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 Christianity & Science

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PostSubject: Christianity & Science Thu Sep 14, 2017 5:02 am

Evolution is a belief but mental illness isn't
If you find yourself on a surface there's likely to be a reason for this, and that reason isn't God.
It's existence itself that keeps god alive and anything that is reflected against the surface.

God is the question
How is god eternal without knowing there a reason for this start. God meaning the beginning is actually not the cause only but what started time is a mental illness/sleep, this sleep is actually a mirror that reflects whatsoever is being projected against it. Unintelligent is what is reflected against this mirror and in way. The mirror is known as possible, way and not, these are the mirrors that causes there to be an existence.

Beginning & End
The mirror projects God's and Christian's mind against the surface through trespass. Their beliefs are trespass and should put both in dept. The mind of god/Christians are a single mind that trespasses every storage that has a voice or ability to project a meaning that isn't entirely a meaning. The meanings that look like meanings are actually created bodies that fall into place on the surface making there what looks like a body a reflection of a mind. The end of the world itself isn't the end even if everything were destroyed would not result the end.

Belief & Knowledge of surface
Everything that you see has a mind on it, and if you find these minds then you can change your views on it's belief.
The letters, numbers and meanings are rights given to you by no one but those rights can be taken away from you.
When you're intelligent there must be no belief found unless you're internally certain that you know that if the mind that you're seeing is exactly you or if it's a human waste that reflects in against your surface causing you to not see your true body. Parents are trespassers given the right to apply to you fraud information that isn't true and that fraud information is a single mind that makes itself look like it's your true identity when you're actually your own decision.

Parents now named Trespassers
A function is actually a projection that reflects against your surface causing you to see it and creates a gay-retard belief of it being apart of you unless you say it is you. This writing is a mind and this makes it impossible for you to be apart of it, however depending on the views of existence it's possible for you to be a son/daughter if existence says it to you. Existence itself is not god, but it's like us alive and can only tell you if you're a projection or not. It lives like a rock/wall/water and any surface so it doesn't talk in English as you drop a rock it knows it but doesn't react since it has a life similar to that of death.

Government currently in dept
If one finds himself on government property because of a function of the public/government then both the government and the public are in dept for their trespassing function. The dept is undecided by the public/government and any that applies themselves to this mind. The reason that the government is in dept for their trespass is because of it's single mind that gave the public rights to trespass people with a function with an equivalent of human waste and if one found himself on government property because of them, then they're also responsible for trespass. This logic can only be used by the mind that wrote this though, since it isn't a mind that's of the public/government.

Anti beliefs
I'm not the antichrist, but I'm antichrist and I know trespass. The single mind of belief making it's way to my storage somehow is a trespassing belief and I'm making Christianity illegal for public media systems and from social interactions.

Christianity is a trespassing belief
The evil beliefs of Christianity is that one is consequential to eternal demise in hell as their belief, but the question is that if one finds themselves on a surface of creation then how does that make them wrong? The answer is very easy, if there's a God, then he's in dept for any mind that reflects against any surface that causes there to be a body of consequence or hazards. Any mind that uses christian belief in their social topics and you find it in your mind/storage then you're not wrong for revealing whatever was applied to it weather non-deliberate gay-retard beliefs or intentionally trespassing with unacceptable fagotry.

No one can call themselves gay-retard anymore because the known belief of them being gay is actually the body that's visible to them because of a human waste function that trespassed them.

If I could somehow change the course of time using chronology to cut out parts I didn't like then I would've done it sooner, but that isn't possible for anyone to do anyway. The only chronology that is possible is now and never future. Changing the future kills millions of people because if one was doing something and was interrupted then you've killed them and know another person that doesn't know the same thing as the one you've killed even when you aren't trying.
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Christianity & Science
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