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PostSubject: Detox Detox EmptyThu Mar 30, 2017 9:32 am

As part of a general ascetic attitude.
A weekly 24hr detox of no solid foods, only juices and water, is something I try to practice.
Used to be more disciplined in the past, despite also suffering through a three-days a week, weight-lifting, and three km run.

Given that up for swimming and walking, in my old age.
Don't need to attract a mate, or fight off competitors, or deal with retards on a physical level.
Ironically, my ability to detox has also declined.
The disciplined required, based on a desire, a motive, has waned, as there is no objective other than well-being.
It's difficult to justify well-being when you are enjoying it.
Never been someone with many desires, to be frank.
My ambitions rarely involved the participation of others.

I remember friends complaining that I never invited them to the gym.
I did not want dependence, because this makes it harder to maintain a routine.
I've been a solitary animal, all my life. Another aspect I am finding ti difficult to maintain, because aging makes you increasingly dependent on others.
The metaphor of a 'lone wolf' is inaccurate. Wolves are very social animals. They are more discriminating, than, lets say, a sheep, or a bovine, with its natural dependence on huge herds.
Solitary animals are bears, and foxes, and coyotes, and eagles...not wolves.
A 'lone wolf' is a contradiction, or indicative of a wolf that has lost its pack, or that has been pushed out of one.
Wolf howling in the night is a longing for community or, like a rooster's morning call, a declaration of presence, to all potential threats.
A wolf would not survive on its own.
It requires a pack to put into place its cooperative hunting strategy.
Bears, on the other hand, only tolerate the presence of another of their kind when its time to accomplish a deed that requires the cooperation of another - to have offspring. Then the male returns to its solitary life. Socializing only to breed.
I feel a kinship, as my desire to socialize dropped after I passed on my genes, and along with it my desire to self-repress, and to impress and to tolerate.
I, now, find individuals I could tolerate, in my discriminating ways, to be intolerable for more than a few hours.
When the deed of passing on my memetic fertilization has been accomplished, or frustrated, I no longer require their participation.
I went off on a tangent.
Back on-topic...
Nevertheless, I try to detox once a week, or biweekly.
My constitutions seems to agree with it, as I feel energized rather than suffering diminished energy, as many others report after prolonged fasting.
It has to do with genetic rates of cellular systolic/diastolic rhythms - metabolism.
The difficult part is going to sleep when you're hyper-up by the day-long lack of food.
Next morning I feel amazing.
Maybe that's how a bear feels when awakening after a few months of hibernation.
Who knows.

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