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 Cultural Brainwashing

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PostSubject: Cultural Brainwashing Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:19 am

Incidents in popular culture, art, music, news, where the Nihilistic virus reveals itself through its propagating propaganda.

Uncovering, re-vealing the memetic virus in action.
Dis-Covering its methods.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν

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Gender : Male Pisces Posts : 17851
Join date : 2009-08-24
Age : 52
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PostSubject: The Matrix Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:21 am

0:49 > Allegory, Metaphor = abstract = ideal, idea.

1:20 > "Our world" - There is no "our", or "their" world.
There is only THE world.
This binary dualism is part of the "Matrix". The world is made into a one, by fantasizing an "outside" non-existence. The brain must conceptualize using dualism, and judge by juxtaposing.

1:30> "Occult forces" - a insinuation of Nihilism, and those who propagate it.
The "occult" and mysticism is how those who sell the illusion hide their motives and the paradoxes their disconnection from reality produce in the minds of those they infect.
These "agents" of nihilism, need not know what they are doing, or why. They must only act in accordance to their programming...memetic codes.

1:40 >  "Prison society" - a reference to how Nihilism imprisoned us in its paradigm of either/or, or positive/negative, monopolizing, in their uniforming monopoly, both sides of the political spectrum: right & left.
The prison is noetic = code.
We are imprisoned in language, dominated by Nihilism, as a method of detachment, that feel pleasing, and is addictive.
Nihilism manipulates our survival instincts. Our primal genetic instincts: survival and pleasure, before truth and need/suffering - Abrahamic code of seduction, copied by Marxism and post-modernity and now used by ever would-be messiah with a 'positive message' of salvation.

As I've said elsewhere...the advantage of Nihilism, and its language/symbolism (semiotics) is that it does not have to remain loyal to natural order.
it can fabricate any self-consistent, delusion, by exploiting the weaknesses of language, and of those using it, to seduce, control.  

2:10 > What is the Matrix? = Nihilistic meme, a mental virus.
An ideal - pure noetic construct: an ideology, theory, that disregards, or inverts genetics, the second, deeper, layer of human identity and limitation on human behavior.
More on this alter.
The Matrix, is the sum total of human fabricated ideas that impose themselves upon the human being - the MEME: morals, laws, etiquette, permissible or not, ideas, ideals that guide ambitions, goals, objectives and so on.

2:28 > Why are we in the Matrix? - The 'why' is the most human question of all, demanding reasons, causality.
I've given my own: Increasing populations, coupled with decreasing resources, frontiers, necessitate an imposition on naturally evolved behaviors: cultivation, sexuality, social etiquette, rituals etc.

3:06 -  How to we get out of the Matrix? - Again, I've given my method, beginning with a re-connection of words, each in his own language, to world - or noumena to phenomena.
This is the First step, because many, if not most words cannot be re-connected, because they are synthetic, or metaphors, or lack all meaning but, yet, have been integrated into our vocabulary, controlling our thoughts.
Most Moderns cannot even define the worlds they are using to defend the objectives they wish to preserve. They have no clue what they are saying or why...and some, charlatans, purposefully exploit this to control these feeble, needy, imbeciles.
A sing that this is the case is where one of these imbeciles cannot define a term without deferring to an icon, or as famous idol. Their judgments fall in-line to a definition of an icon's, supposed, intent, delivered to them by a translating medium, that can corrupt meanings, just as Saul did with the words of Jesus. All dead, popular figures can be exploited in this way.
The first, most important step, therefore, is to re-connect the self-evident words to world: reattach the noumena, using words/symbols, to the phenomena, and then once done to move upwards, forward...because even the most common-sense words are now becoming meaningless...making Peterson, and others,, suddenly notice what is going on...but not why.

3:50 > Heart of the City - notice how hearts, in the picture, is missing an 'E', leaving 'H', separate from 'ART'.
Language/Symbols (semiotics) is, essentially, representational art.
What is excluded is an 'E', or epsilon, to distance 'H', for heart or humanity, from art.
Now the 'E' could refer to the three/epsilon symbol in Delphi, or it may represent the triad - mind/nervous system/body, which I've gone into in other threads, or it may simply represent an open 'eight' the symbol for infinity = an open ended infinity, or an incomplete theoretical whole, an allusion to absent absolutes, or we could be overthinking this and reading too much inot a symple representation of Modern decay.

4:10 > Trinity - Not only a reference to the Abrahamic triad of Father/Son/Holy Spirit, but Platonic psyche: the feminine, or nature.  
Woman as agency of nature is stressed, confused, by the circumstances. She does not understand, as she is woman, but only feels, senses, intuits, something wrong.
The feminine being, also, present in males.
What is being attacked but the feminine, nature, by the "agents" of the Matrix, the Nihilistic meme.

5:10 > Ander-son {Άνδρας, Ανδρός, Ανδριος} (man, man's, courageous, manly) = son of man.
The male is asleep. Masculinity slumbers, and woman is in dis-tress.

6:20 > Neo is IN his deepest 101, and must wake up and exit them.
Basic Psychology course. Psychology 101.
He is trapped in emotion. Emotion is what Nihilism uses to attach words to once they are detached from reality.

7:20 > Simulation & Simulacrum - Not only are we trapped in a representation, but in a representation of a representation:  words/symbols, the pap, representing the noumenon, which is, itself, a representation of the phenomenon.
We are trapped on a map, in a book, or on a table which is also a representation of world.
Meme, from Gene, but gene is a product of interactivity, Flux, dynamic energies relating.
The Nihilistic meme is a detachment not only from the world, but from the representation of the world.

8:00 > Synchronicity - An allusion to Jung's collective unconscious, literally meaning 'synthesized time' temporality.
Humans exist in a shared reality, but also a shared representation of reality, because we all share genes and therefore share the apriori methods of translating existence - common memes.
We exist in a shared symbolic universe, where the same symbols pop-up everywhere.  
Even different cultures share the same metaphors or mythologies, because we share a common past - history - and a common way of reacting to events.
Fear of the dark, or our shared myths about an end of life and the world, deluge, are representation of this common genetic and memetic heritage.  

8:10 > Steps into the stream of synchronicity - He exists his fears and steps into the collective unconscious, the shared mythology of mankind, where he meets the trinity, the triad: reason, will, passions. He is entirely engulfed in humanity, as world, through the female.
He meets Trinity in a club - a venue where humanity networks, erotically.

8:22 > You are looking for him - you seek the absolute, God.
His name is Orpheus, the seducer, the poet, the charmer, the harbinger of the coming Messiah - he is the message and the messenger.
Orpheus decedent into Hades, the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], and the over-world, and is the best guide, because he can distinguish one from the other.

8:40 > It's the question that drives us mad - The quintessentially human question, no other organism can ask: Why??
Why am I here?
Why am I suffering?
A question asking for a reason, a purpose, a meaning....and God, the gods, is a charmer, a conduit, a symbol...a word with no reference - no absolute.
A madman asks this question out loud, because we expects a response - an external will to answer.

9:00 > Desire for truth must be present - A liar, a fake, a coward, who only wants to hear what he wishes to be true, will not accept any explanation based on reality.
He wants to remain trapped, in the Matrix, or in some alternate reality, because you can dream in the dream world: multiple layers of delusion.
The coward, the hedonist, the Nihilist, wants to remain in the Matrix, because exiting it is too traumatic, too painful.
He wants to remain within the world of codes - certainty, absolutes, symbols that can be changed, modified, at will etc.  

9:33 > Authority - Natural order, and/or social order - genes/memes.
Nihilistic authority, memes, contradicting the authority of genetic order, resulting in schizophrenia, confusion; deeds contradicting words, convictions, ideals; loss of identity.

10:04 > Part of a whole - Whole being a myth. not only collectivism but whole as One God, Panpsychism, Universe. one is built no the weaknesses of the other. It attracts the same kinds of psychologies.
The idea that laws of nature are intrinsic and not manmade rules, representing human understanding of the cosmos.
The desire for an external authority is the hallmark of retarded development, produced by sheltering and a system that wants to maintain all in a state of dream, Lethe: limbo.
The "collective" is but an additional layer of authority, built on-top, or contrary to a preexisting natural order, which many prefer to believe in as another form of consciousness - Higher Consciousness...another term for God, minus the already established versions of it: Abrahamic.
for them, 'outside' the collective, there is another collective of consciousnesses, in all processes - Alexandrian Age.
All is ordered, and all is conscious, all is knowable - all is mind, being another way of comforting self - all my suffering has meaning, has purpose.

11:22 > He is censored, political correcting silencing.
The wrath of the system is already silencing many, imposing a indirect censorship, based on emotion, or all-inclusiveness.
The Matrix needs many, to survive, because without participants it vanishes, it disintegrates - Nihilism means nothing outside minds.
It is nonsense without believers: willful, or not, participation.
A memetic virus goes into stasis, as words/symbols or an a [page, or as electronic code.
It requires agents to manifest as real. Without followers nihilstically based theories, beliefs, convictions, are impotent - knowledge without power.

12:50 > Actions/Emotions/Thoughts - Will, Passion, Reason. reason is built on abstractions, or representations - metaphors, myths, that can and are corrupted.
Neo = Will - the new, the latest, adapted, connector.
Trinity = Passions - Phenomena, Natural agency - Feminine.
Orpheus = Reason, abstraction  - noumenon - Masculine.

13:30 > Mind - Orpheus is the god who was not god. "you are not the one you are looking for".
God is the idea(l), rooted in a desire/need - a representation of it.
There is no god. God is looking for 'a way', a will. The idea(l) is a conduit, not a destination - not an end, but a means.
Word, as God, is a means, not an end.
Word is not world, it is a conduit to the real world - a connector.
Most become trapped here, and prefer to stay here...within language. Within subjectivity, constructed using words/symbols.

13:45 > Trinity is nature - the past. spirit is a metaphor for the sum of all past nurturing = nature. She is what connects the presence, the present to the past. But the entirely of the past cannot be entirely known, or made lucid, so she expresses it as emotion.
Love is the unifying emotion of full acceptance, not of what is necessarily positive, or flattering or good.

14:00 > Neo is the new...because reality is continuously new. The element of chaos is essential for this to occur, because if all was ordered, then nothing could ever be new - determinism.  
Those imbeciles who hold onto the idea of god as the one, the absolute Order, denying chaos, the satanic principle, are really crypto-Christians, that have renamed their mono-god, their Abraham ONE, using a term that sounds more updated.
Absolute order is an absolute that has no meaning - it literally means non-existence.
Randomness, dynamism that is unpredictable because ti has no pattern, it is inconsistent, and yet interactive, because all that exists is dynamic and all that is dynamic is (inter)active.
Absolute ORDER, Singularity, ONE, is what Nietzsche re-turned us way from. Not because he invented it, but because he re-called, and reminded us. This is why he never said anything new, or revolutionary, but simply brought into the modern what had been forgotten by those put into sleep by Abrahamism (Judaism = Christianity/Islam).
Neo is past, Trinity, made presence, applied in the present, and nouomenon, Orpheus, returned to phenomenon, to world.

14:50 > Something wrong with the world - not world as reality, genetics, but world as humanity, memetics. There is something 'wrong' with humanity, where in modern times humanity = world.

15:46 > Prison for your mind - A memetic paradigm = nihilism, that has no connections to reality, but is entirely based on code, on words/symbols.

15:55 > See it for yourself - Because the brain is an organ evolved to aid the organism in survival, it will not expose the organism to perceptions it cannot survive, even if this means permitting it to exist in delusion.
You cannot save the imbecile. He is one because he either cannot see, or will not see, when seeing means need/suffering. Not all are born to be philosophers, or even aware.

16:03 > Red pill = passion, pathos. Blue pill = submission, melancholy.
Red pill, does not represent madness, willfully constructing your own world, your own private reality.
Red = Masculine, future based on precedence.
Blue = Feminine, submission to the real, to past, to sum of all previous nurturing.

17:30 > Remember, all that I am offering is the truth - The real is not positive, it is not pleasing, flattering, it is, in fact, harsh, uncertain, painful.  
Whoever tells you otherwise is either a lair, or a imbecile.
Reality is dangerous, it is harsh, it must be adapted to, coped with.

17:50 > He wakes up in a horror film - In fact he wakes up to his own skin. He awakens to his body, when all this time he was living in his mind, using words/codes, symbols, to create a cocoon, others shared in.
Reality is terrifying to the awakening ones. A child awakening to the world goes through the stressful, coming of age, period, known as adolescence.

18:10 > He wakes up - Metaphor for being reborn.
The world is not pleasing. Not easy. It is mysterious, uncertain, dangerous, threatening - a horror to one newly awakened. Only an imbecile expects the world to be pleasing, flattering, easy, a world of order, consciousness, purpose, meaning. The awakening is but a first step.

18:30 > As far as he can see - The world is Humanity.
He can see no world outside this new layer of delusion. He awakens into a new dream, or a state of half-dream. The manmade world is replaced by a world made by man, or man.
World =humanity, and what does humanity identify with: symbols/words. And how does humanity relate to itself? words/symbols, referring to emotions.
This is the second layer of entrapment.

18:50 > InterSubjectivity. The Matrix is InterSubjectivity.
We ARE part of the system that keeps us unaware, asleep, dormant. We, as part of a collective unconscious, are energy feeding the system that keeps us comfortably numb, asleep, using words/symbols - CODE.
The cubicles are representations of individual subjectivity, each connected to a mainframe, a protective system, where our niter-subjectivities coalesce into The Matrix.
This is why subjectivity is defended vehemently and objectivity is denied.
There is no nihilism when world is involved. There is no debate. No philosophical conundrum. things become simple, real fast, because our brains evolved to engage a challenging, dangerous, threatening, reality.
Cost & Benefit. We each have our judgments, and if we apply them in reality, and if there is no protective entity, like the state or a parent, protecting us or adjusting costs & benefits, we pay the price or we reap the benefits of our judgments, manifested as choices.
Theory is easy...everything is perfect in theory. Reality is hard and harsh....nothing is perfect in there are no absolutes.

20:00 > A mind that was born and raised in a protective, sheltering, artificial environment, will find it difficult to deal with the real gravity of the real world.
Like the man who exist the Platonic cave, to witness the brilliance of the sun, after getting used to shadows and the artificially maintained firelight.

22:20 > What is real? - The neural synaptic matrix can be intervened upon, with human artifices to create a mediating sensory reference = Artificial.
I defined artificial as the ambiguous point in space/time when an organism's affects on its environment begin to affect it more than the environment it intervened upon.  
A beaver, for example, intervenes upon its environment, as all conscious living organisms - some more and some less - but the  repercussions of its interventions are not superior to the environment it intervened upon.
Only humans have managed to cross this line. This means that only humans can effect themselves more than the world they intervened upon, to create their own artificial, idealistic alternative.
Pollution is a collateral effect: both material and genetic pollution.
Genetic meaning mutations that would naturally be filtered out of the gene pool are allowed to propagate, with unforeseeable effect.
The return to a pre-racial divergence state, artificially propagated by race mixing, is another one of this human interventions that will have unforeseeable collateral effects, but we do see immediate effects in the form of genetic pollution. Dumbing-Down, or leveling, is one such effect.
all pollution, or collateral effects, require further interventions, such as, in the case of gene-mixing, interventions to help the byproducts cope with a system they are not intellectually able to deal with.  

22:30 > Dream world - Metaphor for nihilistic alternate reality (positive nihilism), or denial of reality (pure or negative nihilism).

23:40 > Harvested - social engineering, Education - Training the children to think within Nihilistic paradigms; the machine world founded on pleasure.
Stimulating pleasure stimuli to manipulate using Pavlovian methods.

25:07 > What is the Matrix? - What is Nihilism? Control. Brainwashing. Political, psychological manipulation.
Nihilism is about controlling the masses in a world void of frontiers. Nihilism is entirely idealistic, dogmatic, has no meaning, no relevance obeying human inter-subjective emotional, relationships. Nihilism has nothing to do with the world, but only to do with how to deal with it, cope with it, escape it.
This is why words are so important to its survival. words relate to others. they connect and share.
Nihilism nothing outside these inter-subjective relationships - it is meaningless, irrelevant, impotent, useless, powerless. It's only power comes through other humans - feminine power of association - collectives. It's only way to impose itself upon reality is via agencies, proxies, AGENTS of the Matrix.

25:20 > Dumbing-Down is essential to nihilistic control.
This is why, today, imbeciles want to change their gender. For them it's an illusion, as all things in the matrix are. They want to fantasize their body away, and replace it with a alternative - body being a representation of past, Trinity.

27:40 > People have trouble 'letting go' of the Matrix. It becomes addictive. Cypher is a representation of one who has seen, and ant sot return to being oblivious.

29:20 > Savior of the world - No matter what, the messianic icon cannot be escaped.
This goes back to Hollywood propaganda, which will be answered with a question at the end.
The modern still needs someone else, something else, to save him form his human condition, and this someone or something must be the ONE.
The Abrahamic message is reinserted in a subtle and yet obvious way.
The reason this is done is the same as the answer of the last question I posit.

29:43 > Neo - {Νεο}. The One. The movie offers a new version of the old saviour for those who are beginning to awaken.
Movie message is represented in the Dionysian scene, of inter-racial orgiastic dance. It's erotic uniformity, as absolute chaos; infinite possibility.

32:50 > The black man, represents the more primal integration of mind/body. The white, or Asian, man, is too rational, too frontal lobe, too neo-cortex. He is too NEO...too NEW.
He must abandon himself to Orpheus, as connection to myth, and trinity as connection to emotion, to find his unity.
He is being "trained" - re-educated.
The city's name Zion, is not accidental.

36:00 > Fight to protect their en-slavers - the movie sides with the awakening, in relation to the still sleeping.
The movie is now siding with the audience, who are being told what they feel, what they've felt all along, to then direct them to an alternate matrix.

38:40 > Here the movie attempts to seduce the awakening audience with an alternative where there are 'no rules'.
The same ideal seducing imbeciles who have awakened to the lies of the human world, only to fall prey to a corruption of Nietzsche, as world where will creates reality.
The second level of control, feeding on the newly awakened mind, or muscles becoming strong, and the idea of indestructibility that the world is of our own creation, when there is no god, no Matrix.
Manipulating the ego that has distinguished itself from the herd, it exploits this newfound invigoration, to direct the mind into a new delusion.

40:55 > Reality bends to the will. The seduction presented to the newly-awakened in the audience.
The movie is a way of dealing with emerging awareness.
Truth bends to your will. It is malleable to desire. Thought suffices to alter reality.  

42:20 > Oracle = Black older female.
The lowest-common-denominator reconnecting the awakened as part of a more lucid humanity.

43:10 > Know Thyself has nothing to do with changing the world. It is about adapting to it so as to increase your probabilities of finding and accomplishing goals.
To know Thyself may increase your ability to know order, because life is ordering, but it does not mean to know everything, because even the Pagan gods were fallible, imperfect.
Know Thyself is to increase your genetic potential, not to guarantee anything.  
Mysticism is beginning to creep into the lecture. The movie's secondary role is becoming apparent.
It's interesting that the sign is written in Latin and not in the original Greek
Self is not part of {Γνώθι Σ'Εαυτόν).
No 'self' in [σ'εαυτον = εγώ]. Romans corrupting Hellenic language.

47:00 > The agents of Nihilism rename humans as a dis-ease, when left to their genetic advantages.
the dis-ease is now inverted to describe natural processes as a form of un-balancing.  
What distinguishes homo sapient from every other species, is what, for the dis-ease, is a sin, evil.
Man ought to be ashamed of his humanness, and adopt a new definition of humanity offered by the nihilistic virus: inversion.  
The artifice is now a balancing force of 'nature', constructing an artificial world, reality, to control this human advantage = Abramism.

The 'victims' of natural selection, become the definers of a be, alternate, inverted reality, where victimhood is predatory, inferiority is superior etc.
The memetic virus convinces the host that it is the real dis-ease, and that it is the cure, the correction.

49:30 > Difference between knowing the path, and walking the path - difference between noumena and phenomena, words/symbols and deeds/actions...Idea(l) and Real.

51:30 > Masonic - We are now being introduced to the reason why the movie was even made, given what it describes as it relates to a system it exposes.

53:30 > No - Negation, I am what I am not, is the basis of self-consciousness, and of the will.
Not to accept, but to reject, is what defines an individual, a race, a species, life, from non-life.
To live is to reject all other possibilities in space/time, which is in Flux.

55:50 > To care is to have a lucid motive, a goal, an IDEA(L).
All is evaluated in reference to it, and value only has meaning in relation to it.
The idea(l) is what establishes the standard by which all behaviors, choices, can be measured - morality.
This does not mean all judgments are equal, only that all choices matter only in reference to an idea(l) = meaning.
In the end, a choice, an action, is evaluated by reality, or within reality, which is indifferent to all human idea(l)s, as cost/benefit.

59:04 > Zion - Finally we get a clear indication of what the movie's underlying message is, and way it was allowed to be made, in the first place.
Zion = Zionism. The idea(l) home, place, of humanity. Nobody is excluded.
An idea(l) (meme), trying to reconnect with earth (gene), from where it detached to distinguish itself.
Zionism is the alternative to those awakening from slumber, realizing that the world, as it has been fabricated, is a lie.
It offers a new lie, to cover up the mistakes or the imperfections of the old one.  
We already know the Jews control Hollywood, and now they know that we are becoming aware of this.
The movie is trying to deal with these groggy, awakening ones, by returning them to the same idea(l) using new metaphors.

1:03 > Bane = Poison, agent of death. If you emerge from the Matrix death will take you, if you do not submit to the new alternative, created for the newly awakened.  

1:05:00 > An allusion to the double-matrix. Machines providing sustenance to combat other machines. One Matrix being un-covered by another Matrix.
The nihilistic meme hijacks the mind, where the first interpretation of world takes place, and adds to ti its own layer of deceit, of metaphorical symbolism.
Mind becomes seduced by itself - it traps itself in its own constructs.
Self-Deceit, Self-Hypnosis

1:06:08 > What he's suggesting is all has a reason, is rational, ordered.
All has meaning, outside of the actor. The Matrix has not been escaped, ti has been ascended, to a higher level.
Artifice built upon artifice. Nihilistic paradigm Left/ pole fighting the other, giving a sense of freedom, of choice.
Everything is common, shared...all can have the same Will.

1:07:27 > You didn't come here to make the choice. you've already made it. - The allusion to the mental lag required to make sense of an ongoing, fluid reality. We rely on automatic reactions, built up over centuries of natural selection, and then manipulated by memes, to create automatic reactions to words.
An martial artist trains himself to re-act automatically, intuitively, so as to not have to engage his cognition, which requires time and slows down the process - reducing efficiency and effectiveness.  
She, the Oracle, tells him that he's already re-acted and can only make sense of his own re-action.

1:07:48 > Zion has now become a tautology with humanity.
To understand, means to un-cover the causality chain that made you re-act in the way you did.

1:09:21 > Smith is now a representation of a 'virus', in relation to Zion.
Smith = post-modernism, Marxism, uniformity, in relation to tribal Judaism, Zionism, the second outcrop of Judaism coming in contact with Hellenic kosmopolitanism.
Judaic Cosmopolitanism - Humanism, Globalization, Citizen of world, i.e. opposed to Hellenic kosmopolitanism = citizen of world, i.e. cosmos, nature.
A typical corruption of Hellenic definitions, also indicated in the definition of truth as opposed to aletheia.

1:10:00 > One Constant. One Universal. The only Real Truth. - The idea of human understanding is confused for an intrinsic, cosmic absolute.
As there is nothing outside interactivity, it cannot be presented as an absolute, but only as a matter of fact, given our human understanding and limitations.  
Causality implies a distance between cause and effect, when it is a continuum, separated only by human sensual limitations, or the methods evolved to interpret fluidity as abstraction.
Truth, simply, indicates the most probable human theory, given sensual perceptions (experiences), and precedent (knowledge).
Laws of Nature are, themselves, human perceptions of patterns directing the interactivity of patterns (order, without chaos being able to to be integrated in the outcome).  
This makes order not deterministic, but an approximation, given knowledge and understanding.
Chaos (randomness) being existent dynamic, interactive, affects order, and is affected by it.

1:11:30 > It is because of chaos (randomness), that nobody can know for certain, exactly, what lead them to a particular state, or what produced a particular effect - cause, consequence. If everything were order, pattern, everything could potentially be predicted and mapped out, and determined.
Complexity is not a hindrance, because ti simply postpones this knowledge to a future time - Utopia. just as Spinoza's Deus - perpetual imminence.
This makes of life into a mockery. We, according to this hypothesis, are but instruments in a game we can never be cognizant of, or relatively so, as some can then claim to be gifted, or to have insights into the 'mind of god'.
Another method to reinvent Abrahamic monism.
All is order, or conscious is another way of implying the Abrahamic dogma - all is god.

That some of these deuce-bags have the audacity to use Nietzsche to support their Christianity claims, is beyond the ability to comprehend for a man of integrity.
I, being a man who can empathize with all, including the lowest specimens of humanity, can understand, but not sympathize.  
Empathy is not sympathy...a fox, that runs to a squawking chicken is empathizing, but it is not sympathetic to the chicken's plight.

1:12:50 > But, the Merovingian, does not know either, as is proven in the next scenes.
He may know more of what participated in Neo's presence there, at that time (causality) but he can never know it entirely, otherwise he would be god.
To know "why" is indeed power, over self, first, and then of other.
We, as humans, know why a dog or cat, behaves in the way it does, and so we can predict its future actions, though it, the dog and cat, itself, cannot.
So, a superior mind can know what a inferior mind is, without it knowing what it is itself.
Merovingian's wife catches him being unfaithful, which means the Merovingian himself cannot predict all, as he is also not absolutely aware of past - causality.
He can only be superior, in this regard, to Neo.

1:18:20 > Neo, at this point, is merging Trinity, Himself, and Orpheus, as Father/Son/Holy Ghost - singularity - wholeness of self.
Abrahamic symbolism.

1:19:50 > Allusion to cyclical existence.  

1:19:38 > Unbalanced Equation - no matter how much you know you can never be absolutely certain. The unbalancing force is randomness - chaos, that forces constant readjustment, choices.

1:20:20 > Sixth version - Abrahamic symbol.
No, not choice...chaos (randomness) to which human choice must continuously adapt.

1:21:30 > The illusion of Choice - Nihilistic Paradigm. I can only hypothesize that the Oracle is a representation of the matrilineal Judaic meme, which would fit into the Zion metaphor.
Her feminine "insight" is her genius of intuition that serves the Matrix. she recognizes 'choice'; as the problem, but being Abrahamic she ascribes it to some kind on unbalancing order, as many imbeciles do. It falls "outside" the Nihilistic paradigm, so it cannot be adequately processed.
The Nihilist must hold onto an absolute, whether it is called God, or State, or Truth, or Morality, or Order, or Consciousness.
The concept of chaos, randomness terrifies them. they are Dionysian, only as far as Dionysus has a reason, or Apollo to contain his power.

1:22:10 > Do you want this kind of control, or this kind? - for the slave psychology is only an issue of which master they will serve.
Natural order must be converted to a consciousness because they need a master who is going to understand their human plight.
The idea of an unconscious, indifferent nature, order, is frightening. the idea of no-order, is devastating.

1:22:30 > Indeed, the false presentation of choice is what makes imbeciles believe they are free, and that they live in a democracy, or that they are 'gods' in their own right, masters of their own domain....that they can declare themselves whatever they desire and then impose this belief, on others, using various methods.

1:23:20 >  The 'architect's' range of power is only as far as there is order, which includes organisms who depend on order, and are order manifest as life.
He focuses on the few who become aware of their condition, and must be returned or given a new delusion to subjugate them.

1:24:30 > A new level of control...or a higher level of the Matrix.
The "problem'; of the human condition is that it awakens to its existence as order/chaos.
This is the only way it has free-will, or choice.

1:26:10 > What is being described is Armageddon. Jewish hate of life, existence, nature, as an expression of Nihilism - death wish.

1:27:28 > Right brain, reason, mind ---  Left brain emotion, heart - body.

1:31:16 > Real world - The memetic world has been cast aside, and Neo becomes aware of the physical world which is also based on abstractions.
The holding up of the hand means action can only have consequences in this world, whereas in the noetic nihilistic world thoughts, ideas, theories had power.
One must act, suing the hands and feet, the organs, and not simply sleep and dream and think.
First came the act -  Goethe
Neo crosses the line from mind to body - from meme to gene.
He cannot think, imagine, himself out of difficulty, but must act, using body. The bridge from Idea(l) to Real.
But, the real, is still a representation.
He has extricated himself from an entirely noetic, fantasy, idealistic reality, into a reality where noumenon is still relating to phenomenon, and not determining it.
The movie, being a propaganda piece, implies that he has awakened to reality where his magical powers are still in effect.
He can will the machines to stop.  
The creators return us back to the Nihilistic paradigm, after taking us through a ice cold dip int reality.
They want to teach us a lesson.

1:36:30 > Because the entire thing is a noetic construct, a human fabrication, an ideology, one can break the rules, as one cannot in natural order.
There is nothing outside, natural order, even though natural order is changing.

1:39:00 > Smith, like Marxism, is mechanistic. It is naive. it cannot comprehend the human condition and so it continuously fails,a s will post-modernism.
It is an ideology based on an ideology.

1:40: 20 > The system makes the virus possible.
Smith is Marxism that will destroy the system that birthed it.
Abrahamism as Nihilism.

1:46;17 > They believe in the 'new' the one...the new messiah. The one true saviour.

1:46:30 > The new, one, true Messiah can feel reality. He no longer needs senses, empiricism. He has pure noetic cognition to guide him.
He has become pure idea(l). The one who will save Zion.
The ship's name is 'logos' = word, reason. Reason detached from awareness.
Pure subjectivity.
Only emotion, Trinity will be with him.

1:53:40 > Logos - word.
What will save mankind? God as word.
What will liberate mankind form its limiting, deterministic past, are words, symbols, language.
Man will impose his will upon reality, using the word/symbol.  

1:56:30 > They want 'peace', or an end to agon, conflict, (inter)activity, Flux.
They desire an end to existing.

1:59:00 > Evil - Another Abrahamic symbol,exposing the movie's message.

2:00:00 > Cross -  christian, Abrahamic message complete.d in the cross symbol.
Neo, is the new Christ, or the Judaism first and only Messiah, who comes and destroys the world.

2:02:00 > Resurrection - a recycling of the process.
As long as there are conscious organisms emerging, this process will repeat.
All will be 'free', saved, if they accept this 'truth' into their heart.

2:03:50 > Who is the ONE? - Who is God? You are.
We are all god. God is all.
All is conscious.
That's the message.
The emerging consciousness can be trapped in ego.  

The final question is:
Why was the movie made, given its subversive message?
Is the system suicidal?
Far from it.
This movie deals with the challenges to its dominance.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:31 am

Neo has to follow the white rabbit just to "advance". This means joining a bunch of dullards in their degenerate club, being "with the people" before he can have a taste of power or control over them. The "boring nerd" who usually doesn't concern himself with such things, chosen to be savior of the world by utilizing a similar thing to the Star Wars' "force". As with all fiction, there comes a slow descent into the fantastical as time goes on. Doing it the other way would be too traumatic. Though, philosophers do it all the time. Sobering their delusions with experience.

The rabbit was the first choice, not the pills. The red pill is the descent into intersubjectivity where there's "liberty" and the blue pill is just the option offered to you (of destroying yourself) if you don't accept the mafia-like bargain.
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PostSubject: Star Trek - Enterprise Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:38 am

This episode of Star Trek Enterprise, called Terra Prime revolves around race-mixing and xenophobia.
Tucker, one of the crew members has produced a hybrid with the Vulcan female, also a member of the crew.
They are confronted by a secret organization that wants to keep earth for the humans, giving us a not so subtle messages in relation to race-mixing and immigration, or the policy of open borders and a world with no nationalities - Globalization, the post modern idea(l).
In this case race-mixing goes further into species-mixing. It's a 'logical" continuance of its own principles. If races are social constructs, so are species, because races simply mean a state towards speciation: sub division of species.
Humans, if they are ever to come in contact with an alien species, evolved on another planet, should not be "closed' to the possibility of mixing human DNA with whatever the alien is made of, to produce a hybrid, nor should they stop aliens from colonizing earth, and perhaps taking it over peacefully, through planetary immigration.
Earth for the earthling is fascism - xenophobia.
The desire to keep human DNA clean is also fascistic, and phobic.

Here we have the clear underlying motive of Nihilism: a desire to turn back time, to the point of the near-absolute Oneness - Big Bang: the theoretical point in space/time where all was ONE - God.
Of course, this was never the case, as there are no absolutes, but, in theory, it is possible. They continue to seek the god-particle and the god-point, based on their binary logic and their Abrahamic mythologies.
Whatever divisions have occurred since then, ought to be "corrected", to seek re-unification with the "singularity", which was never a singularity to "begin with", as there was no beginning.
Singularity = God, One, Whole: all human constructs with no external references, founded on how man's organic mind, can conceptualize fluidity, or a dynamic reality that also includes randomness, chaos - erratic vibrations with no pattern, no order in their behavior, or how space/possibility oscillates.

"Progress" in their mind, means "regress" to before multiplicity divided us, or separated us from the "divine one". Before nature distinguishes us as different.
Nostalgia for disappearance in uniformity.
We see this in their spirituality and philosophies. The need to unify all as love, or consciousness, making love and consciousness nothing more than part of a uniformity, a singularity. Worthless because it is everywhere, in all, and we but one tiny part of the "whole".
An unconscious desire to re-turn to the womb, where they were taken care of and where they were safe; the threatening world beyond was no more than noise through the enveloping motherly placenta.

In Christianity God, the One, is anthropomorphized, and made omnipresent.
God, the Divine, is everywhere, and not only that everything is of his mind, is his consciousness.
All are but his thoughts.
Spinoza simply took the idea from Abrahamism, from his own Judaism, and secularized it. Gave it a scientific insinuation.  
Like a New Age Jesus he challenged the pharisees and their monopoly on God, and democratically distributed godliness to all.
In their philosophies differentiation, on all levels, must be reverted to the singular, the oneness, to sameness.
All is god, and all is conscious, and all is love.
The distinction that identifies is reduced to a omnipresent uniformity, or a potential for a unifying merger of all into one.
Oneness, is their motive - Uni-Verse.
Linear time, as a perpetual fragmentation, division, separation...where even man's Laws of Nature will divide from 4 to 8, and then to 16, as chaos increases, is Satanic.
In effect, what makes them possible, and what distinguishes them form other, is undesirable - it is unbearable.

Here Nietzsche's idea of overman, enters the picture, describing a man that has over-come this fact, and his own resentiment of it.
A future man who nature as cruel and as necessary for his own consciousness, and does not play word games to comfort himself, telling himself resentful lies to help himself cope.

Why would the system expose itself to the audience?
Why would it allow subversion, and expose its nature?
The system can attempt to control how its own essence is revealed to those who feel something wrong - splinter in the mind's eye - but cannot understand it.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:23 pm

Taking this account at face value, the reaction of liberal polities to the film (besides the film itself) is an exposition of their cultural brainwashing. The idea of a problem not caused by some ethereal force they can blame and appeal to through sacrifice or demands, is frightening to them.

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:14 pm

New television series called The Good Doctor

The show exploits some establishes social mythologies concerning autism, and the sometimes extraordinary talents it produces, the myth of parity, and exploits altruism.

What is implied is that a mental deficiency, or any deficiency, is compensated for with an extraordinary ability.
That mental dysfunctions do not make someone useless - lowering their value to the collective.
That all genetic mutations promise an exceptional outcome.

The myth rests on the assumption that all are born with the same potentials - equality of possibilities.
Therefore, any observable and obvious reduction in one area must, necessarily, be compensated for by an increase in another.
The reduction of intelligence to a feat, an exceptional performance in any field, lowers it to a simplicity that can be applied to all.
We can then jump to the conclusion that exceptional talents in basketball is a form of genius, comparable to academic prowess, or that it could be placed alongside the concept of intelligence.
By that 'logic' a kangaroo is a genius of jumping.

An extraordinary talent can be a product of diminished potentials forcing the mind to focus all its energies (specialization), or it may be a product of naturally selected physical traits that do not necessarily correspond to an overall parity of mental potentials.
The word 'intelligence' has very specific references to very specific traits and behaviors, and should not be allowed to be confused and reduced to a meaningless concept, like many others, that can be applied to everything and everything.
A precise usage and application of words clarifies what is already mysterious.
It accentuates and pulls the concept forward into consciousness, rather than rendering it vague and useless.

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:44 pm

Just finished watching the first two episodes of the updated Star Trek universe.
The post-modern propaganda is obvious.
The main character is a female of mixed race, fighting against aliens, such as the Klingons, bread for war, and far bigger than humans.

Klingons are being set-up to represent alt-right types, confronting the transhuman federation.
Species mixing a metaphor for race-mixing.
Vulcans some form of modernized Buddhism.

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:11 pm

I saw the Star Trek Discovery pilot by now as well and it’s hilarious in a kind of way.
The overarching plot of the series so far is the conflict between the Klingon empire and the Federation.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Klingons at a space funeral ceremony

What the Klingons have to say:
Our ancestors
Our sacred artefact
Our torchbearer honours us
Our crusade for self-preservation
Remain Klingon!

Their ship is covered with the remains of their ancestors inside pods as they fight along side them.
They seek to reunite the Klingon tribes to become an empire strong enough to oppose the Federation.
They look more muscular and taller than an average human and are mostly of black or darker complexion but, their potential future leader is a white albino Klingon who shows the most conviction.

In the meantime on the Federation starship:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Negress named Michael

Michael Burnham - They (Klingons) are relentlessly hostile, Sir, it’s in their nature.
Admiral - We were not at war with the Klingons for a century and now you presume it’s in their nature? Considering your background I’d think you are the last person to make assumptions based on race.
Michael - With respect, it would be unwise to confuse race with culture.

The way it looks from the preview of upcoming episodes I think the negress named Michael, the poor misunderstood BLM avatar, will at first be rejected by the federation of cucks and shitlibs but at the end, they will agree that they have to be hostile against those Klingon supremacists who threaten their peaceful cultural hegemony via virtual porn of Orion slave girls named Bob.

Btw. the Klingon leader even proclaims Klingon supremacy after winning a space battle….
And… the small negress Michael and the 50+ years old even smaller Asian female Captain can more or less keep up in a physical fight with two 200+ pounds warriors from a warrior species….

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Federation ships have always been pretty gay; a fragile, very extended design

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Klingon ships look less delicate, they are inspired by creatures living on planets with gravity and aerodynamic concerns, gives them a more familial, archetypal look.
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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Wed Sep 27, 2017 4:33 pm

Subtle social engineering.
These themes are bombarded into the brain-stem of the masses, who are not particularly interested or aware.
In lieu of a shared culture they have these pop-culturally produced themes to discuss and to recall as 'fact', as 'prime directive'.

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:50 am

See [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:31 am

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Eugenics starting in the early years.
A lot of future confused, fucked-up individuals are being cultivated - social engineering, or memes contrary to genes.

Future psychotics, and psychotherapy patients are being formed.

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:03 am


"I do not exhort you to work but to battle; I do not exhort you to peace but to victory. May your work be a battle; may your peace be a victory." -TSZ
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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:33 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:02 pm

A very effective propaganda piece when dealing with dim-witted Moderns, or the majority.

Notice how, in the American propaganda pies, Putin is associated with resentment, fear, made to seem emotional.
The idea of someone wanting the best for his people is not permitted.

Notice how Yeltsin is portrayed as a 'progressive' lovable person, despite the fact that he was selling Russian resources to American interests, and flooding his nation with post-modern infections, such as MTV.
Because he was making Russia a new frontier for American business interests, he is lauded....and who are these 'business interests'?
They shall remain (((unnamed))), and called 'oligarchs'.
Putin takes back what Yeltsin had already sold-out, producing the same reaction  Stalin killing Trotsky had.

Notice how many times they repeat the word 'freedom' when speaking of the US.
Freedom is post-modernity's code for free-markets, or the reduction of all to monetary code.
An escape from past; a code that can purchase a compensate for inherited deficiencies.
This is the seductive pull of the US nihilistic ideology to the masses, looking for an escape out of determinism, desperate for salvation, from themselves.

"Spreading Democracy" is code for spreading the American culture of no culture - the American dream that requires deep sleep.
Democracy is preferable to degenerates because it is far easier to exploit mediocre mind by telling them lies than it is by telling them truths.
The American system is founded no exploiting mediocrity, by drowning out quality with quantities. All you need to do is tell them a lie they desperately want to believe is true - this is the dreamworld of the American 'dream', where everyone is secure, allowed, to live in his own reality, as long as it does not disrupt the sleep, or the 'reality' of his neighbour.
Inter-Subjectivity = social contract.
The only way to manipulate mass hypnosis is to feed into their shared anxieties, and present yourself as a mediator, a Messiah that can lead them out of hell and towards paradise.
This requires the lowering of self to become attractive the majority's lowest-common-denominator.  
We see something similar in marketing, or in pop-music. Music (art) that does not challenge and uplift, but feeds into what is most base, common, instinctive, primal, soothing it, comforting it, flattering it, repeating back to it what it wants to hear.  

I agree with the allusion that Putin is not truly Christian but uses Christianity to replace Marxism, so as to free his people from this more levelling variant of Nihilism.  
Christianity is a reversion, but has some pagan elements, and it is simpler, and it hold onto some separations, distinction, blocking some of the cracks post-modernity is seeping through.

why does Putin prefer Trump to Hillary?
Because he seems to be a break from the post-modern rhetoric, trapped within the Nihilistic poles of right/left.
Turns out the system is too embedded too well organized with fail-safes to permit a random event, like the election of an undesirable, to disturb its core values.
Kennedy was the last President that came close to threatening it, and then Nixon came close to exposing it.

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:07 pm

If only it were as simple as movie studios being "bullied' by SJW's.
When Jews own all the major Hollywood studios, one sees what is behind this trend....often risking a loss of profit to pass-on the propaganda message.

Are we to forget the all female version of Ghost Busters, or the ongoing conversion of Marvel superheroes into post-modern icons?
No...Hollywood is an integral part to US 'soft power', and soft power is the propagation of ideals that benefit US elites.

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:49 pm

The absolute cannot be considered a cultural brainwashing, but it is a concept we take for granted because of the way we relate to fluid reality, and because f how the brain works.

The idea is a remnant of the one God, part of Abrahamic religions, replacing the term 'god' with the term one, or order.
It implies that all is knowable, predictable.
This mindset has been referred to as Alexandrian.
The secularization of God, within the context of Nihilism.

It also implies the absence of free-will and the relegation of consciousness into a form of testing, or helpless observer that can only understand what has already been determined.
It also implies a submission to a totalitarian authority.

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Fri Dec 08, 2017 7:03 pm

Another form of cultural brainwashing is what is currently called "Globalization".
The evolution of Superstates is as natural as the evolution of tribes into nations, or the evolution of city states into nation states.
Many moderns associate it with a conspiracy imposing a single authoritarian government.

They confuse Ameircanization with Globalization.
It is a way of preventing resistance to the emergence of comparable resistance to the spread of US power across the world, in the form of markets and the culture of no culture....Nihilism.
The US being the biggest representation of secular Abrahamism the world has ever known, after the fall of the Communist ideals promoted by soviet Style Statism.
In fact Marxism is part of Americanism, as it denies relevance to any categories that resit market idealism, or the idea(l) that one can purchase an identity, and wear it like a uniform or a gadget.

This confusion attempts to resit the emergence of SuperStates that can rival American-style Nihilism, such as China, European Union, BRICKS, Russia, India, Brazil etc.
It is currently being used to prevent European integration, and the only way Europeans can prevent their extinction.

Merger of Greek city-states, like Sparta and Athens to fight off an Empire as large as Persia did not annihilate the distinctions between the two tribes, even if both were blood relatives, unlike the multicultural unities promoted by the US.
currently Europe is infected by the dis-ease the US created, but the only antidote, the only hope for one, is in the strategy we saw in world War Z....
...unable to escape the disease will mask the healthy from the ill, until an escape, or strength to fight the disease will be found.
We can only hope that the European spirit still lies dormant underneath all that filth, and that given the right circumstances it can emerge once more.
Perhaps our people will have to risk another near-extinction to cleanse itself of the memetic dis-ease.
Only a few will they do in these movies about Zombie dystopias....but a few is all it took before and I am sure it will be enough in the future.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
We already have the antidote.
All we need now is patience to be patients, to avoid being detected by the zombie clans - American individualism is zombie-like.
Unified in a shared monomaniacal hunger - hedonism, the spirit of willingness to do anything to survive, the conversion of shame into shameless guilt, the myths that detach man from world under the pretext of a false Aryanism.....

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Fri Dec 15, 2017 7:00 am

The myth that humans only use 10%, or so, of their brain's potential is one of this urban myths that will not die.
It flies in the face of natural frugality, displayed in the atrophying of the appendix, or any organ that is not used, or overly stressed for a prolonged period.
The brain is the most energy consuming organ in the human organism.

There is no part that is left unused.
Sheltering, does reduce usage and this is what results in degeneracy, or dumbing-down, as does race-mixing.
Each race carrying the potentials, the memories, in thir DNA....thousands of years of years of different interactions with environment to produce a different physical and mental potential.
Mixing dilutes this, raising the inferior and lowering the superior.
All that stress all those memories lost, or fading.
The extinction of the European male is the dilution of the Faustian spirit - as Spengler called it - that was produced in the harsh environments of Europe, with the interactions of a specific environment and a specific population, resulting in the dominance of Europeans in all areas of human interest.
Something they are now trying to bury, claiming that all advancements based ion Europe were cooperative.
Historical Nihilism.
See Afrocentrism, or how the fact that explorers were 90% Europeans is now being hidden.

The slow absorption of the European male is the decline of all humanity.
The spirit of curiosity of enduring hardship for the sake of knowledge, the challenging of all authority, including natural order, the aristocratic ethos that seeks glory in unequalled in every other race.
All that will be gone....and the Dark Age will begin the process once more....form dirt to glory...and the stress payment will have to be repaid.

Rule is: what is stressed breaks or builds, and what is not stressed atrophies and then goes away.
Stress = challenge.
Greeks had one word to describe both mental and physical stress - askesis (άσκηση) from where we get ascetic.
It is not Abrahamic or neo-Buddhist denial of self.
Conflicts produces stress = agon (αγών) from where we get the training of children agogi (αγωγή) - making children suffer.
Dialectics is a form of conflict.
Friendly conflict/competition was called amιlla (άμιλλα).
War is conflict pushed to an extreme....ergo Heraclitus described existence as war.
Natural selection is a warfare, constant conflict.

Stress either destroys or it breaks to heal stronger...ergo Nietzsche's "What does not kill me only serves to make me stronger".
He didn't invent this wisdom. He brought it back to memory - he recalled it.

Stress is (inter)action....within my contexts.
Interaction is attraction/repulsion, never one or the other, but both simultaneously between to different patterns, and especially in relation to chaos, defined properly as randomness, because randomness cannot harmonize with is always, to a degree, repulsive.
Repulsion, friction, is not absent from any relationship....any interacting patterns.
Unity, agreement, is the establishment of balance between attraction/repulsion where repulsion is inferior to attraction.

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Fri Dec 15, 2017 7:29 am

Modern descriptions of peace are describing death in an idealistic way.
'rest in peace' does not mean an end to conflict, to interaction, to friction, the organism continues to decay after it is dead. It means an end to awareness of this constant interactivity, this constant agon.

Peace is a vague ideal, that describes Nihilistic Utopias - a condition of stagnation, atrophying, degeneration.
Where there are no conflicts, no competition, no war, no stress, there is decline, degeneration.

Existence is dynamic....Flux.
Flux describes (inter)action with one word.
(Inter)Action is attraction/repulsion - a degree of harmony/disharmony.
All interactions, all relating, creates a degree of friction - repulsion.
Organically this is felt, translated, as need/suffering.
Need is accumulated friction producing a loss of energies participating in a unity - lack.
Attrition of patterns.

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:24 pm

Just watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
It should have been named the 'last European male'.
All the white dudes die or represent evil.
Next instalment will star a black male and a white female....a hint as to the proper mating for post-modern enlightenment.

Inverted symbolism....
Dark = divisive, authoritarian – evil.
Light = unity, egalitarian – good.
In fact it is light that exposes differences and darkness that conceals them.
It is darkness that is the status quo, the lording ubiquitous of space, and light is revolutionary, rare, a beacon in the dark void. Light is what requires effort, energy, passion, a burning, consuming, whereas darkness just is – so far so good.
But it is in darkness where all seems the same; all is equal in darkness, all merges and unites... and in the light, differences are exposes, all is divided, separated, distinguished.
Light cuts through the unifying darkness and separates, enabling discrimination - consciousness. Consciousness is the perception of differences - negation of sameness.
Darkness swallows all into indistinct uniform black, and light that casts shadows, and draws lines.  

(((Hollywood))) has to invert the symbols.

It is the same inversion present in Modern politics where change, progress, is considered revolutionary and conversation is authoritarian order....when in fact order needs effort to maintain itself and change just happens, requiring no effort.
things change whether you like it or not, and resisting it is revolutionary.
Change is ubiquitous, the status quo, not order.
Order is that which is diminishing.
When we look back into time space to the theoretical singularity we call the 'beginning' the Big Bang, we are looking back at near-absolute order.
Linear time is the experience of fragmenting and diminishing order.

Star Wars propaganda.
The only surviving members of the Jedi order, a reflection of the Knights Templar, are females....matrilineal.
The shift is finalized in the survivors. A shift towards visible minorities and  feminists - strong females. The 'victims' of authoritarianism - paternalism.  
The males either transcend the corporeal realm, becoming pure idea(l), or remain to serve. Those that resist are of the 'dark side' - reflections of the 'fallen angel'.
Light is presented as a creator of unity, when it is a divider - a revealing medium of what differs.
Darkness is unifying.
The propaganda continues in the all European male depiction of the empire, and the multicultural, hippie, dressed 'rebel alliance.
Message is that European males are Nazi authority figures, and freedom fights are a rag tag unity of racially (species) diversity. United by their common thirst for liberty.
Women still a part of the 'dark side' are presented as monstrous.
How can we have European male bashing without a reference to Nazi seen in the uniforms of the storm-troopers, also a reference, and the black pilot gear.
The masks are supposed to convey the message that these soldiers are clones of one another, lacking individuality, personality, identity - a mass of robot-like minions who fight but know not why. This is a contrast to the image of the rebel forces - multiracial, multi-species, multi-uniformed...with only a symbol to unite them - a word, representing the idea(l) in their head.

What does Kylo Ren say to Rey? Rey is an allusion to light and she is born of "scum, who sold her for alcohol", so nobility does not come from nobility, but is random - another comforting genetic detachment of presence from past.
'Let go of your past' he tells her, trying to pull her into his 'darkness'...his madness.  
The killing of his master is his severing the ties to his past, as was his patricide.
He is also obsessed with hatred for Luke Skywalker....all males representations of his bloodline must die.
All male representations of good, of the 'light', in the movi must end.
The two personas left to carry on the mythology are those of the 'evil', insane, masculine, and the 'good', sane, feminine.
A masculine entity that is severed from its own past - lacks identity, a sense of self.
A representation of the male free-radical, produced when modernity cuts all genetic ties and  promotes the individual as an idea(l), a fashion choice, a marketing image, an idol.
Rey is the feminine nurturing of all these 'choices'. An emergent 'force'.
The masculine is a byproduct of this separation from the past, via the father figure, and then the master.
Such masculinity goes mad.

All other males are presented as servants, gratifying feminine needs.
Cucks and beta-male representations, with a boyish charm, in comparison to feminine maturity.

The Star Wars franchise is trying to shift from infantile good/bad, binary, ‘positive’ versus pure Nihilistic dualities, to more overt and yet covert esoteric, propaganda. From the apparent to the abstract.
The internalization of the same mythology will make it appear ‘deeper’ and more ‘sophisticated’, while also more upfront and obvious with the underlying message.
A break from the past is also a break from the mythology of the past, and a break from the covert methods of this new age mythology.
Something we also see in MARVEL and DC based movies, but also in all Hollywood franchises that have created alternate realities to replace the traditional mythology of ancient times.
Females will be promoted as heroic main-characters (heroin heroics), and males will be relegated to supportive roles; visible minority sidekicks, or European males playing roles of antagonistic evil, and that which resists this new mythology, this coming new world order.

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing Mon Jul 02, 2018 7:45 am

Multiple words for the same concept.
Circularity adopts the use of multiple words, associated with the same concepts, producing the illusion of reasoning.

Americanism = Globalism.
New World Order is an American endeavour. A rearrangement of alliances, morals, ideals, in a post-Cold War era.

Americanism = Cosmopolitanism.
Cosmopolitanism has been defined as a culture of no-culture, and American idealism.
Money is the only ideal. It permits the individual to escape his past, producing the ideal citizen, as one who purchases, with work, and obedience, the right to self-identify.  
Freedom from his body.

"Freedom" is the word used to rally and construct a uniformity.
Freedom from past, from heritage, from body.
Individuals unify under the abstraction of 'freedom'.
Nihilism = annulling past, nature, what has been determined.
The Americanized ideal citizen is 'cleansed' form the past - he is baptized by wealth.
He becomes a tabula rasa, or purchases the right to be cleansed - baptized, and reborn as anything he desires.
Only caveat is that it does not inhibit the 'freedom' of his neighbour.  

Logos is externalized as money - the abstraction is given a tangible symbol/word, affirmed by State.
State recognizes, through money, the individual's 'right' to identify with anything, if he abides by the rules and respects another's 'right' to do so as well.  
State, allows fArt to provide the raw material for the construction of an identity - fashion, trend.

Nihilism is used to divide and control - politics.
Money becomes god - creator of self.
Every individual, through hard work and obedience, can amass divine codes to redefine himself, and force others to buy into his pretense.
Brain, the organ where abstractions are formed and stored, projected through mind, is liberated from the past, manifested as physical, corporeal body.
Body is a vehicle of self-gratification - pleasure for the mind.

Freedom defines the mind's liberation from the body's limits, its shameful, guilty appearance; its presence of past.

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PostSubject: Re: Cultural Brainwashing

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Cultural Brainwashing
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