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PostSubject: GNON Sat Mar 25, 2017 6:52 pm

A description from reddit:

"It [Gnon] is a compromise between religious and non-religious alt-right leaning people. Basically, nature/reality is harsh and will punish those who don't work within its laws. The laws are either determined by god, or by evolution/physics. The point is that both the original groups agree on the last point, or the consequence, even if they don't agree on its fundamental cause. We agree to disagree because there are much bigger fish to fry and there really isn't anything accomplished by arguing over god when rabid leftists are out causing all sorts of crazy problems. Gnon was invented to quickly refer to that compromise."

It's a clever way to avoid minor, practically irrelevant ideological conflict for the sake of uniting against a common enemy. Also similar to my reasoning that only the principles themselves matter when seeking ideological allies, and that justifications are mostly irrelevant (in practice).

Also a great post about gnon:

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Important parts:

"Evolution is not only about life. Evolution is about existence. Well at it’s core evolution is about conflict; evolution proves what happens when different things are in conflict and what strategies they take to win. And existence implies a conflict. Existence is in conflict with non-existence. Things that exist are here for a reason. Basically because they out-competed other things, which hence don’t exist. Things exist because they work. Things that don’t work cease, sooner or later, to exist. If you track how things came to exist, how they out-competed other things which used to exist, or things that might have existed; well you are doing evolutionary theory. This is of course more abstract than the very physical evolution of DNA molecules in living beings. But it is the same process all the same."

" Everything exists because it works, certainly it worked until the present day. Now you may not like it that some things exist. You might want to destroy them. But before you do so you should stop and think about the evolutionary process that made them exist in the first place. Because remember, that things is there because it worked. And if the evolutionary process that put it there on there first place remains in place, then that thing will come back. Gnon will bring it back, no matter how much you hate it. No matter how utterly you destroy it, Gnon will bring it back. And you can’t do anything about it.

That doesn’t mean you must like everything. Or that everything always stays the same. Nature changes. I mean, Gnon changes. Evolution is a process; that implies change. Life changes. Animals change all the time. Humans also change things, and sometimes the change sticks. Human sacrifice used to be a thing. The Carthaginians sacrificed their own children. Their first bon sons. That was a thing. It happened for a reason. It evolved. It worked for them. Then the Romans conquered them and destroyed that thing; and it didn’t come back. It stopped working. That’s evolution too. That is Gnon’s will.

The Romans destroyed other things too. They destroyed the patriarchal family. They’d rather have fun and be merry. They stopped having children. Roman hedonism was a thing. Then the Germans conquered them. Roman hedonism stopped being a thing. Rome itself stopped being a thing. Gnon brought back the patriarchal family. That one works. You can mess with it. You can destroy it for a while. Even a long while. But it will come back. Gnon will always bring it back.

So the point here is to tell what will come back and what will not. What works always and what doesn’t necessarily do so."
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