un-reason.
All is un-reasonable.
See, we have a self and then there's a reason why this self exists.
What's un-reasonable about that?
It's not, therefore this is wrong, or not the complete picture.
Love is un-reasonable.
Love is fact.
What self does not love itself, and does not love to please itself?
Therefore all is self-loving un-reasonably. The bittersweet madness of lust and love.
All is in self-loving ecstasy, because if I were to reasonably apply this only to life, then it has been done before, and so obviuos that nobody will notice. I want to claim to have invented a ground-breaking Foolosophy so I must make the un-reasoned leap to greatness, and imply that what is reasonable about life, is un-reasonably so for all existence, living and non-living.

Allow me to demonstrate:
All life needs nutrition.
A reasonable fact that will not garner me any adulation and accolades, even if I say the same thing using different words as in: all life assimilates because it lacks.
I need something exciting, impressive to gain attention, so I will take this reasonable, and mundane, insight, and project it as a un-i-versal rule, so absurd that all will finally pay attention to me.
So, I will un-reasonably claim that stones and clouds and particles are feeding on each other, consuming one another.
Now, this will attract attention.
I have taken a reasonable fact, converted it to a metaphor and applied it uni-versally, synthesizing reason and un-reason.
I have projected myself into all things. I am, now, the god in all things.
The 'self' I see, is myself.
Now I can dilly-dally in mystification, sometimes using my metaphor sometimes applying it literally, remaining infinitely obscure and mystifying...incomprehensible.
Because that's what Foolosophy is about: exploitation, manipulation - complicating the simple, repackaging the old in new exciting symbolic ways, baptizing, obfuscating, and clouding the cognitive waters, to produce magical when I mesmerize morons and make them my followers, and my self-loving worshiping sluts.
Love me, to love you.

FU may seem political, psychobabble, referring only to life and how living organisms relate, but it can be more than this, if you detach your mind from sanity and give yourself to the power of fantasy - guided by your own desires.
Then, FU, becomes an all-encompassing oncology of ontology, a cancerous health, describing how a stone holds its-SELF, together, or why a cloud remains ONE.
The entire uni-verse is about self-loving, self-pleasing, self-copulating, fucking.
Self can now be used to describe any abstraction in the observing, subjective, mind.
The objective cosmos becomes a teaming orgy, of self-pleasuring, self-love.
The event, we call Big Bang, is no more than the uni-verse self-loving, caught in the act fo self-pleasuring - master-baiting.
Uni = Self
Verse = Love

What pulls the universe together, other than its love of self?
Why does a magnet attract another magnet? Love, eros.
The self, which is magnet, pulls what it loves to itself.
Self, refers to any unity, any abstraction.

Raindrop = self
River = self
Ocean = self
Universe = self

Any abstraction in the mind, separating it from the background, is now a 'self'.
Attraction/repulsion given an emotion, a feeling, a metaphor in accordance with our newfound epiphany.
What attracts one element to another?
Love, sexual seduction, eros, passion.
Therefore all is alive with emotion, teaming with feelings.
All is self-loving, loving-self.
Other is made self.
Will to loving - love-making.

The metaphor has made the un-i-verse intimate.
My feelings are uni-versal forces.
When Heraclitus said all if is fire, he meant it literally.
All is FIRE!!
When Schopenhauer describes cosmic (inter)activity as a symphony where every particle was a note, he meant it literally....there are these gods playing in a symphony, making music, and we call this music the cosmos.
I'm thinking a polytheistic orchestra with Zeus as its conductor.
Everything requires a reason. Why do the notes come about?
Someone is playing an instrument, making music.

It's un-reasonably reasonable.
It's FU.

FU takes advantage of the inherent limitations of language, exploiting metaphor, art, to its fullest.
It can veer into the absurd, by taking the metaphorical literally, implying that the metaphor is not really a artistic method of representing, but it is literally exposing a deep truth, and before I am exposed as a fool, a charlatan, I can claim that you are wrong, you are the fool, because I was always suing it metaphorically.
When I have embarrassed you sufficiency I can return to implying that the metaphor is literally so.
From reason, to un-reason and back and forth, until you give up, you surrender to my brilliance.
It's the joyous misery of the generous miser.

Yes, I am that great.
I deserve the best food, drink, accommodations, and the best fucker in the world.
If I repeat it, if I believe it, if I seduce and hypnotize myself, with these runes and words, it will be so
Will to Happiness.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 12:59 pm

FU, self-loving, self-pleasing Foolosophy begins with a basic principle.
I would call it a fundamental, foundational, principle:
ALL is Subjective

What this means is that there is nothing that exists outside minds.
The implication of this is staggering, it's groundbreaking, it's above and beyond what Nietzsche ever said, or could have ever said, making me a genius far and beyond him or anyone that preceded me.
Why am I even referring to Nietzsche when he never said anything new?
All he did was take Schopenhauer's Will and Representation, emphasis on the WILL part, added Heraclitus, went over the cognitive perceptual-event-horizon, of Moderns, ending with Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, the trio of Modern understanding of Hellenism, integrating them into Abrahamic Nihilism.... went waaay back, going over their heads to the pre-Socratics, into ancient, authentic Pagan Indo-European traditions, to deliver this Hodge-Podge prose, in between heavy helpings of literature references, eloquent prose, and psychological insights into the dis-ease this Modern detachment from the past, was causing.  
The only new things he offered were some psychological tests, to measure your self-love, self-esteem, your ability to deal with the real...and the uncovering of illness - He was a diagnostician.
His philosophy was nothing extraordinary.
Rejecting Schopenhauer's solution, he embraced what for most was unbearable.

How could it be? He was rational, not fucked-up.
He was sane, barely, in a world gone insane.
There's nothing NEW about the real. It does not change at a rate where a mind born thousands years ago would have to alter his entire world-view and metaphysics to accommodate the alterations.
Nothing he said about world was insightful.
He took pre-Socratic, Aryan spirituality, and translated it into Moderns could understand.
What he said about humans reacting to world, was insightful.
What he did say, that freaked the kids out, was about how the denial of this obvious world necessitated a psychosis....madness.
He called it Herd Psychology.
He reminded the ill of what was already known  before Socrates, presented with that times metaphors...and Greek is a heavily poetic and metaphorical language.
Even today, just saying '**** you' involved a level of creative artistry no uni-lingual English speaker can fully appreciate.
At that time philosophy was poetry, full of innuendos and metaphors and similes and other linguistic forms I'm too lazy to google...sorry Turd.

When Heraclitus said "All is fire" it was the same as when the Jews said "god's burning bush", or Saddam said "mother of all battles".
But how do you explain this to modern dullards, raised to think and speak only English...the mother of all linguistic thieves.
See that last part....that's a metaphor. I'm not actually saying English is a conscious, intentional, thief, stealing words in the night....
How do you explain to a modern moron that Heraclitus did not literally mean the cosmos was fire, or was made of fire....but that it was LIKE fire, using a metaphor he could relate to.
He could not use 'everything is super-strings vibrating'. It was not in his zeitgeist to think like that.
He could's use Satyr's "everything is patterns (inter)acting - flux"...even if he had met Satyr...because Satyr is a genius unparalleled in the history of mankind.
I say so.

So, Nietzsche, being an artsy-fartsy literature professor, hanging around musicians and intellectuals, speaking German, which has similar linguistic characteristics as Greek, in that new words could be easily constructed by combining them...not so easy in English.  
Try to say dasein using only English.
He got it.
So did the other German Heidegger....who also saw that the simple shift from Hellenic aletheia to Latin veritas made all the difference in the world.

But this remembering was all it took for little boys and girls around the world to wake-up from their cultural lethargy, and take notice.
And, of course, what happened afterwards was mayhem.
Every douche-bag, every wannabe, weakling, every cowardly imbecile, heard Will to Power, and pathos, and had an orgasm. Their pornographic, sleazy, sex deprived imaginations went crazy. Most had mental orgasms lasting for years, like Ollie, Saul-Well, ios.
He's still shaking, in his own monotone, dull, way.
It was like an cognitive mind-fuck where millions lost their virginity - a bacchanal...ergo Dionysian was code for mind-fuck fest
Words were vibrators, penetrating every mind.
No girl forgets their first hard fucking.
Lost boys, with no fathers, or weak ones, women, men-children, effete boys, all got a cock.
Okay, so forget about that, for now...

What matters is that we understand that FU is about subjectivity, and that there is no objective world, meaning there is nothing outside of minds relating subjectively - inter-subjectivity.
All is subjective...all is a social construct - same thing.
Everything and anything outside minds, in theory, is a conscious, is privy to the same rules that govern living organisms.
Everything, in essence, is alive, is God.
So, when you see a stone, it is not you separating it from the background and projecting into it your own self, or it is not you reducing it to a singularity, but 'self' and 'one' are intrinsic to the stone itself.
There is a one stone and it is a self-loving one.
One is it, making love to itself.

It's not that my language uses 'self' to describe this abstraction in my when referring to a stone I say "It, the stone, is itself, part of a pile of rubble" .
It's not that my language uses 'one' to describe the abstraction of the stone, as when referring to a stone I say  "I picked up one stone, this one, and not that one, from the pile of rubble".
No this is not me applying a linguistic form, a metaphor, that can then be confused as me saying that the stone is intentionally 'one', a singularity, and a 'self', but the stone is a self, and a singularity.
It is, itself, one stone.
It's not that it is I who is separating it from other stones, or other phenomena, to designate it a whole, give it a name, and a symbol. No, not that at all.
It is not my consciousness doing it.
Trust me.

See how it works?
It may seem like my language, and how it uses metaphors, and the presuppositions it must make to become lucid, projects upon something outside the mind traits not necessarily intrinsic to the phenomenon itself.
See how I had to use it-self there....?
That was not me, that was part of it.
No...not that. IT!!! Damn it!! in 'The table, itself, is old."
So self is the table, , and 'it' is its oneness...not the form my language has taken to refer to the particular phenomenon I call table, by separating it from all other phenomena in the room.
The table wants to be a table. It is holding itself together.
It's not an ephemeral congruity of patterns attracting and repelling...the table has a motive....It moves to hold itself as one, as table.
It loves being a table. It is self-loving.

See, by using the metaphor 'love' I can both imply the irrational, and then run to the rational claiming to be misunderstood...or that I am too genius for anyone to get me.
I've already implied something with my selection, but I will deny it...claiming that it is the only rational way to express the concept.
'Cause if I can convince enough morons of this...then I can casually insert all sorts of extraordinary, supernatural, emotionally triggering claims.
If they buy into my lie, my delusion, that the table is self-loving, then I can say world loves all, or with love you can alter the uni-verse.
See how FU works?
Brilliant, no?
I know, thanks.
What I am saying is revolutionary.
I am saying the oneness and selfless of the stone is actually intrinsic to the stone.
ONE and SELF are not forever associated with what the stone, is. In a few months everyone would have forgotten that it was I that forced it in there.
Like what I do with LOVE and SELF.  
If you repeat bullshyte, that feels good, that soothes the coward, and makes an imbecile feel smart, and a woman wet...then everyone willfully forgets it was your metaphor., or that it was a metaphor.  

How do I know this?
Because I say so...and since all is subjective, me saying so is enough.

Props to the genius cAnus for teaching me what follows - you may know cAnus the Anus as chimp or mule, retard, cunt, fag, also known as iambigous among his own kind:
I digress.
So, all is subjective and someone saying so makes it so, therefore I am in a bind, paradox, a conundrum....because there's no objective world, no outside the mind way to determine what is more likely and what is delusional.
No way at all.

Person A claims he's a multicolored unicorn.
Person B claims ... no, he declares that he is a man trapped in a woman's body.
Person C says race, sex, are all social constructs.
Person D says gravity is what pulls everything down to earth.
Person E says pixies are pulling everything down to earth...tiny purple with orange polka-dots pixies.

These are all subjective judgments.
All of them say so.
All of them are certain.
There is no external standard, no objective way, no world outside minds, to decide who is crazy and who is sane.
I'm stuck.
But being stuck, in FU is liberty.
Everything is fucked-up in FU Foolosophy.
If it makes sense it ain't true philosophy.
It has to be non-sense, to make sense...ergo un-tology.  
To be confused, existing in chaos, is to be free.

I can change my mind continuously, for no reason at all, ergo Flux.
Random change of heart. Chaos.
Put the two together and you get Flux UnTology - FU.

UN-LOGOS - not alogo, horse, beast with no speech....but UN-LOGOS. The negation of logos.
Say FU to the world. be mature, like Shit-Stain....grow, free yourself, open you mind, maaaan.
Learn form the genius cAnus.
Be-cum through your cAnus a Shit-Stain.
Join a gypsy caravan, a van clan of your own. Smoke pot, get happy.
Be a true Foolosopher.
Thanks ILP.

In my genius Foolosophy words do not have to abide by any external rule - no fascistic, totalitarian natural order....because all is conscious, alive, all order imposes its will upon you.
Put them in whatever order, sequence, is most pleasing to you. It doesn't have to make can pull some bullshyte excuse, like synthesis, add a few intellectual, intimidating to the average imbecile words (Greek and Latin work well in this situation) to confuse things more, and pretend that you offered a deep insight, when you merely covered your arse.
Mystification is part of the appeal. The more confusing a concept is the more profound it feels to the average imbecile - all that matters is that the overall feeling is positive, flattering, pleasing, loving.

The trick is to make the most absurd declarations and never be discovered as being a liar, or be exposed as being a retard.
A fine line, indeed.
That's FU in a nutshell.

FU is about liberating man from natural order, authoritarian limiting, determining past/nature.
There is no past.
We are born tabula rasa...let us write our own individual codes, our own genome.
We are whatever we say we are.
Will to Pleasure means will whatever pleases you.
Pleasure yourself with words.
Don't let anyone tell you what to think, or what you are.,...say it, declare it, and it is so.

Poof, now you can live forever.
I am a man trapped in a woman's body....poof, you are that.
I am black, no matter what my skin color appears like. Done.
Sex evolved to pleasure us. It is so.

Whatever subjective declaration you like, pleases you, is true...if you say so, and not when another says so.
Just speak the words, declare them, state not be afraid. Say what you are...and you are that.
There's no way to prove it wrong.
All is subjective.
All is self.

They don't call me shaman for nothing.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν

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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 1:00 pm

Now that I've proven, beyond a shadow of doubt, that I am the greatest philosopher to have ever been born, and I am so not because "I say so", but because I agree with you, when you "say so", and I acknowledge this fact, through you.
I love self, by loving how you love me.
I pleasure myself, by being pleased with how you please me.

I am a Democratic narcissist.
I am great because we all say so.

I can now proceed to explain why I am so wonderful and brilliant, and the only true heir of Nietzsche, and the only commander, true living Nietzschean .
I am so brilliant that I no longer need to love myself through Nietzsche, but can now come out as Satyrean. As the true Satyrean.
It was Nietzsche who was Satyrean, not Satyr who is Nietzschean.

I am the Dionysian Pan piper, gathering every omega male, drug using to compensate, man-child...every lost boy, and girl, to him.
I am the Jesus of my age.
Jesus was Satyrean.
He was no Messiah, he was a harbinger of my coming, and I am so because 'We say so'.
All is Democratically Subjective, so if we all say so, together, it is so.

Now that we all agree, or are beginning to agree, that I am great, and my Foolosophy is the philosophy to end all philosophizing, we can get down to the serious business of figuring out how to worship me.

Love me to love you loving me.
Please me to find pleasure in you pleasuring me.

Drugs will definitely be part of our self-worshiping, self-loving, rituals.
Drugs are good for you...they open your mind to let the good stuff in.
Tall the greats were heavy drug users: Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Plato, Jesus, Socrates, Heidegger, Goethe.
They were all tripping. High as kites.

Like rock stars, or cRAP stars.
cRAP is the equivalent of ancient Greek poetic philosophizing.
Tupac was a genius. His lyrics were so profound i needed to take smoke pot to keep myself from shooting someone in the head.
Beethoven, Mozart, are nothing compared to him.
It is so....because we say so.

Which brings me to the topic of beauty.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and whoever has eyes beholds how fabulously sexy and attractive I am.
I's all subjective.
If it feels good, it is beautiful, and I always feel good when I'm taking shrooms.
They are beautiful.
Beauty, power, intelligence, truth, are all about how good they make you feel,

It is true for all of us because all of us can share how good it feels, and where all is subjective, if it feels good it is true, and if it feels bad, it is un-true.

They say "Right make Might", meaning that if you are right about something this is an advantage over those that are wrong...even if they are numerous and you are alone.
But that is un-true, in FU.
"Might makes Right" is now, not about "I say so" subjectivity, but "We say so" Democratic inter-Subjectivity.

If enough of us agree, then no matter how right the other is, he is wrong.
Not 'us against them', but us against no-one.
Quantity trumps Quality.
If the majority vote in 'God' then we will believe in god again. If they explain why some resit our oneness, and we begin burning witches and warlocks, then this is what we will do.
If the majority says the earth is flat...then the earth is flat, until we change our mind, again.
It's all subjective. There's no way of deciding who is more right, so we must vote in rightness, and then change our minds continuously.

If we agree we can vote in the elimination of sex altogether, or vote out gravity.
There's no end to what our combined wills can accomplish with a single voice of WE say so!!!
I've been pulling the rug from under objectivists for decades.
My brilliant points are so effective they are left dumbfounded. All they could do is turn and run away.

This is one of my best points, describing how objectivists think, not how I think they think:
1- I am Rational
2- I am Rational because I have access to the Ideal
3- I have access to the Ideal because I am Rational.

This destroys them.

My non-circular logic thumps them.
1- All is subjective
2- All is Subjective because there is no objective world
3- There is no objective world, because all is subjective

See how I proved my point?
It's all based on how I mis-construe dasein, improving the nonsense Heidegger said.

We are thrown into world. means we are all thrown into society.
world means human societies.
We are born clean slates, and society teaches/trains us how to think and what to believe.
All is subjective, therefore there is nothing beyond human minds conversing.
All is human, all is human society, therefore all is social construct.
Man created himself.

Furthermore...everything has a cause.
The further back I go the more I feel like thee is nothing in the beginning, as the 'first cause'....therefore, I conclude that nothing IS the first cause.
One, as God is dead, long live Nil.
Zero is a circle, ergo circularity is how I become trapped in my own creative genius.
I am encircled by my own conundrum, rooted in a paradox, based on a contradiction.
Normally a paradox would indicate an error in judgment, but in this case it reveals a deeper Truth about an error in world.
I can never be wrong, about world, because it's all subjective.

Whatever I say is so, is so.
But there are many who also 'say so', so I am in a bind.
How can everyone be right and wrong, at the same time?
My way out of my self-loving, self-pleasuring, paradox is to vote myself out - majority breaks the stalemate.
Now, the 'I say so' and 'he says so' becomes 'we say so'.

Might is Right now defines 'might' as quantity, as numerical superiority, as the 'WE'.
We, the people, declare, that all men are created equal, and so is is so.
Not us against them, but WE, coming to mutually beneficial compromises.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 1:05 pm

Examples I did not give to cAnus the genius philosopher...the only woman to stand on the top of my list of groundbreaking Foolosophers.
I un-replied...

Quote : there's this slut named Mary.
A real dumb cunt.
A romantic idealist. A real life nit-wit.
Believes that she has a 'right' to overcome her genetic nature and behave like a man, screw anyone with as few consequences as possible.
She rejects her nature, as woman, and sex, for her, is just for pleasure. It's accidental that she can become pregnant.
Unfair. Why is it only women get pregnant and cannot fuck around, like men?
Can't be something about      
A Modern
This, simpleton slut, Mary, made an error in judgment, about her simpleton boyfriend John, and about her 'rights', in the world, and not simply in the human, western, world, full of idealistic contraptions like 'equal rights', and how there's no difference between men and women other than appearance.

Her retarded idealistic judgments of John failed to live-up to her expectations of him. Furthermore, her idiocy convinced her that contraceptives were absolutely reliable, and that she had a god-given RIGHT to be a total whore, carelessly enjoying the pleasures of copulation without being forced to face the consequences of what this means for a biological female.
The contraceptive was the chosen social contraption to pretend that her judgments were correct. So much so, that she began taking it for granted, that the contraption, the contraceptive, was the great equalizer, finally allowing biological females to behave as promiscuous as biological males...and John took advantage of this, being no less degenerate than her, and just as naive and idealistic.
Her noetic abstractions of John, and of the world, where contraceptives were reliable and freed her from her biology, wanting to be the whore that she always wanted to be.
But this did not harmonize with nature, with reality, her female biology, and with her understanding of male nature, as in John, and society.
Her mental model of the world, John, herself in it, and what being a man and a woman implied, did not harmonize with how things actually ARE.
The discrepancy is called an error in judgment.
But humans have invented methods to deal with such mistakes, allowing Mary the illusion that she is smart, and aware.
Such a mistake eraser is the abortion technique. Abortion comes in, after the fact, whereas the contraceptive was the technique of before the fact. The fact can be denied as a scholastic didactic contraption based on these two human interventions.
Mary hoped to live out her life safe within the protective delusion of these contraptions....but they failed her, exposing her to the world beyond.
She thought she could carelessly have a fling, or surrender to her impulses and that there would be no consequences, no costs....only benefits. She was certain that she could remain a teenager, a flaky stupid promiscuous little girl, fuck whomever, on a whim, then changing her mind and going on to fuck another.
But the world, the objective world, simply did not give a **** about Mary's private desires and her modern idealism.
The manmade devices and technologies could not fully protect Mary from her own idiocy; could not shelter her from her own nature.

Her noumena, did not harmonize with phenomena, beyond the artificial sociopolitical environment; beyond human systems, and how they shape an artificial reality... also manipulating John to fake it to get laid, by tricking a dumb cunt like Mary, and by behaving in socially acceptable ways to fool her.
Both were naive romantic idealists...and ought to be protected from themselves.
Well, because the chimp loves them.
The objective world does not give a shit about that, but it does not exist, for the chimp, because all is subjective, so if Mary, John and the cAnus agree, their subjectivity wins, if they can convince the majority.

Her error she had to 'correct' by demanding from the very system she depends upon and, yet, fails to appreciate honestly and fully, that she be protected from the costs of her own stupidity.
In her mind she is a 'victim'......not that she was an idiot, but a victim of some conspiracy....and she has to blame someone John, or the other preferred social contraption the contraceptive, or God.
Not herself, and her subjective judgment....because all subjective judgments, simply by being stated and believed in, are equal to any we are back to our paradox.

I'l give you another example...

A wo-man named cAnus, believes she is male, but behaves and thinks like a female.
A separate issue.
Here we have a moron who fell for Christianity, and then Marxism....but is it her fault?
She is not to blame. Because all subjectivity is correct.
She is innocent, a victim of some evil other.
Who's to blame, then?
The ideologies, the dogmas, that seduced and tricked her.
She calls this 'other' objectivist, because it sounds intellectual, and like she's thought it through, and not like it's an emotional contraption alluding to her in the past, making excuses by trying to blame anything but herself.
She is as innocent as Mary and John.
It is the idealism's fault, not her gullibility, her stupidity, to see which idealism was correct and which was bullshyte.
Ergo...all ideals are wrong, or there's no way for a stupid coward to determine which one is more probably more realistic.
Instead of blaming self, and the genes that makes her inferior judgment so pathetic, let us blame the ideologies themselves.
Like blaming the salesman who tricked us into buying a lemon.  
Why hurt yourself and accept responsibility, admitting that you were gullible and idiotic, when you can blame all salesmen for being dishonest, and all cars of being lemons?

Give you a third example, more scholastic didactic than the previous...

There's a moron who fucks and becomes pregnant by a negro.
In her modern, subjective, democratic, mind there are no races....these are social constructs.
She believes this. It pleases her to believe this.
Does nature care? No.
Her child begins to perform sub-standard in school. Her kid can barely performs on a mediocre level, academically, but excels in athletics.
Does she question her previous judgment?
She looks for the justification, the reason, in a bigoted system, in luck, in prejudices school systems, in god, in evil men, in anything but her own judgment...because all is subjective and no one subjective judgment is inferior, or superior. So, the only reason for her kid's performance is someone other than her, or the Negro she chose to have a kid with.
She loves them both, without daring to define love, and bring it down to she's stuck in an emotional paradox.
She can't objectively appreciate her situation, she cannot question her own judgments, she cannot think insulting things about her chosen mate and the child she had with him.
What's left but to blame someone else?
She DEMANDS that the system make special consensus to accommodate her mistake in judgment.  
She demands that special rules be enforced to make her bad judgment, a good one.

She has this mental model, in her head, which she is unwilling to question.
But the world does not care if she does or does is what it is.
To whatever degree her mental model, her noumena, are not in harmony with phenomena, how the world works, how it actually, is, determines the size of her mistake, and this determines the costs.
Will she consider that ti is not the world but her judgments of it, that is to blame?
She will demand the world change to accommodate her world-view.
She will demand everyone, everything change, so she does not have to.
She calls this progress.

Now, allow me a hypothetical scholastic didactic contraption to clarify what the genius cAnus is teaching us.

There a real man's man, named Bill.
He like to identify as a human stud, preferring to copulate with human females.
Bill is admired by men-children, born in a feminized world, as the epitome of masculine energy.

We, also, have another "man" named Bob.
Bob identifies with being a horse mare. "He, she, it" likes to copulate with male horses.
Enjoys the feeling of big horse-cock in its rectum.
Who are we to judge? Are we god?

According to cAnus we cannot tell who is normal, and who is ill.
No way to decide if Bill, who likes having sex with females, human ones, is ill or healthy, or if it is Bob, who likes having sex with male horses, who is so.
Both make good points.
From their individual perspectives each is other worlds in their head they are correct in what they are doing.
They are both right because they both say so.
They both have equally convincing arguments.
Bill claims that sex evolved to reproduce a species, and so only copulating with human females is natural, and everything else is a symptom of a sickness, a mental disorder.
Bob claims species is a social construct and a scholastic didactic contraption exposing a psychosis of bigotry, based on the social construct of species.
He believes he is advanced, enlightened, an example of things to come: A world where the barriers between intra-species love are finally broken, and man and beast can marry and find in each other a mate, a lover, a friend.  

According to the cunt, there's no way we can determine who is correct and who is truly sick, fucked-up, delusional, demented.
No way at all.
Both sides make good points, according to her.
I guess a good point is simply saying you like it, or simply stating it.
Both self-identify with what they prefer, in their subjective mind, to identify with.
One as a human male, the other as a horse mare.  
Both say so. Both have reasons for saying so.
Both find pleasure in what they identify with.
Both think they are right, and the other is wrong.

Therefore, the genius teaches us, we cannot discern who is more correct and who is delusional.  
If we say otherwise, we are all objectivists and authoritarian, Might makes Right, Nazis...not Right is Might.
The proper course of action is to vote on who is healthy and who is ill, or to allow each to think they are correct, without thinking the other is not.
There's no other method to external to human desires, social conventions....nothing.
Before human societies no organism could judge. Natural selection failed, because to select one must judge.

Which brings me to my next example

I construe Dasein, as thrown into Christina society.
I offer no reasoning, no evidence, no's just what I like.
I say so.
Screw Dasein is superior.
Ok, so dasein means thrown into CHRISTIAN society...excluding, for no apparent reason, all other societies and everything outside societies.
I do so to make my desired conclusion impossible to evade. I've adjusted my thinking to a form that only one answer will be rational.
In that context is Mary, in the above real life, down to earth, example, a sinner, on her way to hell, or will she be forgiven, and enjoy eternal paradise?
I'm in a bind.
Given how I set up the scenario, my paradox leaves me uncertain.
I accept nothing outside how I mis-construe dasein, as thrown into Christian society, and ask for help in deciding if Mary, who has sinned by having sex out of wedlock, will suffer eternal Hell, or will God forgive her, if she joins a nunnery and lives her life in repentance?

Note to Others
The more I think one answer makes sense, I stop and consider the good points of the other answer.
Both seem reasonable, given how I mis-construe Dasein, in the here and now, waiting for Godot.
I really need your help.
This is not a pretext to get attention or to direct all towards accepting my starting premises of God's know how I mis-construe Dasein.
I am honest.
I would never lower myself to the feminine method of demanding the other first accept my delusional misunderstanding of Dasein, to then come to a mutually beneficial conclusion.  
I wouldn't be so cowardly and hypocritical.

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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 1:06 pm

FU is a Foolosophy of the Feasible.
An F, to the F, of F, Unified.
FFFU... mind-flatulence of change.
Smelly windstorm sweeping the globe - a tornado of gas.
ccccc-RAPING, logos as word-associating me-me-me gibberish.

It does not speak of things it can do nothing about, and the things it wants to speak of it must make into things it can do something about.
So, sex and race are out of bounds, because we cannot do anything about it, unless we convert it into something we can do something about like pretend it does not exist, or convince ourselves that it is a social construct.
To pretend it does not exist, is the first thing we can do about it, it's our first pretense, and then, the second pretense, the second step is to make it into a social construct, and this is the other thing we can do about now we can speak of race, and sex differences with no worries...indifferently.
A simple recipe for simpleton gourmet dining - eat, swallow, regurgitate, chew, swallow again, pass gas, rid yourself of it by taking a dump, wipe and repeat.
Pure pleasure for its own sake.
That's Foolosophy in a nutshell.
FU is about remaining indifferent to everything but our own pleasure.
It is meta-hedonism metaphysics.
Between the passions of hate/anger Thymos, and love/lust Eros, the only passion permitted is lovey-dovey mind-fornication.
Oral self-pleasuring - blow your own mind with your tongue, yapping away, or with your fingers, typing away.
You can obsess all you like, if you love/lust, it's cute, harmless, but it's beneath us to show any rage, or hatred, or any kind of care other than lust/love.
That's sick.
So, FU is a humanitarian Fooloshy for the Modern Age of brain-dead Zombies.

If you can do nothing about it, and you cannot love it, or fornicate with it, then why look at it, why speak of it at all?
Science is now debunked, exposed as another kind of sick voyeurism.
Why study anything you cannot change? Why not remain indifferent?

You ignore mortality, because you can't do anything about it, erasing it from every aspect of your thinking, pretending it isn't there, or you invent a beyond life to correct it, giving it a solution, returning it to the table of reasoning.
FU builds upon the Abrahamic traditions in a spectacularly novel, innovative, brilliant way.
It's crypto-Christianity that makes sense in its senselessness...the paradox only proving its mystifying truth.
It's not only Judeo-Christianity on steroids, it is meta-fuck, self-loving/love-selfing pushed to its extreme: using other to self-pleasure.

Before the multiplicity of possible lies, a powerful mind remains silent, and aloof.
It pretends he does not hear, or see, or feel.
He ignores it, and forgets about it, going about his self-loving, self-pleasuring way.
This is the path to happiness, which is the ultimate goal of all Foolosophizing.
It's the FU WAY...or the way to FU epiphany.
What maters is if you can convince yourself, and to convince yourself you may, or may not, have to convince others.
FU teaches the path from dependence on convincing others, with pretenses, lies, hypocrisy, whatever it takes, towards an independent, stoic, self-reliance, where all you need is to believe in your own lies.
FU calls this the path to endarkenment.
Embracing the dark, as our new light, our ignorance as a new gnosis, our feebleness as our new strength, our idiocy as our new genius.
Be alive, but brain-dead, that's the FU WAY.
Think, thoughtlessly.
Feel, numbly.
Speak, silently.
See, blindly.
Hear, deafly.
Reason, unreasonably.
Be illogically logical.
Open-minded, like a trash can...closed to everything but infinite garbage.
Data avalanches to bury it all in dirt. Bury your head in information sandstorms: dates, names, ideas, concepts, theories, all one big pile of crap, word-fertilizer in your brain-dead brain....distinguish nothing.
Dunes of sand creating a uniform desert.
It's all the same.
Discriminate, indiscriminately.
Turn inward, openly.
Hide, by revealing; reveal by hiding.
So unique and novel, ought to be your convictions that they have nothing to do with reality.
They ought to be surreal, supernatural, extraordinary, spectacular.
Be creative with your unique kind of crazy. Be insanely brilliant, and brilliantly insane.
So unique only you and a closed group of loyal initiates can grasp it.
Let your fantasies go mad. Turn inward, leave the outside in the dark.
You can't do anything about it. Forget it exists, embrace the non-existent.
Philosophy, of Foolosophy.

I am preaching a coming New AGE.

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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 1:08 pm

I love myself by only holding as true what feels good, and what is moral, in that it does not hurt others.
We first had God, to love ourselves by loving him, by surrendering to his love, and now we have grown, we've progressed, replacing God with humanity.
We are en-lightened, not in the sense of being exposed to light, but to a darkening, a unburdening of self, of Self.
We love self by loving humanity.
This is the epitome of FU self-loving.

My mentor and guru cAnus, a.k.a. iambiguous, a.k.a. chimpanzee, a.k.a. mule, a.k.a. cunt...has lead me to a new en-darkening lightness, and one day he will free you all of your bigotry and your realism, releasing you to be, like her, a world changer.

I now bring to you her teachings as I have understood them - they are so complex, profound and genius, I do my best.

I know that I only must believe what does not hurt anyone else, and also myself, because all is subjective, and there was no reality before man emerged, about 5 000 years ago, or whenever man invented, out of nothing, civilization, and socioeconomic systems.
Before that there was no sex, no race, no kinds, no types of any sort, no species, no least as far as they do not insult or hurt someone's feelings.
There was no evolution before man, and when man invented it, evolution did not apply to him.
As such, species and how they emerge does not affect man, ergo there are no human breeds, called races.
And, although sexual specialization evolved two distinct sexes, this is only cosmetic, superficial, an image with no depth - a superficial avatar.

When you love others, you love yourself through others, and you respect their desire to delude themselves and to live-out their life as happy and obtuse as possible.
Our new religion is subjectivity - God's love now expressed as our freedom to create a reality we like, and we deserve.
Once man invented, out of nothing, society, he liberated himself from reality.
From then on he could identify with anything, at any time, for any reason, which is no reason at all.
If he identifies with a mare and enjoys being penetrated by a stallion, then it is his 'right' to find pleasure in it, and to be respected and not criticized, making him feel bad.
If another enjoys making love to children below five years of age, then he is just as normal as any man who only likes having sex with females over the age of physical maturity, when menstruation begins.
Because copulation did not evolve to reproduce a species, but evolve to give man pleasure, love, comfort...the entire uni-verse God's hug, now mankind's embrace.
Okay, some will say that species emerge when genetic isolation, over a long period of time, results in a gradual splintering, manifesting in a change of appearance, because appearance exposes essence....but we will not humour Nazis in our newfound self-loving, FU, ideology.
We reject this claptrap, and embrace, instead, the more pleasing ideology that all men are exactly the same, in potential, in essence, in every aspect of their being....we just others by the content of their character, and blind ourselves to how past/nature manifests as presence, appearance.

Beauty is in the ye of the beholder, and not an indication of genetic health, and resistance to parasites, producing more symmetry, and organ proportionality exposing fertility, or potentials.
No, it's all subjective.
And if a man likes obese females it isn't that he's sick in the head, compensating for something, but he is expressing his subjective appreciation for what is unfit, and infertile and asymmetrical, and disproportional.
Similarly, if another man likes being a mare to a big old stallion, or screwing chickens or cos, it's his subjective en-lightened darkening, that no longer accept the distinction of divisive criteria, like appearance, and the categories of species.
Species did not exist until man invented it, and then imposed it on all of us.
They, whoever they are, said so, as my guru teaches.
For more of this brilliant insight please visit ILP, where geniuses abound, to read the teacher's genius comments.
Learn to FU yourself, until the day you are released from a world you created.

FU self-loving, self-pleasuring, comes using may names, and is taught by many apostles.
Not only Iakob, the VO guru of the van-clan branch, but also cAnus the guru of nihilistic linguistics, masturbating using words, and reducing meat-minded objectivists to huffing and puffing...and let us not forget Ecmandu the apostle of suicide, and self-copulating, mental flatulence.
There are so many...and ironically many, or most, can be found on ILP.
Birds of a feather...return to the bird cage, the asylum of birth-brained flights to the heavens, inspiring us will with their chirps and tweets, and their feathery en-darkening lightness.

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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyTue Mar 14, 2017 10:19 pm

FU UnTology has a simple, yet genius method of determining what is true and what is false.
A method even a MENSA member, or any profound thinker can comprehend and agree with.
FU uses populism as its verification method, but only when it comes to concepts dealing with humanity, because humanity is another word for world, or uni-verse, for us FU UnTologists, and brilliant Foolosophers.

If you are skeptical, then a popularity vote will resolve your doubts.
In fact, for FU Foolosophers popularity, quantities, are the way we decide what is superior in quality, and in veracity.
This is why we adore change and altering our opinions on everything. Because every generation, or even every year, or day, a new voting outcome will force us to change our positions on anything having to do with humanity, i.e. world.
No need to argue, or think, or reason...simply take a vote, count how many agree versus those who disagree and you resolve all debates.

How do we know serious thinking is happening?

By thread views, or the amount of people who agree.
In the past reality was different from what it is today because people, the majority, decided to change it.
Reality changes like is a fashion.
Trendiness, popularity, appealing to the masses, is a sure way to be a god, a creator of reality.

If you do not like the world, in other words humanity, campaign, seduce, lie, promise, do anything to become popular, and then win a vote count...and voila your issues are resolved.
I, personally, change my mind from minute to minute, to keep up with shifting opinion polls.
I know of no quality other than one measured by numbers, by quantities.
Money is the best way to evaluate the quality of someone or something.
Money is a popular vote, on a product, an idea.

FU is on the cutting edge of current open-minded dynamics.
Will to power is will to become popular, to gain monetary validation.
Money = power...ergo money changes the world, or human opinions.

Don't like racists?
Use the media to change popular opinions, and you've rid yourself of its reality.
Despise mortality?
Campaign, buy some commercial time on prime-time TV and hope you win the vote.
You aren't too keen on sexual differences?
Campaign, hit the pavement, kiss babies, shake hands, shift popular opinion your way and bye bye sexual divisions.
Be convincing, repeat your convictions, believe in your lies, be passionate when you bullshyte and you can be a god, like me.
Forget humility and that Christian crap...this is paganism 101.
I am what I say I am...period.
If I convince others then I am whatever I say I am....because human = world, and world is reality

It's a simple formula but quite potent.
More than just the placebo effect, or's simply psycho-brilliant.
A fast way to deal with any anxiety.
Marketing on steroids.
Why struggle with doubts when you can simply follow the money, find the longest line and stand in it, crash the biggest party in town, repeating "I am smart enough, good enough, and dog gone it people like me".
Why think when you can count?

Foolosophy is politics.
FU is about popular appeal, sharing pleasure.
Self-Loving Self - Self loving self, loving.
Love other, to love self.
Selfish unselfishness.
Self-pleasing, self-loving Un-tology.

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PostSubject: Re: Flux UnTology Flux UnTology EmptyWed Mar 15, 2017 7:25 am

FU is about regaining our grasp on our destiny.
Seizing our will and liberating it from determining pasts.

For us Foolosophers the debate over nurture versus nature has been absolutely resolved, leaving it to trouble the minds of the unendarkened, enlightened ones - meat-mind objectivists.
No 50%/50% divide.
100% nurturing power.
All is a social construct....all a matter of a popular vote, a change in attitude, edumucation, proper training, proper loving, pleasuring...all is upbringing.

We rare few Foolosophers, soon to become a mass movement, a global trend, know that we can raise any being to be anything we want it to be.
We can take a puppy and with proper handling raise it to be a cat....we can take a chimpanzee and raise it to be human, join forums and harass meat-mind objectivists.
It's the magical power of symbols and words.
Exposure to them can result in extraordinary consequences.
A chant, a spell, can change form, colour, essence.
We are the ones who know the dark powers of our words.
Magi of Nihilism, we invent reality by speaking the proper words, in the proper sequence, over and over.
For us sex, race, homosexuality, are but trifles.
We can make a woman into a man, and then trap her in a man's body.
We can raise a black man to the intellectual potential of a white man, because we know what difference remain are a result of social upbringing.
Nurturing, loving, pleasuring, are magical forces.
Nature cannot withstand the power of our proper nurturing.
Our words are powerful.
Training in their usage will offer all powers beyond their wildest fantasies.
Millions of years of nurturing erased with proper training, eradicated with but a third of a lifetime's proper nurturing.
Eventually we can reduce this to 1/4, a quarter of a lifetime. It depends on the commitment and discipline of the initiate/student.  
Regurgitation, imitation, plagiarizing, copying/pasting, love-seling, self-loving, self-pleasuring, is how we alter souls, morphing them into whatever we choose, or vote as our shared fashionable ideals.
Acting is what we train ourselves in....because it's all superficial, fake, lies.
The great art of hypocrisy is our power.
Does not a gorilla bridge the genetic barrier between it and being a homo sapient when it is trained to use a fork and knife, and to wear trousers, smoke cigars, and use sign language?

Our proper upbringing is more severe, more potent, erasing all theoretical, scholastic didactic genetic determinations, with the mystical force of a book.
Within this book, I am writing, can be found all magical spells, and the rituals they should be performed in unison with.

What does it mean "all is a social construct" but a way of saying that all is a matter of training, and the proper usage of words and symbols; the proper usage of tools and toys?

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