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 Science, Epistemology, experts, and so on

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PostSubject: Science, Epistemology, experts, and so on Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:47 pm

I intended this to be a response to the recent insanity in the Feminism thread (starting here: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] but decided to make a separate thread, as it is slightly off-topic and I think it deserves to be discussed independently of feminism.

Ideally experts would be unbiased and always search for the objective truth. But as it is, they are restricted on what to research and what conclusions to write, both financially, as somebody needs to fund their research, as well as socially, as they can get socially ostracized or even fired for expressing views going contrary to the mainstream political agenda.

Even if the situation was ideal I would still rely on my own judgment first and foremost, but I would consider the opinions of experts more seriously. But in the fucked up world we live in, where people who employ basic common sense are in a minority and derided as "extreme", and where everybody who dares to question the mainstream narrative is persecuted, I frankly couldn't care less if some expert disagrees with me on anything. It doesn't affect my opinion in the slightest.

If the experts tell me X and I see Y, how am I supposed to trust the experts? If our own judgment is untrustworthy, and the decision to trust the experts is made by our own judgment, then that decision must also be untrustworthy. In the end, the only things anybody has to judge the validity of anything are their own mind and senses. If we give that up, we have nothing to fall back on.

It reminds me of a discussion on Atheist Experience, from 5:00 to the end

If you give up your moral compass, then how can you claim that God's orders are moral, since your moral compass is what gives you the ability to evaluate something as moral or immoral.

The reasoning is the same, except that it is about morality, and I'm talking about epistemology. Just substitute the terms:

Moral compass = Epistemological compass (mind/senses/judgment)
God = The state appointed experts
God's orders = The state appointed experts's "research" and "sources"
Moral = True
Immoral = Untrue
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PostSubject: Re: Science, Epistemology, experts, and so on Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:56 pm

Peterson and other academics have exposed the dark side of academic censorship.
These humans, with families and interests and fears.
Very few, like Peterson, would risk reputation, expose themselves to the multitudes of insane douche-bags out there, to speak the truth, on any level.

In the on The Natural History of Rape, Thornhill and Palmer write on the pressures placed upon academics, and how academia is biased, and censored in matters pertaining to humanities.
They go into how in the field of Evolutionary Psychology the majority repeat the social norms, with no justification at all.

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Science, Epistemology, experts, and so on
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