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PostSubject: Commentary Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:28 am

With no worthy adversaries, and with so much insanity and degeneracy, I make this thread for those who wish to comment on debates, lectures, statements made by third-parties on-line...

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν

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PostSubject: Re: Commentary Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:33 am

1:40 - the sixties are the focal point of the post-modern explosion, in the US and subsequently, through its soft-power over the entire world, its "fArt" entertainment industry - Hollywood. Millions of little boys ans girls, around the world infected with the virus, via American pop-culture and Hollywood propaganda, growing up to become nit-wits and hypocrites living in their own private universe.

3:20 - Drug use became a symbol of rebellion against culture, and nature. When the "enlightened" hippies dropped out, they dropped out of realism, into surrealistic alternate universes. The "destruction of the mind" is the expansion of its potentials, among these disillusioned numb-skulls, who think of their self-narcosis as an act of courageous radical rebellion against the mundane.
Common sense becomes a return to the simple, from where their no-sense has escaped nito a world of fluid reality, the mind immerses itself.
Burnt-out ex-hippies with no brain cells left.

3:50 - "Waiting for Godot"...sounds familiar? The symbol of nihilistic disillusionment becomes a war cry against realism, in the mouths of brain-dead ex-hippsters that great up to find their entire lives had been dedicated to lies and pretenses they failed to recognize.
Instead of taking responsibility for their experimentation, they want to reduce the world to their level of depravity. Having lost trust in their own judgments, they go for the easiest method of rejecting everything except the most obvious, of being equally void of meaning. Their own inability to discriminate between the superior and the inferior, the less from the more probable, they reduce ti all down to a parity of uniform unity, in the one, or reject ti all as nil - either-or simplicity of the Modern.

9:20 - "Intellectual midgets"...indeed. The idea that an insult is a subjective attack, based on emotional distaste, fails to consider that it may be a correct evaluation of the other. A common way the midgets evade the judgments they produce in those who can see them, for what they are.
10:45 - The idea that suffering is the price for higher awareness alludes the typical Modern pseudo-intellectual. In his mind the world is positively inclined towards him, or his own positive creation, that can only offer pleasure, goodness. A philosophy that presupposes the cosmos is benevolent, or can serve only as a vehicle to finding empowerment, beauty, immortality - remnants of Abrahamic slavishness.
The idea that becoming aware would produce more suffering, is an idea the degenerate Modern associates with 'negativity', pessimism.
Seeing only increases the possibility of enduring, of finding a solution to what is does not guarantee it.

11:10 - Pop-art, or fArt, killed the appreciation of art....cRAP is an expression of slave morality, rising to a compensating cry for attention, immersing itself in materialism to deal with its spiritual and intellectual bankruptcy.
Words-associations, internal anxieties projected outward, sampling real art to combine it with me-me declarations of relevance.  

12:50 - The "leftists" she describes are the status quo, brown nosers who cannot think if it is not sanctioned by the majority, or approved by the institution, or if they do not quote an icon, or stand behind an idol.

13:20 - Confusing knowledge for understanding, they sell data to brain-dead zombies who only want to become worker-ants and be appreciated and rewarded with hedonism, selling themselves to the banking systems.
Having a degree is meaningless, these days. It only enables you to earn a living, feeding you the information you would need to serve and get paid for it - specialization.

14:30 - "Extended adolescence" Peterson says...I called it stunting, retardation, dumbing-down, a perpetual state of eternal dependence, and the rite of becoming an adult.
Juvenile thinking, behaving, in a lifetime of debt - codependency.

14:50 - "Fragmentation" = compartmentalization - schizophrenia. Consciousness broken down to segments where one can contradict the other without troubling the whole. No "great narratives", no awareness beyond the specialized data.

15:50 - Peterson is describing the mind of a cryto-Christian, associating all judgments to the manipulation of power.
All is a social construct....all is 'I say so'...being right is might is right. The only solution is to impose a collective, uniform, 'might', to declare itself 'right' = communism.
Abrahamism is a totalitarianism of spirit, where the authority is projected beyond. With the disillusionment of the mediocre mind to this stance, a void was left, only to be filled by new totalitarian authoritarians, like Marx, Fascism etc.
Maturity, for some, involved rejecting all external standards, in other words authorities, because they do not believe right is anything but a human construct...and to impose their private authority, their personal sovereignty as usuring all others...ergo subjectivity.
"What I say is so, is so"
Th antrum of a juvenile mind attempting to grow out of its dependence on the parent. The idea that nature, natural order, imposed another, unconscious, standard they perceived as being the product of a new hypothetical totalitarian authority...because they can only think in human terms, that all is the product of a will, a mind. Some even project this psychosis as a universal mind: all is mind, all is conscious.
a comforting idea for a juvenile mind that needs someone, a mind to unload its anxieties upon, its irresponsibility....and offering the possibly of making a deal, of fooling this mind, of seducing and coercing it.

16:05 - "...don't believe in an objective world, because everything is language mediated"...indeed.
I've been speaking no this for years.
It is the nature of language as representation of a neurological interpretation of a world that comes to the brain via a mediating phenomenon, a medium, that offers the degenerate modern the perfect opportunity to deny it all, or to turn inward, building a fantasy world in its mind, projected outward as symbols/words. .
the symbol/word changes its role, it acquires a new utility.
Fromm representation of an interpretation of a interaction (stimuli), it is converted to a neural pulse that is supposed to stimulate action, the body engaging the world, but is now converted to pure noumenon, an idea, that has no application, no meaning within the world, so it compensates for this detachment,
this irrelevance, by projecting itself into another mind, hoping to replace the absence of a real world, it wishes to detach form, with a world of man - world as humanity....and converts, followers, infected with the same weakness, seeking in one another relevance for the irrelevance of the idea(l) they need to cope with a world they dismiss, despise, and want to detach from.

17:25 - How can Peterson, a psychologist, not understand the inherent essence of nihilism, that must contradict itself, self-deceive, so as to become more adept at deceiving others?
Did he miss the inherent arrogance of the Christian positions of assumed humility? What could be more arrogant that to declare man as being the only organism in possession of a soul, that can live forever?  What can be more humiliatingly arrogant, than the Judaic notion of being 'chosen' by a god all other tribes denied, to overturn all earthly hierarchies?
Nihilism can only survive if it lies. It rejects a reality that cares not for its methodologies...and when it realizes that whether it rejects the objective world or not, it will impose itself upon your delusional subjectivity, they must contradict themselves tin order to continue existing.
They will do anything to survive. They have no integrity, no shame.
Their highest ideal is the slave who endures everything, imposed upon him by a master, and survives - bears it all, and is then given liberty for services rendered.

17:50 - "attitude"...exactly. The delusion that with the proper demeanour, one alters his/her fate...not affects it, but actually determines it.
If you repeat self-deception, with confidence and conviction, the lie will become fact.
The association of humanity with world is in play here. The idea that world is conscious - panpsychism, has memory...and can be affected by a trick, an act.
Liars code - if you believe, truly believe, in your own lies, they you will become more convincing...but to become convincing you must assume the world is conscious and can be convinced by such acts. If you will it, it shall be so...simply willing it, without motivating the body to act, with unpredictable consequences...but only to think and will it into existence - the delusion of the modern moron, high on a misinterpretation of Nietzsche.

18:20 - What they are describing here is a version of the Jewish paradox - building pride upon humiliation, power upon powerlessness, gnosis on ignorance, strength on feebleness, elitism on the myth of ubiquitous enslavement.
Snobs basing their snobbery on a ubiquitous lie.

20:40 - They do not want to know anything before the present. It is a rejection of past, making the future infinitely more rich in possibilities.
Nurture versus Nature is a rejection of precedent, of the past, where nature = sum of all previous nurturing.
This is how they detach, using symbols/words, to create thir own identity, their own reality.

21:48 - When the criterion is self-consistency, the external world as a standard imposing limits to what can be considered knowledge, is replaced by populism.
The theory need only be logical, within the premises of its own self-evident starting points, and seductive - appealing to a mass audience that needs something radical to deny a disturbing, indifferent reality.

23:30 - What is being described is something I've exposed as a method of selective sampling, altering the symbols/words associated with a theory and then reselling it, repackaging it for a new generation of consuming minds.
Recombining of old ideas into new, exciting, synthetics, is part of pop-culture. It's how Abrahamism was repackaged to construct Marxism, and then how Marxism was repackaged to be cold as post-modernism, or Transhumanism. Some are doing the same with Nietzsche, and Spinoza and other intellectual icons that produced a body of work that inspired. It's the effect they covet - fame/fortune...acknowledgment, respect, power. Benefit with minimal cost.

25:00 - Standing out from the herd is a conundrum the average modern cannot harmonize in his mind. Compartmentalization helps.
To belong to a group, rejecting any distinction that will distinguish others form you, but then the innate need to be seen, as different from the herd.
Fear and vanity coming in conflict. Self, and ego conflicting.
Weakness is identifiable, because it stands-out in relation to the herd, fleeing predation.
The common threat of modern degenerates is an attempt to differentiate anyone that contradicts their shared delusions, or that exposes their lies.
Vengeance of the feeble. To stand-out means certain death.

28:40 - When there is no substance, symbols/words are used to mystify and impress. The same is made to appear different, and the different the same.
Repackaging ideals entails a renaming of the brand to be resold as something radically new and improved.
Symbols/words void of reference to anything in the world. Semiotics representing noetic constructs with no reference to a phenomenon outside minds.
Pure noumena...mental abstractions that only refer to other minds, deferring to them, or back into the mind - emotion, sensation, feelings.

32:00 - Why does Peterson not understand it, or pretends not to, to appear humble?  
Hatred of reality, of nature, is pat of the condition where no culling, sheltering, allows weakness to propagate, and then seek justifications for its continuing existence in a world it cannot accept and deal with.  It's the psychology of the domesticated manimal.

34:10 - Peterson is alluding to what I've called The Feminization of Mankind.
That the feminine attributes would be more desirable in a world of diminishing resources and no accessible fortifiers, was also studied by a Russian in his Behavioral Sink experiments. Man is being emasculated because the state is monopolizing the status of manhood, forcing all biological males to acquire the demeanor and attitude of females,a s beta male wolves experience a reduction in testosterone to become integrate into a pack dominated by one alphas. In social species where males are integrated and not excluded, as with lion prides, this is a recurring theme, only with humans has the position of dominant male been abstracted to the point where anyone can be its representation, reducing all to feminine.
The feminine is to be cultivated and the masculine, in both biological sexes, is to be diminished so as to not contradict the monopolizing power of the institution.

36:30 - Females adapt to any new authority, because it is in their biological function, as the sex that must become dependent no the group, on others, to survive gestation and the weening process.

38:20 - All become protected beneath the masculinity of the institution.
All must go through the institution, to petition it, to receive what is owed to them.
So, men become no different from women.
Even in the area of sexual discourse, flirting, a line is not to be passed...males must flirt, as females do: seducing from afar, enticing with their appearance, coyness...etc.  

43:00 - Gender roles are extensions of biological sexual roles....and not social constructs.
Feminizing men leaves a void women then attempt to fill, by becoming more masculine. they fail and become miserable in the process, but they know not why, and if you explain it to them, their indoctrinated by the meme brains will recoil in disgust and reject the explanation, without considering it rationally and not emotionally.
The emasculated, indoctrinated, beta male will recoil doubly ferocious, because this threatens to expose his quality and his ruse, compensating for it.

50:20 - Violence, conflict, leaves no doubts. In the wild there are no existential debates on the existence of an objective reality. Death or a heavy physical price, suffices to prove the fact.
It's only in sheltering environments, where individuals atrophy, degenerate, to then claim that all is subjective.
The consequence, even in sheltered environments, exposes the quality of the subjective interpretation of an objective reality.
In sheltered environments, some external agency intervenes to adjust the consequences - costs/benefits.
But sheltering, like man, is never perfect.

1:06:30 - Nihilism, understood properly, as hijacking language to detach and redefine reality, beginning with the concept of nihilism itself, can only propagate from mind to mind, using symbols/words. It is worthless, meaningless, impotent, outside minds that can be manipulated and seduced by symbols/words.
Nihilism is a memetic virus - a linguistic parasite.

1:09:00 - Sheltering begins when the parent wants to protect the child from a world that will not be a parent to it.
Sometimes a parent, tries to make amends to its own parents, because it went against their wishes, or failed to live-up to their expectations, by passing on their recompense to the child they bring to life. The child becomes an offering to a dead parent they feel they've hurt.
In mixed racial children, or where marriage between two different cultures brings a child into the world as a constant reminder, this takes the form of overcompensating for its distinction. The child's distinct genetic and memetic identity, is incorporated into a general distinction in all areas, which must always be positive.
The child grows up believing that its unusual appearance, or it unusual upbringing also indicates an extraordinary nature.  
So, the 'negativity' of contradicting the family's wishes, expectations, their shared genetic/memetic inheritance, is compensated for by the nurturing in the child of a false sense of positive uniqueness.
The goal of not being hurt, converts a distinction that is considered a deficiency, in the family, into a positive, in the child. The child is raised to believe it is extraordinary, so as to hide the parent's shame, or guilt, in relation to their own parents, or their culture, or race.

1:22:20 - Institution are now the parent, the alphas, and all are children, females, under their care.
Fathers are a contradiction to the institution's authority in a heterogeneous system, that must integrate individuals of different races (genetic heritage), of different cultures (memetic heritage), into a stable whole.
Father are often a hindrance to this process, and so must be taken out of the picture, or their role diminished to that of a proxy for the institution's wishes, and its ideals, principles.
Parents become mothers, nurturing into the child the institution's principles, its standards of judging and evaluating the world.
Males are forced to become surrogate mothers, in a group where the leader, the alpha, is no longer related to him, by blood or by creed.

1:29:20 - Feminine power is sexual. She is born with it, as she is born with her ovums already present, and ready to go.
Nature compensates for this natural sexual power, by making men more physically and mentally creative, also making this creativity a measure of their quality in the eyes of females. Take away man's natural advantages, while leaving intact, or accentuating female sexual power, and the unbalance created is expressed as feminization of mankind. An unbalanced humanity, full of confused, neurotic, females and lost, schizophrenic, males. Hyper-masculinity, as displayed in pop-culture's icons and idols, is directly linked to emasculation, compensating for this loss of manhood, a loss of past/nature, of identity, with an inflation of an adopted, from cultural sources, that offers shallow alternatives of fashion trends meant to produce productivity, docility, immaturity.  

1:35:00 - Every meme, every culture, goes in cycles, as any organism does...a culture is a superorganism that is born, grows in power and virility, experiences a period of stability and then begins to decline unto death. All that we see are symptoms of aging, of dis-ease....feebleness allowing viruses to infect the body/mind and make it sick.
But, every death gives rise to new beginnings, modified to adapt to the virus that brought it to its end.
Mencken claimed that the Renaissance was made possible by the Black Plague, a burning of the weeds so that the healthy trees can flourish and feed on the demise of the weeds.
Following this logic we can explain the dominance of Ashkenazim Jews as a product of the Holocaust.
The culture of victimhood is rooted there.

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PostSubject: Re: Commentary Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:35 am

Ignoring race is like trying to enforce a principle where ignoring difference in all areas is considered "healthy" because ti promotes a Utopian assumption of social unity, peace for eternity, and love for all mankind.
Remind you of anything?

5:00 - Only whites are to be made guilty, or race-less, because Europeans males are those who have dominated.  

6:40 - Race was never a problem in Europe, until recently, because in Europe it is this open-border policy, of immigration, that has flooded other races into traditionally European environments. The US is different. there the nation was built by slavery, of all races.
The US is also built by Protestant ethics, which suffers from the same victim psychology as Judaism, and through it Christianity and Islam.
It's not accidental that the US, the strongest nation in the history of mankind, is still feeling victimized by the world.
It's 'power' is built by victim psychology so its politics uses victimization for internal consumption, projected as a guilt-trip.

7:05 - for the sake of destroying European identity, the other races must sacrifice their own identity. But do they? like with Avrahamism, and all nihilism, it's all a lie - hypocrisy, pretense.
Christians, for instance, wants to convert the world to their faith, when not even they remain true to its principles.

7:23 - They've assimilated the Jews?! Wherever this virus has spread, it has always refused top integrate. It has always been on the periphery, outcasts, doing the deeds the locals felt ashamed of doing. Jews promote the destruction of identity and assimilation, but do not practice it.
They adopt local external fashions, repeat local superstitions, but in their mind they remain distinct, different, special, chosen. Jews never assimilated with any culture they were later thrown out of.
Their mindset, psychology, meme, is antithetical to all traditional, naturalistic, pagan cultures.
The basic believe in ONE God, the absolute, distinguishes them as an antithesis to experience, nature and to those who adhere to a more naturalistic spirituality.

12:18 - Jared is describing the typical subjective psychosis of the average modern.
The degenerate cannot understand other, unless he places himself in his place. He cannot go beyond the empathy is automatically sympathy delusion. He lacks the intellectual sophistication, the imagination, to empathize without using himself as a complete template.
This is why he typically anthropomorphizes, and projects into the unknown, into the alien other, what he is aware of in himself, or what he knows and understand of himself - usually an inflation towards the negative, underestimation, or more usually as compensation for a sense of impotence, a positive inflation.
The typical degenerate can only place himself in the others position and then imagine what he would do if he were him, or thought like him.
Christians do not trust non-Christians because they imagine themselves without their faith, and all the vile things they would do without its promise and threat.
The degenerate imagines himself in the others place, believing in race, and inferior/superior, and assumes that the other would become as vile and degenerate as he knows he is, if he did not have his delusion to keep him numb, and inebriated into calmness.
So, the modern imagines himself believing that in fact there are races and they are not all equal, and correctly  realizes what a violent disgusting individual he is minus the delusion, the lie - how hateful and bitter, and vengeful he would become... and assumes this is true of the one who can believe in this and still not be violent and disgusting and a degenerate.
The idea that someone can be superior to another and still treat him kindly, is beyond the modern's ability to comprehend, because he has never actually been superior, so he cannot relate to the magnanimity, the pity, the kindness of such a a weakling cannot imagine how delicate a strong man can be, BECAUSE of his superior strength, but imagines strength as destructive, violent, domineering, because he only has his own feebleness to go by.
Only a insecure fuck beats a dog, for being a dog. A man treats it his kindness and understanding, trying to make ti feel as if it is part of the human family, but does not have to delude himself that the dog is the equal to man to do so.

21:50 - Jared is trying to accommodate this douche-bags modernistic sensitivities by making it an issue of integration. What he skirt around is the intellectual disparity between Europeans and Negroes, and what the defining trait of the species is.

25:20 - Douche-bag gets into the difference between memetic identification and genetic identification, using the Nihilistic triad of Christianity, Islam and Judaism as his flagship of depravity.
Stupid degenerate has no clue  as to what Abrahamism is, and how it disconnected from world, making this multiracial uniformity possible.
Tribalism is based on past, in other words on genetics.
This fact seems to elude both of them.
The 'tribes" of Christianity, Islam, Judaism are noetic, ideological memetic unities, that can assimilate anything and anyone, if it did not have strict rules of membership.
Pagan tribes have no entrance exam. you are born as part of the tribe, as a member, and must prove yourself worthy of it.
The idea(l) is not a meme disconnected from world - it is not an idea(l), a noumenon with no reference to phenomena. It is a meme that emerges out of the genetic past, as an extension of it.

32:34 - Again the douche-bag confuses the nihilistic meme of Islam with the genetic category of race.
Nihilistic memes, like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Marxism, assimilate by detaching man from world - eradicating genetic identifiers, like race and sex.
In the primitive spiritual ones, like Islam and Judaism and Christianity it is mostly race, where sexual differences are accepted as an extension of their feminization - all become womanly before the alpha, God. All are emasculated below the Divine, ONE, masculine entity.
In Marxism it is the State. The male is no longer a proxy, a representative of the one and only divine ONE God, as it is in Abrahamism.
All are workers labouring for the collective.
God is reduced to an abstraction, an idea, anyone can represent.

38:10 - Douche-bag implies that whites should move to Iceland, and give up the lands they conquered and built.

42:00 - Jared is proposing what he knows will result in dominance.
He takes precedence, in Africa, and correctly concludes that if Negroes were left to their own devices they would destroy whatever nation was given over to them.
He sees S.Africa, for one, Liberia, as another example of what happens when Negroes are denied the dominance of Europeans and become free.
Genetic factors can be denied when the participants remain safe within a system that protects them form the consequences. The typical moron, douche-bag intuitively doubts his own degenerate delusions so he refuses to exclude himself from a system where his true quality will become obvious.

49:30 - Douche-bag reveals his idea(l). A world with no distinctions.  
A uniform world, amidst multiplicity - an ant colony, or a world of zombies that cannot perceive difference, or correctly identify it....brain-dead, unconscious need shuffling on guided by hedonism.

54:40 - Blaming whites for the inability of blacks to compete in academics and anything intellectual is how the typical degenerate explains why his theory fails to produce the expected results. Some nefarious will must be found to accuse. Their errors in judgments cannot be blamed on themselves, they must be blamed on another. The theory is always perfect, if it is positive, and loving and all-inclusive - altruistic.

57:20 - Douche-bag confuses barbarity for violence. To kill makes you a barbarian, because a civilized man cannot harm...a very Abrahamic ideal.
Northern Europeans were less sophisticated than the Greeks, but they were not comparable to the sub-Saharans. Barbarian originally referred to the language the northern tribes used, and how it sounded to the Greeks.

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PostSubject: Re: Commentary Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:38 am

2:00 - On Nietzsche's style: It is this artistic, metaphorical, style that has made his work the plaything of men-children throughout the world.
In every literati reference the common, needy, mind can project his/her own psychosis, just as in every abstract art piece the observer can find it in himself, or his own needs/desires reflected back, whether it was intended, by the artist, or not.
It is a style used by the Oracle Priestesses of Delphi, for good reason. Insinuating wisdom that would apply to any future events and all outcoes.
It was a style adopted by the Bible, to remain adaptable to any coming human circumstances.
It was a style adopted by Nostradamus, to baffle, naive imbeciles for centuries.

But Nietzsche used it to purposefully speak over the heads of those who would misunderstand, or despise him if they understood.
The fact that he introduced no new philosophy, but re-called, from memory, what had been forgotten, in a post-Christian dominated world, introduces a diagnosis of a mental dis-ease, in a world already infected, and addresses those few who remain still healthy, or that have not yet totally succumbed to the mental virus of Nihilism.
Unsurprisingly, he is now considered as the source of our post-modern madness, as the full exposure of the until the sixties, hidden infestation.
But more on how the corruption of language, which would include the concept of Nihilism itself, has confused an already schizophrenic populace, later.

3:08 - Value of values: The question is one of standards for evaluation, for judging.
How do we discern what is reliable, trustworthy, closer to the actual?
What standard will we use to measure our judgments, and so discern our values, or what we hold as being more valuable and what less so?
We begin with an admission: all opinions, all judgments, are subjective.
This is the first, necessary, admission, before we can proceed to determine what is more, or less, accurate.
The idea(l), that this implies that all is equally wrong, and/or right, or equally good/bad, in the beyond Abrahamic moral standards universe, is one propagated by the dis-eased, as a way of discrediting, and corrupting Nietzsche's work, enough, to integrate him into their own psychosis.
They've done this with another concept: over-man ubermensch.
The word now implies a man who imposes his reality, upon others - he creates his own world (subjectivity) and then either by coercion or conviction imposes it upon other, so that they must now live by his values.
If we consider the concept from within the era it emerges, we can claim that the term means a man who has dislodged himself from the prevailing values of Abrahamism, and lives by his own judgments.
If it is defined as a man who lives in accordance to his own good/bad rules that are contrary to natural order, and how he has evolved within them, this is absurd.
The concept implies an overcoming of natural instinctual needs to survive, no matter the cost.
The overman has overcome his fer of death, or he's not allowed his fear to impose itself upon his judgments of himself and the world, which is what Abrahamism surrenders to, and is completely enslaved by.
He is no longer resentful of his mortality, his temporality, because it is what makes him possible.
Of course such a man would appear god-like to those still trapped in their existential anxieties, desperately seeking for a way out, for salvation, for someone, some idea(l) to save them....individuals that would do anything to save themselves, or to make their life and its agon, its struggles, meaningful.
Such minds seek such idea(l), meaning, outside themselves, in otherness.
Either in a God, or in the adoration of others, to justify their resentment of their existential condition.
Unable to give meaning, and purpose to themselves, they desperately seek it in others, or through others.
So, it's not only those who follow, but those who want to lead the masses out of thir predicament that are part of the same inter-dependent psychosis.
Finding purpose, meaning, justification in and through others, is a common theme among post-moderns, and the feminine spirit.
A female feel useless, if she does not serve another, or is not a means to an end, for another. It's part of her biologically programmed disposition, as the one who carries to term, births and then suffers the risks and costs of weaning new life into the world.
This psychology is ingrained in social organisms, like humans, both males and females, to the point where they cannot identify with being human unless there is another involved.

3:20 -  Why do we treat selflessness as 'good' and selfishness as 'evil'.
The answer is in our social nature.
if we had evolved from a solitary species, such as a bear, or a fox, this notion would never have occurred to us.  
It is only in reference to another, or to a collective we've become dependent upon, that we feel shame, at being accused of selfishness.
It's about reciprocity, evolved for centuries, so that it is innate.
We cannot help but feel stressed at being exposed as selfish by the group, peers, we identify with, because this means we can no longer guarantee their contribution, their support, in our welfare.
We prefer for them to consider us, generous, selfless, giving, open, helpful, accommodating, because our self-esteem depends on them, because our survival is intertwined with theirs.  
3:30 - The word 'value' is meaningless outside a comparison, a juxtaposition, in relation to a goal, a motive, an idea(l), just as the concept of 'morality is meaningless outside a social species.
The concept of 'self' is also meaningless without memory, creating a continuum, linking events, consequences, a unity of aggregate energies (patterns).
Memory is patterns, translated into some bio-neurological code, and then stored and transferred from adult to offspring. To speak of a 'self', an ego, outside a method of preserving memories, is nonsensical.
The "I", refers to more than just the period from an ambiguous beginning, to an unforeseeable death, or disintegration of the unity.
For simple organisms the sense of self is shallow....only in reference to the immediate.
more sophisticated organism have deeper perceptual-event-horizons, and longer memories, so their sense of self, is deeper, more profound, complex.
Know Thyself urges the individual to expand and deepen his sense of self - to make it more discriminating.
Post-modernism, the dis-ease, urges the reverse: to lose self, altogether, to immerse self in a uniformity, or to dismiss it altogether as non-existent, surrendering to the uniformity of chaos.
Order is always exclusionary, must say NO, before it says YES,  

4:16 - Aristocratic meaning a mind able to recognize the superior, even if it shames it, or it is not it. A mind that wants the superior, the ariston, to stand above, even itself.
This demands a overcoming of self, so as to advance self. The mind does not give-in, submit, nor does it slander, try to pull down, it is inspired, striving to become more like what is superior, or compensating in other ways, if it is unable.
The ariston is admired, if it cannot be achieved. Not worshiped, because this requires a those who defer to Nietzsche, who they admire, well into their adulthood, unable to leave his shadow, to speak without his permission, without his support, which they manufacture.
Unable to reach what they worship, they either slander it, or corrupt it, to make it more attainable, more on their level- more intimate, reflecting them back to themselves.
They covet the effect. not necessarily the costs and risks. They want to enjoy the accolades then adulation, not the suffering it took for this dead man to think these thoughts.
They convert his memory into an idol, characterized by the traits they cannot cultivate in themselves.  

4:50 - Yes, they manufactured a morality common to all three Abrahamic dogmas, later becoming Marxist, and then post-modern, but Morality is a social behavior, converted to a ethical code. Once this conversion happened it could be rewritten and inverted.
From benefiting survival it may promote a form of death while alive - Zombyism.
To be alive, in body, but dead, in mind...and then to intestate the mind with a dis-ease that contradicts the physical, the body.  
Nihilism, in any form, is ideology with no external references, noumena with no phenomenal references, or idea(l) outside reality - it is mind void of body.
The Abrhamics called this 'spirit', or 'soul', corrupting another word, referring to a concept that can be placed within world.

5:15 - Morality has become inverted - ...and not only morality.
Everything has become inverted.
Words, before feeds.
Consciousness before life.
Self before memories.

All linguistically justified, when words no longer connect mind to world, are no longer disciplined by an external order, but can be anything, as long as they seduce and attract; as long as they can infect, transmitting their convenient dis-ease of self-numbing to a new host.
What is transmitted is an inverted way of engaging life. Convenient, and seductive, because life is not always pleasant, and easy....or affected, corrected, using symbols/words.  

5:30 - Salve morality -  Inverted morality (nihilism), seducing, the most desperate, the most feeble, the most needy with an easy, pleasant idea(l) - an alternative reality.
Hasn't Nietzsche  been made more "pleasant", and therefore more popular among the needy and desperate?  
He is now being integrated with Kabbalism to manufacture a new Christianity, just as Jesus was reinterpreted by Saul, to create a new class of cosmopolitan pharisees.
Who are at the forefront of the rehabilitation?  The ones most damaged by Nietzsche critique, by his modernization of pre-Socratic philosophy, and lost pagan spirituality.
Did not the Christians adopt pagan rituals, and did they not integrate them into their own sick dogma?
Did they not replace the gods with the saints?  
This is not a new method of burying what is most threatening, but the most desperate and needy.
Those who cannot attain, so must pull down.

5:50 - Revenge upon the high - Indeed.
Revenge by assimilating, tearing apart, (critical theory) and then selectively digesting.
The metaphor of the hungry, brain dead, zombie is not accidental.
What is a zombie but insatiable hunger, coveting what it can never produce on its own, tearing apart what is healthy, to consume with no effect.  
There is no stomach no blood flowing to integrate to be invigorated. The zombie just consumed, kills, destroys, and with no effect.
It takes the vigorous and reduces it down to itself - rotting flesh.

7:20 - Good/Evil - Either/Or.
Morality in relation to others, or through otherness.

9:08 - Nihilism is entirely linguistic.
It is nothing, beyond symbols/words, and so it has no effect no anything that cannot be affected by symbols/words.
This is how humanity, as the only animal that can use symbols/words, becomes synonymous with world.
Nihilism's field of effect goes as far as there are humans that can be affected and infected by its wordings, or its corrupting, inversion, of language.
Nihilism, in any form, is impotent, outside minds that share the same language and symbol references - the collective unconscious.

13:20 - Rooted in the words it chooses to use - The choice of words, their placement in a sentence, creating a sequential rhythm, implying causation, exposes motive.
Language is an art form.
But if we use another art form, such as sculpting, the artist's choice of materials, the placement, what he accentuates and what he leaves out, exposes his intent, which the audience can only guess at....but if the artist's intent is to represent reality as it is, as a philosopher is an artist using words, this more clearly indicates intent, because the audience has the world as a shared reference point.
The artist cannot hide his lack of talent, or declare himself a brilliant artist, because the audience can compare what he intended with what they can all perceive.

But, in our post-modern age, abstract art, like nonsensical philosophy, flourishes, because the intent is to sell, or to impress, or to hide the absence of talent so that everyone can call themselves an artist, if they find a few imbeciles to acknowledge them.  
Those with some integrity simply indulge in art, as a hobby, or teach it, or become critiques of it, forever comparing one with another, or surrounding themselves with art and artists to imply their own artistry.

16:30 - Nietzsche an Aryan?
Don't tell that to the Abrahamics who are taming him, to make him more digestible, more adequate to their delicate peptic constitutions.

17:20 - Blond Beast - An example of Nietzsche literati expressiveness, now being exploited by feeble misers the world over.
A style that lends itself to curation.  
How many have, or will in the future, use his artistic style to fabricate their won delusions?
That's why I could not remain ambiguous, insinuating...nobody can misinterpret Satyr, but a few already have. No matter how clear and direct, the needy mind finds a way.

20:04 - They invert the master morality - The "genius" of the method, denying it to others - patenting a method of self-deceit and self-comforting.
Christianity, and Marxism wanted to release the patent form its elitist constraints and make it universal.

22:05 - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

22:54 - Rome against Judea, Judea against Rome....or Jerusalem/Washington vs Rome/Athens.
The two drives of the human spirit, fighting over the west's future.

23:15 - pre-modern propaganda, Rome saw the Jews as what they are: anti-life, anti-nature....slave morality raised to above reality - into the noetic heavens.

25:00 - Christianity as ethical Judaism for gentiles.
The virus inserts itself into the host. It spreads using words....symbols, exploiting human feebleness.
Where can you invert reality? Only in the mind.
How? using abstraction. Abstractions can be synthesized, rearranged, remain self-contradicting.....they are not liable to anything outside the mind's intention, its needs, desires.  
How is such a method shared? Symbols, words....language.
This is the extent of its 'will to power'.

26:10 - Washing his hands was what settled what was to come afterwards.
He didn't evaluate the threat accurately.

31:19 - So it is the Jews who re-evaluate the world, or re-evaluate values....not Nietzsche.  
They make words like 'love', 'value', 'human' or any word they corrupt and integrate into their inverted reality, meaningless - meaningless outside the group's premises, in the real world.
Nietzsche was a 'nihilist' only in relation to Nihilism, which had also corrupted the concept of nihilism to mean a world void of human contraptions: God, universal morality, meaning, purpose etc.
He was a nihilist of nihilism. Only in relation to those who are anti-life, anti-world, can speaking of the world honestly, clearly, bravely, be a negative.
Only to those who need crutches, is any admission of physical health a hateful negative entity.  
Only the one who exposes a liar, is accused of lying by the liar.

31:50 - It's only defence are words....imposing linguistic limitations, restricting thinking.
Nihilism always proposes a singularity, in the form of a word/symbol.
My usage of 'pattern' evades this, by using it metaphorically, as indicating a vibration/energy, that cannot be encapsulated as a singularity, because it also included non-patterned vibration, all the while admitting that its all metaphorical, and that the world is fundamentally counter-intuitive.
We can only approach the 'truth', and only allude to ti indirectly, approximately. We can never know it, as it is forever changing, and dynamic, and most of it lacks a consistent, predictability to make it knowable.  
Paganism uses gods as metaphors for observable, experienced, phenomena, and then alludes to the mystifying, the chaotic, using them.
Only an arrogant needy imbecile would ever claim to have solved the riddle of existence, or to be deserving of eternal life...or that all is knowable, or ordered, or conscious....or dismiss it all as unknowable, a convenient illusion with no meaning.
Paganism exist outside nihilistic paradigm of absolutes - the duality poles of absolute order and absolute chaos - all is knowable, all is unknowable.
It is within reality, in Flux.

39:30 -  He lived before the secularization of Christianity = Marxism.
The Judeo-Christian message is continuously reinventing itself, trying to find that synthesis that will finally establish it as 'real'.

41:25 -  Yes...he's describing a world where Judeo-Chrsituianity has changed the human organism and made the Abrahamic ideals innate parts of the species.
An anti-like, Borg-like hive-mind. Zombies brought up to date as cyborgs - Trashumanism.
Mechanical Zombies, with a uniform programming, that makes them ordered.
A world minus chaos - randomness. A world where thinking is no longer necessary.

45:00 - Islam is Christianity!!! with different rituals, traditions, historical past.
Abrahamism: Islam + Christianity = Judaism

46:30 - Christianity is not being eaten is morphing.
The same memetic virus has been morphing for thousands of years. It's part of the same continuum, connected by memory, code, the words of God....Biblical texts, scripture, Torah, Quran....
Marxism, Humanism, post-modernism, are the same virus, expressed differently.
They all attract the same types of psychologies...the same kinds of psychotics, narcissists, schizophrenics, feeble-minded imbeciles, cowards.
As non culled reproduction increases populations, within a contained environment (planet earth), they increase exponentially.
They become increasingly popular, and so they lower their lowest-common-denominator to incorporate what is left of diversity.
It renders words meaningless to cloud the brain in confused comfortable ignorance - self-numbing joy.
Zombies with a wide-eyed smile, or a dim half-asleep narcosis.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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PostSubject: Re: Commentary Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:40 am

0:49 > Allegory, Metaphor = abstract = ideal, idea.

1:20 > "Our world" - There is no "our", or "their" world.
There is only THE world.
This binary dualism is part of the "Matrix". The world is made into a one, by fantasizing an "outside" non-existence. The brain must conceptualize using dualism, and judge by juxtaposing.

1:30> "Occult forces" - a insinuation of Nihilism, and those who propagate it.
The "occult" and mysticism is how those who sell the illusion hide their motives and the paradoxes their disconnection from reality produce in the minds of those they infect.
These "agents" of nihilism, need not know what they are doing, or why. They must only act in accordance to their programming...memetic codes.

1:40 >  "Prison society" - a reference to how Nihilism imprisoned us in its paradigm of either/or, or positive/negative, monopolizing, in their uniforming monopoly, both sides of the political spectrum: right & left.
The prison is noetic = code.
We are imprisoned in language, dominated by Nihilism, as a method of detachment, that feel pleasing, and is addictive.
Nihilism manipulates our survival instincts. Our primal genetic instincts: survival and pleasure, before truth and need/suffering - Abrahamic code of seduction, copied by Marxism and post-modernity and now used by ever would-be messiah with a 'positive message' of salvation.

As I've said elsewhere...the advantage of Nihilism, and its language/symbolism (semiotics) is that it does not have to remain loyal to natural order.
it can fabricate any self-consistent, delusion, by exploiting the weaknesses of language, and of those using it, to seduce, control.  

2:10 > What is the Matrix? = Nihilistic meme, a mental virus.
An ideal - pure noetic construct: an ideology, theory, that disregards, or inverts genetics, the second, deeper, layer of human identity and limitation on human behavior.
More on this alter.
The Matrix, is the sum total of human fabricated ideas that impose themselves upon the human being - the MEME: morals, laws, etiquette, permissible or not, ideas, ideals that guide ambitions, goals, objectives and so on.

2:28 > Why are we in the Matrix? - The 'why' is the most human question of all, demanding reasons, causality.
I've given my own: Increasing populations, coupled with decreasing resources, frontiers, necessitate an imposition on naturally evolved behaviors: cultivation, sexuality, social etiquette, rituals etc.

3:06 -  How to we get out of the Matrix? - Again, I've given my method, beginning with a re-connection of words, each in his own language, to world - or noumena to phenomena.
This is the First step, because many, if not most words cannot be re-connected, because they are synthetic, or metaphors, or lack all meaning but, yet, have been integrated into our vocabulary, controlling our thoughts.
Most Moderns cannot even define the worlds they are using to defend the objectives they wish to preserve. They have no clue what they are saying or why...and some, charlatans, purposefully exploit this to control these feeble, needy, imbeciles.
A sing that this is the case is where one of these imbeciles cannot define a term without deferring to an icon, or as famous idol. Their judgments fall in-line to a definition of an icon's, supposed, intent, delivered to them by a translating medium, that can corrupt meanings, just as Saul did with the words of Jesus. All dead, popular figures can be exploited in this way.
The first, most important step, therefore, is to re-connect the self-evident words to world: reattach the noumena, using words/symbols, to the phenomena, and then once done to move upwards, forward...because even the most common-sense words are now becoming meaningless...making Peterson, and others,, suddenly notice what is going on...but not why.

3:50 > Heart of the City - notice how hearts, in the picture, is missing an 'E', leaving 'H', separate from 'ART'.
Language/Symbols (semiotics) is, essentially, representational art.
What is excluded is an 'E', or epsilon, to distance 'H', for heart or humanity, from art.
Now the 'E' could refer to the three/epsilon symbol in Delphi, or it may represent the triad - mind/nervous system/body, which I've gone into in other threads, or it may simply represent an open 'eight' the symbol for infinity = an open ended infinity, or an incomplete theoretical whole, an allusion to absent absolutes, or we could be overthinking this and reading too much inot a symple representation of Modern decay.

4:10 > Trinity - Not only a reference to the Abrahamic triad of Father/Son/Holy Spirit, but Platonic psyche: the feminine, or nature.  
Woman as agency of nature is stressed, confused, by the circumstances. She does not understand, as she is woman, but only feels, senses, intuits, something wrong.
The feminine being, also, present in males.
What is being attacked but the feminine, nature, by the "agents" of the Matrix, the Nihilistic meme.

5:10 > Ander-son {Άνδρας, Ανδρός, Ανδριος} (man, man's, courageous, manly) = son of man.
The male is asleep. Masculinity slumbers, and woman is in dis-tress.

6:20 > Neo is IN his deepest 101, and must wake up and exit them.
Basic Psychology course. Psychology 101.
He is trapped in emotion. Emotion is what Nihilism uses to attach words to once they are detached from reality.

7:20 > Simulation & Simulacrum - Not only are we trapped in a representation, but in a representation of a representation:  words/symbols, the pap, representing the noumenon, which is, itself, a representation of the phenomenon.
We are trapped on a map, in a book, or on a table which is also a representation of world.
Meme, from Gene, but gene is a product of interactivity, Flux, dynamic energies relating.
The Nihilistic meme is a detachment not only from the world, but from the representation of the world.

8:00 > Synchronicity - An allusion to Jung's collective unconscious, literally meaning 'synthesized time' temporality.
Humans exist in a shared reality, but also a shared representation of reality, because we all share genes and therefore share the apriori methods of translating existence - common memes.
We exist in a shared symbolic universe, where the same symbols pop-up everywhere.  
Even different cultures share the same metaphors or mythologies, because we share a common past - history - and a common way of reacting to events.
Fear of the dark, or our shared myths about an end of life and the world, deluge, are representation of this common genetic and memetic heritage.  

8:10 > Steps into the stream of synchronicity - He exists his fears and steps into the collective unconscious, the shared mythology of mankind, where he meets the trinity, the triad: reason, will, passions. He is entirely engulfed in humanity, as world, through the female.
He meets Trinity in a club - a venue where humanity networks, erotically.

8:22 > You are looking for him - you seek the absolute, God.
His name is Orpheus, the seducer, the poet, the charmer, the harbinger of the coming Messiah - he is the message and the messenger.
Orpheus decedent into Hades, the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], and the over-world, and is the best guide, because he can distinguish one from the other.

8:40 > It's the question that drives us mad - The quintessentially human question, no other organism can ask: Why??
Why am I here?
Why am I suffering?
A question asking for a reason, a purpose, a meaning....and God, the gods, is a charmer, a conduit, a symbol...a word with no reference - no absolute.
A madman asks this question out loud, because we expects a response - an external will to answer.

9:00 > Desire for truth must be present - A liar, a fake, a coward, who only wants to hear what he wishes to be true, will not accept any explanation based on reality.
He wants to remain trapped, in the Matrix, or in some alternate reality, because you can dream in the dream world: multiple layers of delusion.
The coward, the hedonist, the Nihilist, wants to remain in the Matrix, because exiting it is too traumatic, too painful.
He wants to remain within the world of codes - certainty, absolutes, symbols that can be changed, modified, at will etc.  

9:33 > Authority - Natural order, and/or social order - genes/memes.
Nihilistic authority, memes, contradicting the authority of genetic order, resulting in schizophrenia, confusion; deeds contradicting words, convictions, ideals; loss of identity.

10:04 > Part of a whole - Whole being a myth. not only collectivism but whole as One God, Panpsychism, Universe. one is built no the weaknesses of the other. It attracts the same kinds of psychologies.
The idea that laws of nature are intrinsic and not manmade rules, representing human understanding of the cosmos.
The desire for an external authority is the hallmark of retarded development, produced by sheltering and a system that wants to maintain all in a state of dream, Lethe: limbo.
The "collective" is but an additional layer of authority, built on-top, or contrary to a preexisting natural order, which many prefer to believe in as another form of consciousness - Higher Consciousness...another term for God, minus the already established versions of it: Abrahamic.
for them, 'outside' the collective, there is another collective of consciousnesses, in all processes - Alexandrian Age.
All is ordered, and all is conscious, all is knowable - all is mind, being another way of comforting self - all my suffering has meaning, has purpose.

11:22 > He is censored, political correcting silencing.
The wrath of the system is already silencing many, imposing a indirect censorship, based on emotion, or all-inclusiveness.
The Matrix needs many, to survive, because without participants it vanishes, it disintegrates - Nihilism means nothing outside minds.
It is nonsense without believers: willful, or not, participation.
A memetic virus goes into stasis, as words/symbols or an a [page, or as electronic code.
It requires agents to manifest as real. Without followers nihilstically based theories, beliefs, convictions, are impotent - knowledge without power.

12:50 > Actions/Emotions/Thoughts - Will, Passion, Reason. reason is built on abstractions, or representations - metaphors, myths, that can and are corrupted.
Neo = Will - the new, the latest, adapted, connector.
Trinity = Passions - Phenomena, Natural agency - Feminine.
Orpheus = Reason, abstraction  - noumenon - Masculine.

13:30 > Mind - Orpheus is the god who was not god. "you are not the one you are looking for".
God is the idea(l), rooted in a desire/need - a representation of it.
There is no god. God is looking for 'a way', a will. The idea(l) is a conduit, not a destination - not an end, but a means.
Word, as God, is a means, not an end.
Word is not world, it is a conduit to the real world - a connector.
Most become trapped here, and prefer to stay here...within language. Within subjectivity, constructed using words/symbols.

13:45 > Trinity is nature - the past. spirit is a metaphor for the sum of all past nurturing = nature. She is what connects the presence, the present to the past. But the entirely of the past cannot be entirely known, or made lucid, so she expresses it as emotion.
Love is the unifying emotion of full acceptance, not of what is necessarily positive, or flattering or good.

14:00 > Neo is the new...because reality is continuously new. The element of chaos is essential for this to occur, because if all was ordered, then nothing could ever be new - determinism.  
Those imbeciles who hold onto the idea of god as the one, the absolute Order, denying chaos, the satanic principle, are really crypto-Christians, that have renamed their mono-god, their Abraham ONE, using a term that sounds more updated.
Absolute order is an absolute that has no meaning - it literally means non-existence.
Randomness, dynamism that is unpredictable because ti has no pattern, it is inconsistent, and yet interactive, because all that exists is dynamic and all that is dynamic is (inter)active.
Absolute ORDER, Singularity, ONE, is what Nietzsche re-turned us way from. Not because he invented it, but because he re-called, and reminded us. This is why he never said anything new, or revolutionary, but simply brought into the modern what had been forgotten by those put into sleep by Abrahamism (Judaism = Christianity/Islam).
Neo is past, Trinity, made presence, applied in the present, and nouomenon, Orpheus, returned to phenomenon, to world.

14:50 > Something wrong with the world - not world as reality, genetics, but world as humanity, memetics. There is something 'wrong' with humanity, where in modern times humanity = world.

15:46 > Prison for your mind - A memetic paradigm = nihilism, that has no connections to reality, but is entirely based on code, on words/symbols.

15:55 > See it for yourself - Because the brain is an organ evolved to aid the organism in survival, it will not expose the organism to perceptions it cannot survive, even if this means permitting it to exist in delusion.
You cannot save the imbecile. He is one because he either cannot see, or will not see, when seeing means need/suffering. Not all are born to be philosophers, or even aware.

16:03 > Red pill = passion, pathos. Blue pill = submission, melancholy.
Red pill, does not represent madness, willfully constructing your own world, your own private reality.
Red = Masculine, future based on precedence.
Blue = Feminine, submission to the real, to past, to sum of all previous nurturing.

17:30 > Remember, all that I am offering is the truth - The real is not positive, it is not pleasing, flattering, it is, in fact, harsh, uncertain, painful.  
Whoever tells you otherwise is either a lair, or a imbecile.
Reality is dangerous, it is harsh, it must be adapted to, coped with.

17:50 > He wakes up in a horror film - In fact he wakes up to his own skin. He awakens to his body, when all this time he was living in his mind, using words/codes, symbols, to create a cocoon, others shared in.
Reality is terrifying to the awakening ones. A child awakening to the world goes through the stressful, coming of age, period, known as adolescence.

18:10 > He wakes up - Metaphor for being reborn.
The world is not pleasing. Not easy. It is mysterious, uncertain, dangerous, threatening - a horror to one newly awakened. Only an imbecile expects the world to be pleasing, flattering, easy, a world of order, consciousness, purpose, meaning. The awakening is but a first step.

18:30 > As far as he can see - The world is Humanity.
He can see no world outside this new layer of delusion. He awakens into a new dream, or a state of half-dream. The manmade world is replaced by a world made by man, or man.
World =humanity, and what does humanity identify with: symbols/words. And how does humanity relate to itself? words/symbols, referring to emotions.
This is the second layer of entrapment.

18:50 > InterSubjectivity. The Matrix is InterSubjectivity.
We ARE part of the system that keeps us unaware, asleep, dormant. We, as part of a collective unconscious, are energy feeding the system that keeps us comfortably numb, asleep, using words/symbols - CODE.
The cubicles are representations of individual subjectivity, each connected to a mainframe, a protective system, where our niter-subjectivities coalesce into The Matrix.
This is why subjectivity is defended vehemently and objectivity is denied.
There is no nihilism when world is involved. There is no debate. No philosophical conundrum. things become simple, real fast, because our brains evolved to engage a challenging, dangerous, threatening, reality.
Cost & Benefit. We each have our judgments, and if we apply them in reality, and if there is no protective entity, like the state or a parent, protecting us or adjusting costs & benefits, we pay the price or we reap the benefits of our judgments, manifested as choices.
Theory is easy...everything is perfect in theory. Reality is hard and harsh....nothing is perfect in there are no absolutes.

20:00 > A mind that was born and raised in a protective, sheltering, artificial environment, will find it difficult to deal with the real gravity of the real world.
Like the man who exist the Platonic cave, to witness the brilliance of the sun, after getting used to shadows and the artificially maintained firelight.

22:20 > What is real? - The neural synaptic matrix can be intervened upon, with human artifices to create a mediating sensory reference = Artificial.
I defined artificial as the ambiguous point in space/time when an organism's affects on its environment begin to affect it more than the environment it intervened upon.  
A beaver, for example, intervenes upon its environment, as all conscious living organisms - some more and some less - but the  repercussions of its interventions are not superior to the environment it intervened upon.
Only humans have managed to cross this line. This means that only humans can effect themselves more than the world they intervened upon, to create their own artificial, idealistic alternative.
Pollution is a collateral effect: both material and genetic pollution.
Genetic meaning mutations that would naturally be filtered out of the gene pool are allowed to propagate, with unforeseeable effect.
The return to a pre-racial divergence state, artificially propagated by race mixing, is another one of this human interventions that will have unforeseeable collateral effects, but we do see immediate effects in the form of genetic pollution. Dumbing-Down, or leveling, is one such effect.
all pollution, or collateral effects, require further interventions, such as, in the case of gene-mixing, interventions to help the byproducts cope with a system they are not intellectually able to deal with.  

22:30 > Dream world - Metaphor for nihilistic alternate reality (positive nihilism), or denial of reality (pure or negative nihilism).

23:40 > Harvested - social engineering, Education - Training the children to think within Nihilistic paradigms; the machine world founded on pleasure.
Stimulating pleasure stimuli to manipulate using Pavlovian methods.

25:07 > What is the Matrix? - What is Nihilism? Control. Brainwashing. Political, psychological manipulation.
Nihilism is about controlling the masses in a world void of frontiers. Nihilism is entirely idealistic, dogmatic, has no meaning, no relevance obeying human inter-subjective emotional, relationships. Nihilism has nothing to do with the world, but only to do with how to deal with it, cope with it, escape it.
This is why words are so important to its survival. words relate to others. they connect and share.
Nihilism nothing outside these inter-subjective relationships - it is meaningless, irrelevant, impotent, useless, powerless. It's only power comes through other humans - feminine power of association - collectives. It's only way to impose itself upon reality is via agencies, proxies, AGENTS of the Matrix.

25:20 > Dumbing-Down is essential to nihilistic control.
This is why, today, imbeciles want to change their gender. For them it's an illusion, as all things in the matrix are. They want to fantasize their body away, and replace it with a alternative - body being a representation of past, Trinity.

27:40 > People have trouble 'letting go' of the Matrix. It becomes addictive. Cypher is a representation of one who has seen, and ant sot return to being oblivious.

29:20 > Savior of the world - No matter what, the messianic icon cannot be escaped.
This goes back to Hollywood propaganda, which will be answered with a question at the end.
The modern still needs someone else, something else, to save him form his human condition, and this someone or something must be the ONE.
The Abrahamic message is reinserted in a subtle and yet obvious way.
The reason this is done is the same as the answer of the last question I posit.

29:43 > Neo - {Νεο}. The One. The movie offers a new version of the old saviour for those who are beginning to awaken.
Movie message is represented in the Dionysian scene, of inter-racial orgiastic dance. It's erotic uniformity, as absolute chaos; infinite possibility.

32:50 > The black man, represents the more primal integration of mind/body. The white, or Asian, man, is too rational, too frontal lobe, too neo-cortex. He is too NEO...too NEW.
He must abandon himself to Orpheus, as connection to myth, and trinity as connection to emotion, to find his unity.
He is being "trained" - re-educated.
The city's name Zion, is not accidental.

36:00 > Fight to protect their en-slavers - the movie sides with the awakening, in relation to the still sleeping.
The movie is now siding with the audience, who are being told what they feel, what they've felt all along, to then direct them to an alternate matrix.

38:40 > Here the movie attempts to seduce the awakening audience with an alternative where there are 'no rules'.
The same ideal seducing imbeciles who have awakened to the lies of the human world, only to fall prey to a corruption of Nietzsche, as world where will creates reality.
The second level of control, feeding on the newly awakened mind, or muscles becoming strong, and the idea of indestructibility that the world is of our own creation, when there is no god, no Matrix.
Manipulating the ego that has distinguished itself from the herd, it exploits this newfound invigoration, to direct the mind into a new delusion.

40:55 > Reality bends to the will. The seduction presented to the newly-awakened in the audience.
The movie is a way of dealing with emerging awareness.
Truth bends to your will. It is malleable to desire. Thought suffices to alter reality.  

42:20 > Oracle = Black older female.
The lowest-common-denominator reconnecting the awakened as part of a more lucid humanity.

43:10 > Know Thyself has nothing to do with changing the world. It is about adapting to it so as to increase your probabilities of finding and accomplishing goals.
To know Thyself may increase your ability to know order, because life is ordering, but it does not mean to know everything, because even the Pagan gods were fallible, imperfect.
Know Thyself is to increase your genetic potential, not to guarantee anything.  
Mysticism is beginning to creep into the lecture. The movie's secondary role is becoming apparent.
It's interesting that the sign is written in Latin and not in the original Greek
Self is not part of {Γνώθι Σ'Εαυτόν).
No 'self' in [σ'εαυτον = εγώ]. Romans corrupting Hellenic language.

47:00 > The agents of Nihilism rename humans as a dis-ease, when left to their genetic advantages.
the dis-ease is now inverted to describe natural processes as a form of un-balancing.  
What distinguishes homo sapient from every other species, is what, for the dis-ease, is a sin, evil.
Man ought to be ashamed of his humanness, and adopt a new definition of humanity offered by the nihilistic virus: inversion.  
The artifice is now a balancing force of 'nature', constructing an artificial world, reality, to control this human advantage = Abramism.

The 'victims' of natural selection, become the definers of a be, alternate, inverted reality, where victimhood is predatory, inferiority is superior etc.
The memetic virus convinces the host that it is the real dis-ease, and that it is the cure, the correction.

49:30 > Difference between knowing the path, and walking the path - difference between noumena and phenomena, words/symbols and deeds/actions...Idea(l) and Real.

51:30 > Masonic - We are now being introduced to the reason why the movie was even made, given what it describes as it relates to a system it exposes.

53:30 > No - Negation, I am what I am not, is the basis of self-consciousness, and of the will.
Not to accept, but to reject, is what defines an individual, a race, a species, life, from non-life.
To live is to reject all other possibilities in space/time, which is in Flux.

55:50 > To care is to have a lucid motive, a goal, an IDEA(L).
All is evaluated in reference to it, and value only has meaning in relation to it.
The idea(l) is what establishes the standard by which all behaviors, choices, can be measured - morality.
This does not mean all judgments are equal, only that all choices matter only in reference to an idea(l) = meaning.
In the end, a choice, an action, is evaluated by reality, or within reality, which is indifferent to all human idea(l)s, as cost/benefit.

59:04 > Zion - Finally we get a clear indication of what the movie's underlying message is, and way it was allowed to be made, in the first place.
Zion = Zionism. The idea(l) home, place, of humanity. Nobody is excluded.
An idea(l) (meme), trying to reconnect with earth (gene), from where it detached to distinguish itself.
Zionism is the alternative to those awakening from slumber, realizing that the world, as it has been fabricated, is a lie.
It offers a new lie, to cover up the mistakes or the imperfections of the old one.  
We already know the Jews control Hollywood, and now they know that we are becoming aware of this.
The movie is trying to deal with these groggy, awakening ones, by returning them to the same idea(l) using new metaphors.

1:03 > Bane = Poison, agent of death. If you emerge from the Matrix death will take you, if you do not submit to the new alternative, created for the newly awakened.  

1:05:00 > An allusion to the double-matrix. Machines providing sustenance to combat other machines. One Matrix being un-covered by another Matrix.
The nihilistic meme hijacks the mind, where the first interpretation of world takes place, and adds to ti its own layer of deceit, of metaphorical symbolism.
Mind becomes seduced by itself - it traps itself in its own constructs.
Self-Deceit, Self-Hypnosis

1:06:08 > What he's suggesting is all has a reason, is rational, ordered.
All has meaning, outside of the actor. The Matrix has not been escaped, ti has been ascended, to a higher level.
Artifice built upon artifice. Nihilistic paradigm Left/ pole fighting the other, giving a sense of freedom, of choice.
Everything is common, shared...all can have the same Will.

1:07:27 > You didn't come here to make the choice. you've already made it. - The allusion to the mental lag required to make sense of an ongoing, fluid reality. We rely on automatic reactions, built up over centuries of natural selection, and then manipulated by memes, to create automatic reactions to words.
An martial artist trains himself to re-act automatically, intuitively, so as to not have to engage his cognition, which requires time and slows down the process - reducing efficiency and effectiveness.  
She, the Oracle, tells him that he's already re-acted and can only make sense of his own re-action.

1:07:48 > Zion has now become a tautology with humanity.
To understand, means to un-cover the causality chain that made you re-act in the way you did.

1:09:21 > Smith is now a representation of a 'virus', in relation to Zion.
Smith = post-modernism, Marxism, uniformity, in relation to tribal Judaism, Zionism, the second outcrop of Judaism coming in contact with Hellenic kosmopolitanism.
Judaic Cosmopolitanism - Humanism, Globalization, Citizen of world, i.e. opposed to Hellenic kosmopolitanism = citizen of world, i.e. cosmos, nature.
A typical corruption of Hellenic definitions, also indicated in the definition of truth as opposed to aletheia.

1:10:00 > One Constant. One Universal. The only Real Truth. - The idea of human understanding is confused for an intrinsic, cosmic absolute.
As there is nothing outside interactivity, it cannot be presented as an absolute, but only as a matter of fact, given our human understanding and limitations.  
Causality implies a distance between cause and effect, when it is a continuum, separated only by human sensual limitations, or the methods evolved to interpret fluidity as abstraction.
Truth, simply, indicates the most probable human theory, given sensual perceptions (experiences), and precedent (knowledge).
Laws of Nature are, themselves, human perceptions of patterns directing the interactivity of patterns (order, without chaos being able to to be integrated in the outcome).  
This makes order not deterministic, but an approximation, given knowledge and understanding.
Chaos (randomness) being existent dynamic, interactive, affects order, and is affected by it.

1:11:30 > It is because of chaos (randomness), that nobody can know for certain, exactly, what lead them to a particular state, or what produced a particular effect - cause, consequence. If everything were order, pattern, everything could potentially be predicted and mapped out, and determined.
Complexity is not a hindrance, because ti simply postpones this knowledge to a future time - Utopia. just as Spinoza's Deus - perpetual imminence.
This makes of life into a mockery. We, according to this hypothesis, are but instruments in a game we can never be cognizant of, or relatively so, as some can then claim to be gifted, or to have insights into the 'mind of god'.
Another method to reinvent Abrahamic monism.
All is order, or conscious is another way of implying the Abrahamic dogma - all is god.

That some of these deuce-bags have the audacity to use Nietzsche to support their Christianity claims, is beyond the ability to comprehend for a man of integrity.
I, being a man who can empathize with all, including the lowest specimens of humanity, can understand, but not sympathize.  
Empathy is not sympathy...a fox, that runs to a squawking chicken is empathizing, but it is not sympathetic to the chicken's plight.

1:12:50 > But, the Merovingian, does not know either, as is proven in the next scenes.
He may know more of what participated in Neo's presence there, at that time (causality) but he can never know it entirely, otherwise he would be god.
To know "why" is indeed power, over self, first, and then of other.
We, as humans, know why a dog or cat, behaves in the way it does, and so we can predict its future actions, though it, the dog and cat, itself, cannot.
So, a superior mind can know what a inferior mind is, without it knowing what it is itself.
Merovingian's wife catches him being unfaithful, which means the Merovingian himself cannot predict all, as he is also not absolutely aware of past - causality.
He can only be superior, in this regard, to Neo.

1:18:20 > Neo, at this point, is merging Trinity, Himself, and Orpheus, as Father/Son/Holy Ghost - singularity - wholeness of self.
Abrahamic symbolism.

1:19:50 > Allusion to cyclical existence.  

1:19:38 > Unbalanced Equation - no matter how much you know you can never be absolutely certain. The unbalancing force is randomness - chaos, that forces constant readjustment, choices.

1:20:20 > Sixth version - Abrahamic symbol.
No, not choice...chaos (randomness) to which human choice must continuously adapt.

1:21:30 > The illusion of Choice - Nihilistic Paradigm. I can only hypothesize that the Oracle is a representation of the matrilineal Judaic meme, which would fit into the Zion metaphor.
Her feminine "insight" is her genius of intuition that serves the Matrix. she recognizes 'choice'; as the problem, but being Abrahamic she ascribes it to some kind on unbalancing order, as many imbeciles do. It falls "outside" the Nihilistic paradigm, so it cannot be adequately processed.
The Nihilist must hold onto an absolute, whether it is called God, or State, or Truth, or Morality, or Order, or Consciousness.
The concept of chaos, randomness terrifies them. they are Dionysian, only as far as Dionysus has a reason, or Apollo to contain his power.

1:22:10 > Do you want this kind of control, or this kind? - for the slave psychology is only an issue of which master they will serve.
Natural order must be converted to a consciousness because they need a master who is going to understand their human plight.
The idea of an unconscious, indifferent nature, order, is frightening. the idea of no-order, is devastating.

1:22:30 > Indeed, the false presentation of choice is what makes imbeciles believe they are free, and that they live in a democracy, or that they are 'gods' in their own right, masters of their own domain....that they can declare themselves whatever they desire and then impose this belief, on others, using various methods.

1:23:20 >  The 'architect's' range of power is only as far as there is order, which includes organisms who depend on order, and are order manifest as life.
He focuses on the few who become aware of their condition, and must be returned or given a new delusion to subjugate them.

1:24:30 > A new level of control...or a higher level of the Matrix.
The "problem'; of the human condition is that it awakens to its existence as order/chaos.
This is the only way it has free-will, or choice.

1:26:10 > What is being described is Armageddon. Jewish hate of life, existence, nature, as an expression of Nihilism - death wish.

1:27:28 > Right brain, reason, mind ---  Left brain emotion, heart - body.

1:31:16 > Real world - The memetic world has been cast aside, and Neo becomes aware of the physical world which is also based on abstractions.
The holding up of the hand means action can only have consequences in this world, whereas in the noetic nihilistic world thoughts, ideas, theories had power.
One must act, suing the hands and feet, the organs, and not simply sleep and dream and think.
First came the act -  Goethe
Neo crosses the line from mind to body - from meme to gene.
He cannot think, imagine, himself out of difficulty, but must act, using body. The bridge from Idea(l) to Real.
But, the real, is still a representation.
He has extricated himself from an entirely noetic, fantasy, idealistic reality, into a reality where noumenon is still relating to phenomenon, and not determining it.
The movie, being a propaganda piece, implies that he has awakened to reality where his magical powers are still in effect.
He can will the machines to stop.  
The creators return us back to the Nihilistic paradigm, after taking us through a ice cold dip int reality.
They want to teach us a lesson.

1:36:30 > Because the entire thing is a noetic construct, a human fabrication, an ideology, one can break the rules, as one cannot in natural order.
There is nothing outside, natural order, even though natural order is changing.

1:39:00 > Smith, like Marxism, is mechanistic. It is naive. it cannot comprehend the human condition and so it continuously fails,a s will post-modernism.
It is an ideology based on an ideology.

1:40: 20 > The system makes the virus possible.
Smith is Marxism that will destroy the system that birthed it.
Abrahamism as Nihilism.

1:46;17 > They believe in the 'new' the one...the new messiah. The one true saviour.

1:46:30 > The new, one, true Messiah can feel reality. He no longer needs senses, empiricism. He has pure noetic cognition to guide him.
He has become pure idea(l). The one who will save Zion.
The ship's name is 'logos' = word, reason. Reason detached from awareness.
Pure subjectivity.
Only emotion, Trinity will be with him.

1:53:40 > Logos - word.
What will save mankind? God as word.
What will liberate mankind form its limiting, deterministic past, are words, symbols, language.
Man will impose his will upon reality, using the word/symbol.  

1:56:30 > They want 'peace', or an end to agon, conflict, (inter)activity, Flux.
They desire an end to existing.

1:59:00 > Evil - Another Abrahamic symbol,exposing the movie's message.

2:00:00 > Cross -  christian, Abrahamic message complete.d in the cross symbol.
Neo, is the new Christ, or the Judaism first and only Messiah, who comes and destroys the world.

2:02:00 > Resurrection - a recycling of the process.
As long as there are conscious organisms emerging, this process will repeat.
All will be 'free', saved, if they accept this 'truth' into their heart.

2:03:50 > Who is the ONE? - Who is God? You are.
We are all god. God is all.
All is conscious.
That's the message.
The emerging consciousness can be trapped in ego.  

The final question is:
Why was the movie made, given its subversive message?
Is the system suicidal?
Far from it.
This movie deals with the challenges to its dominance.

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PostSubject: Re: Commentary Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:37 am

1:40 - Canada is the future of Globalism.
Brazil, Australia, and the U.S are versions.
European colonization produced this 'meting pot' salad bowl' of genetics/memetics.
Cultures with no identity, no sense of past, resulting in a culture of lost souls, looking for a self.
That many critical minds have risen in Canada is to be expected.
In Canada we see, in real time, what happens when a system becomes central to a heterogeneity, seeking a common binding idea(l).
In Canada the Welfare state is the solution - placating free-radicalization with free money, with free access to narcotics, with free-association, leading to social fragmentation, a coldness, a loss of community.

7:00 - Misreading ideas, books is part of the nihilistic hypocrisy.
misreading Nietzsche has become an epidemic. He is now becoming a Kabbalist, or an Abrahamic, if you detach Christianity from Judaism.
Like Madonna...from whore to deep spiritualist, finding in Kabbalah a deeper, occult Christian spirit.

9:20  - Excellent...they cannot, in fact face-up to reality and the evidence.
How do they ignore and misinterpret Race, for example? They doubt their own senses.
They postpone judgment indefinitely, on the grounds that things are too complex.
They jumble words, to create mysticism, to confuse and retreat in a cloud of rhetoric, implying depth and occult knowledge that discredits human races...etc.  
Ink, is what spineless invertebrates, and/or degenerates, use to escape and evade. Mountains of meaningless symbols/words, triggering some preferred emotional reaction to numb, to quiet the mind, to send it into narcosis, lethargy.

11:30 - Exactly...consensus.
Quantity to compensate for Quality.
All must reach a mutually advantageous agreement.

11:40 - Jewish, convoluted nonsense, to protect self, to use victim identity and build power on weakness.

14:00 - Why is there a market demand, Doolittle asks.
The answer is insufficient. the answer is:
because generations of sheltering have increased codependent unfit traits, that now cannot survive in the world, by engaging reality, and so are attracted to anything that offers them a distance from it, a protection. Because of natural existential anxiety, fear of death.
Hollywood feeds into this anxiety because there's a ready-made demand for the crap it supplies as a narcotic.
The system benefits from this kind of reinforcing of feebleness and idiocy.

15:40 - It also reinforced a romantic idealism about sex. Offering a cleaner version in response to Freud's degenerate expositions that made all feel guilty, ashamed, dirty for loving their own parents.
The erotic mate had to be cleansed of this connection to heritage, and idealized.

23:30 -  Heisman's Suicide note comes to mind. Judaism and Protestantism trap, so called American Conservatives, in the Nihilistic Paradigm of Abrahamism then secularized as Marxist Dialectic....and spread, through American pop fArt to unsuspecting imbeciles the world over - Americanization = Globalization.  

23:45 - Now Traditionalism, Paganism, is still associated with a Abrahamic kind of religious sentiment, or with materialism.
The Right/Left is the dualistic pole of Nihilism = positive Nihilism, projecting into world what it lacks (absolutes), and negative, pure nihilism, preaching non-involvement, suicide, complacency, fatalism.

26:10 - Identity found, via bloodlines, represented by the father, and birthed, coming to be, via the mother, connecting child with a continuum linked by memory - Aletheia: recollection, remembrance - Identity. Self is this continuum, and the ego, the 'I' is its manifestation as presence, appearance.

28:40 - Bland Slate... Pinker will not cross the lines, being a Jew himself.
Reality is selected to be passed on to the students - brainwashing.
Boundaries to science - cognitive, emotional, social...

31:40 - Hopeless for the masses. Not all will be saved, or should be saved.
Only a few, who have already managed to resist the brainwashing and have managed the cognitive leap.

33:20 - Economic growth is not happiness. It is madness.

34:00 - Modern science is dependent on government or private it is controlled and tied to a motive.  

35:40 - Controlling language, controls minds.
This is why reconnecting words/symbols to external phenomena is crucial. A cleansing of the mind from accumulated brainwashing.

38:00 - Doolittle makes a good point.
Accountability has been inverted...we begin by blaming others, when we ought to begin by blaming self, and then proceeding to seeing how others contributed.

40:00 - When you do not repeat the dogma you simply being ignored, marginalized, ridiculed.

41:20 - In the marketplace of ideas, philosophy, you cannot find any specialists that speak contrary to the official dogma.
You either abide by Abraham mysticism, or by Marxist world-views...or you settle for worshiping the nil...waiting to die, because you are too much of a coward to end it yourself. A nihilist with excuses as to why he still lives on - a self-deceiving coward - a hypocrite.
Positive nihilists, at least create a delusion to help them endure what they cannot, or they indulge in drug use, or other forms of escapism, to construct a pleasing, tolerable, to them, alternate reality.
Their hypocrisy and cowardice is creative.

48:50 - The point made here is crucial.
Success, dominance, breeds the environment of its own decline, atrophying. Those raised on abundance of resources and safety, certainty, cannot maintain the principles that made ti possible.

51:00 - Spoiled brats cannot risk costs they have no experience with...all they know are benefits with minimal to no costs.

52:30 - Sex is now about pleasure....pleasure is the objective, the goal that defines all activities, and all identities - Hedonism.
Even world views are defined in terms of pleasure...ennui and relief from it being another way of escaping the suffering of predictability which sheltering produces.
The safety of entertainment, of pop culture, of drug use to correct ennui in relatively safe ways, requiring minimal physical risks.

55:50 - Conservatism has been integrated into the nihilistic paradigm.
moderns choosing between two poles of the same delusion - absolutes order, or absolute chaos.
The absolute remains a given.

57:40 - No a human being is definable by using the same methods we sue to define what make s a canine a dog, or a lion a cat.
What traits defines the species....makes it stand-out form all other species? As a matter of degree.  

58:30 - Because "rights" are idealism...there are no 'rights' in reality.
Nothing is given rights in nature. it's survival of the fittest....might makes right and more importantly as it pertains to why the human species dominated other species, right makes might. to understand, and only to know, is what gave a feeble organism like homo sapient the might to dominate faster, bigger, stronger, species.

1:02:40 - Statistics is how the left warps reality. Statistics can be selectively filtered, and corrupted, and what the statistics mean can be directed.

1:21:00 - Yes a combination of self-deceit and deceit.
You can't be a good liar, if you do not first lie to yourself. A good actor has to believe he is the character he portrays.
A thief has to, at some point, that him taking form others is his if he deserves what they withhold from him. He only takes back, what others have withheld.

1:23:00 - Yes Communism has morphed to ANTIFA, and Marxism is Christianity morphing...and Judaism morphed into Christianity, and the same crap goes on and on: ascending and descending in power.
The liar changes his look, to hide in the crowd.
The thief pretends to be a nobleman, of great standing, to hide his thievery.

1:25:30 - Listen to the criticism of Strauss, as the infection of western mindsets....he is now reinventing Nietzsche to fit into a more secular nihilism...part of his heritage.

I have to get my hands on a book by Tomislav Sunic.
He's making a lot of sense here.

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PostSubject: Re: Commentary Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:18 pm

17:40 - when we are born, we are born in debt.
We have to pay for every meal we will ever eat, every house we will rent or buy, every hospital bill, medication, school we attend. Taxes are the debt being paid down.

19:00 - I split the difference, and place Nature/Nurture as 70%/30%...and I'm being generous, because I think learned behavior simply covers-up genetic dispositions with imitation, and I am more honest when I divide Nature/Nurture as a 80%/20% difference.

20:00 - I name these dispositions personae/character.
Personae/personality is genetic disposition.
Character is learned behaviour, a caricature you begin playing around the teenage years by repressing natural tendencies.

21:30 - They have no moral dimension because that's another issue,dealing with how the group benefits or looses from particular traits and behaviors.
The absence of a one-god, does not make morality subjective. There is no either, it is absolutely universal, because God said so, or it is absolute subjective, because I say so.
There is a third alternative that imbeciles tend to reject, because their minds are trapped in nihilistic paradigms, of absolute good/bad, or absolute order/chaos.
Evolution shows that traits, behaviors can develop, over time, through trial and error.
So, morality is neither a divine creation, nor a personal choice. It is about social behaviour and what sorts of behaviours benefited the integration and harmonious coexistence of individuals within a group. It always arises in social organisms, and is not exclusive to the homo sapient.

22:00 - Yes, anxiety/fear is good, not bad. It is used as an insult by imbeciles who pretend to be fearless, or who use it to force others to surrender, to submit to their idiocy.
All emotions evolved because they benefits the organism - automatic reactions.
it is excess that makes them excessive fear, and love, is what produces neurosis and clinginess, severe dependence.
In all things balance...Hellenic Asceticism.

25:04 - Yes, it goes all the way back. evolved and establishes reactions to particular situations, stimulation. Automated reactions to gain from efficiency a higher degree of effectiveness.

26:40 - He's describing the differences between extroverts, strikers, and introverts, defenders.
Philosophers can only be introverts...and if you sample the great noes you will find that this is almost always the case, because the philosopher has to see the big picture, take into consideration multiple possibilities.

36:00 - Extreme means a mutation that is part of a minority, in relation to the average.

41:00 - Because the brain is more malleable than the body - soft tissue.
An infant is born with more neural connections, and these are slowly weeded away, with usage, leaving the ones most used.

41:30 - and the docile ones begins changing fur colour...stress reduction triggers psychosomatic effects.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Foxes were entirely domesticated - unable to be returned to the wild.
Infantilized - social engineering does the same with humans.

47:40 - Genetics is covered by a layer called memetics - carried by language codes, semiotics.
The underlying genetic disposition is directed, suppressed and/or promoted according to social, group, norms.

52:40 - Genetics establishes inherited qualities, potentials, and the environment fixes them.
Nature delivers the past, as DNA memory, and nurturing cultivates, or lets them wither.
Bell Curve is a measure of potentials.

54:40 - And if the systems gives incentives for race mixing then the gene pool will be reduced to mediocrity, gradually filtering out the potentials that developed in more austere, challenging environments.
The system will then attempt to correct mediocrity, and fail, and then will lower the average, to make more individuals seem above it.

57:40 - Lynch called this Dysgenics.
Those on the lower end of the Bell Curve will have more children, than those on the higher end, because their weaknesses will be corrected by systemic intervention.
Mediocrity will not only increase it will decrease in meaning.

1:04:00 - Because chimpanzees have few words to offer their kids. They hoot and holler....and grunt.
They can spend all their time with their kids never using more than 50 words.

1:08:40 - More focused on getting your next pleasure drug, next fuck.

1:16:00 - The 80/20 rule reflects the Bell Curve distribution.
On the higher and lower there is 20%, and the middle is the 80%.
Genius level = 20%
Imbeciles = 20%
Mediocrity = 80%

1:17:00 - Low levels of IQ and neurosis seem to also have drug addictions.
Neglected kids tend to turn to chemical ways to cope with this neglect.
Narcissism is a symptom of being unappreciated - hyper-inflation compensating for mediocrity, or neglect, not being acknowledged.

1:19:30 - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. I have a few of his books But have yet to read them.
I should.

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PostSubject: Re: Commentary Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:16 pm

Their wearing clothes Europeans invented, they are using Caucasian names, Charles in a millionaire because white dudes paid top dollar to watch him run around dunking a ball into a basket....requiring minimal intelligence.

We know blacks don't work.
Negroes do jobs nobody wants, and they do it as slowly and irresponsibly as possible.
Europeans immigrants worked their ass off when they migrated to North America...blacks tend to fall into welfare, and crime everywhere they go.

Ummm, but Europeans ARE, on average, superior in intellect, to Negroes.

Barkley, a multimillionaire that made his money playing a game, is talking about slaves.

Spencer is not the ideal spokesman for the Alt-Right.

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PostSubject: Re: Commentary Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:39 pm

He is a useful clown to get punched on camera though. By a literal shit-eating cuckold, no less.

nsfw: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

"I do not exhort you to work but to battle; I do not exhort you to peace but to victory. May your work be a battle; may your peace be a victory." -TSZ
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PostSubject: Re: Commentary Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:50 pm

What the fuck... I suppose these types are the ones to be most encouraged to defend the current state of affairs as any, slightest change to it could result in them being thrown out of the window as they are the most despicable, disgusting elements that as a result are most exposed.
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PostSubject: Re: Commentary Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:55 pm

It's exactly how Heidegger felt in regards to Hitler.
Not a perfect representative, but the only one with the psychology to put himself froward.

Now we are all compared to him.

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PostSubject: Re: Commentary Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:41 pm

0:20 - Peterson want to tell you about the private personae, public character division, and how the character is often a fake mask hiding deeper, more vicious repressed behaviours.
Moderns, being naive morons, tend to take the image of the character on face/value, which they then contradict by denying the relevance of appearances.  
They prefer to believe, in their naive stupidity, that the trained monkey's behaviour is a change on its nature, because they do not believe in genetic potentials being inherited but that everything is learned ....a social construct.

0:37 - What we calls rationalism is the minds using binary code - 1/0.
Dualistic simplicity of good/bad.
But existence is not so simple. It is, in fact becoming more complex as time/space expands, and dimensions fragment.  
But life is also more complex than this either/or naive bullshit Modern morons buy into, because ti is simple enough for simpletons.
The mind's binary code is surpassed twofold by the body's four code system.
To the mind the body is a mystery it can only contemplate using metaphors. An alien otherness they cannot identify with. They, trapped in the subjective simplicity, feel alienated from their own spirit...spirit being the sum of all past nurturing, or the sum of all memories.

1:15 : that is, of course, Harriss's big blunder.
The mind's knowledge of its-self, and therefor its self-control is a;ways based on selective knowledge, corrupted by ego, and emotions, and primarily by upbringing.
To know thyself, takes a lifetime, and only in the alter parts of life, if you are smart enough, to you attain a level of self-knowledge to become comfortable with who and what you re.
The majority live and die in total ignorance, or hyper-inflating or deflating themselves.  
This is what creates the master/slave dynamic, where one lying narcissist can gather a flock of desperate, needy, lost, men-children, he can then organize into a movement, or a political party, a philosophical school or a cult that can then become a religion...

5:00 - I'm not an atheist, per se, but it all depends on how you define God.
The way Abrahamics and Nihilists define it, as an absolute, leaves me unconvinced, and antagonistic toward this form of world denial...but I also know that the average moron, out there, needs the absolute to remain sane, so I advocate religion, in the abrahamic sense, for the masses.
They crave it. Even when they overcome the Abrahamic traditions they replace the void with another secular system of absolutes.

7:58 - the modern myth of the noble Savage is still part of our modern discourse.
Morons insist on the delusion that it is culture that corrupts individuals, and makes do vile things.  
They love the idea of it all being correctable, with some edumucation, some proper nurturing. They advocate a form of soft eugenics, but deny such a thing if you expose them.
They have to believe that everything they disprove of is a social construct because then they can justify intervening and socially constructing an alternative.
Without this myth they would be exposed as pollutants, intervention upon natural processes, contradicting them to the point of self-extermination.  
They need to believe that their eugenics, their social engineering is 'good' eugenics, because it has good motives, and good ideals.
This is classic post-modernity and Marxism.

8:18 - Moderns refuse to study nature, and our closest relatives, because that would settle their issues on the 'wrong side'. they prefer to live in ignorance, and naivete, or to be trapped in linguistic conundrums, refusing to exit them, or to use the natural world as a way our of their self-feeding subjectivity.
Their language is a loop, referring back to the mind that produced it, in an endless and comforting recycling cycle they call 'God'.
Referring and deferring to nature would shatter their dreams, and make thir ideal seem infantile.

9:13 - Synergy is an advantage that demands a self-sacrifice to attain power in association.
This is what makes the organic body possible. It is made up of multiple organisms cooperating in a relatively balanced unity. This is where a balance between masculine and feminine traits is essential, because pure maleness is brutal and crass, and it ultimately fails when confronted with a group.
The political, leader, displays his dominance without making it obvious. He flatters, makes the other feel part of the decision process, like his opinion matters. If he's gifted he controls and directs without the others knowing it. This requires a good amount of feminine social guile.

9:40 - Language evolved as a form of grooming.
We humans establish and maintain hierarchies, within groups using symbols/language.
specialized language separates us form other similar groups, giving us a sense of belonging.  

14:20 - So the gene relating to the environment, establishes cooperative groups which demand a hierarchy structure.
The hierarchy structure, over time, settles upon particular traits, becoming shared ideals.
This is what develops into a meme.
The meme is particular to the environment and how a particular segment of a population, a species, adjusted its behaviour, over time, because ti was successful in maintaining the cooperative unity and its survival.
This is why memes are gene specific and perform poorly when transferred to a genetic population with a different past - different genetic memory: spirit.
The final outcome of an entire past cannot harmonize with a different past if it is transplanted.
This is why Muslims can never adapt to western Democracies. They can self-repress and pretend, but the political system, with its specific ideals, is not part of their genetic past....they feel alien to its principles.
This is also why Hellenism cannot be adopted by a people who evolved in a different part of the world, and have different historical memories embedded in their DNA.
They may learn to discipline themselves to the basic tenets, but they can never be part of its spirit.
They may adjust the meme to their genetic pasts, but the fit will always be a poor one, because it did not evolve over huge amounts of time/space, due to the interplay between a tribe and a specific environment.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν

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PostSubject: Re: Commentary Thu Nov 02, 2017 8:48 pm

apaosha wrote:
He is a useful clown to get punched on camera though. By a literal shit-eating cuckold, no less.

nsfw: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Yeah, one of the deciding factors which pushed me away from the left is how they will tolerate or even glorify things which I find repulsive on a very visceral level. I just couldn't bear to be on the same side with shit-eating cuckolds.
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My commentary on this (left to creator):
The only problem with this is our strengths and ourselves are in flux - and ignorance plays a big role in our own weaknesses. There's wisdom in presuming oneself ignorant or weaker than one already is, so that it evokes a response to become stronger. But, that's not authentic to our own perceptions of ourselves when we're put on the "back foot" - when we hunker down our dispositions so that the self-attack or flagellation ceases and we finally put the fruits of it to use. It's when we treat the flagellation by another as being our own, losing the distinction between self and other, that it becomes a disgusting eroticism. This is what happens with the Abrahamic mind, as they treat the whips by others as if it were from something that's friendly to themselves: Satan, controlled by their Deity. They say that God only punishes the ones he loves, in their bible - it's the same attitude.

I don't think you're trying to justify this sort of attitude, but I can see your account as being used by others to justify this. Kierkegaard says to suffer the flagellation as part of being the Solitary Individual, against the realm of Reason (Kant/Enlightenment), then atheists like Sartre said to liberate oneself from God (but this was inauthentic, since it rid oneself of humility to being a subject, with a subjective experience), and Heidegger then called this out and said to countenance God and His death by becoming through "Being".

I personally hover, in manifestation, between Christ and Paganism. Atheism leaves nothing but a scorched earth which no one can authentically inhabit, as Heidegger revealed and as I mentioned (it rids oneself of humility to seeing oneself as a subject, who has no final claim on the future just by mere thought).

Today especially, it's harder than ever to rid oneself of a master-slave morality because of how involved community is in your destination as a person. However much a 'superior mind' may want to become independent, it faces having to create or exist in an environment where it can express its preference. At least for me, this is very difficult to accomplish without lying, feeding lies to the public in order to keep them away and create solitude. Going 'into the mountains' and 'away from the marketplace' is very difficult with an ever expansive government and technology which will probably soon have the capability of monitoring the whole global surface accurately to within a millimeter width. Preparing for that future means making sure those who control such technology will not care to look at you, less than them not being capable. Right now that means the creation of an ethnostate wherein one can have expectations of them protecting your privacy from outside lookers-in, and them not caring to look in in such a way they seek to repress you and limit your conscience. It's an important question if such privacy can be achieved in this 'multicultural' or multiethnic dream. So long as there exists a significant group of people incapable of this sort of isolation, the immune response by a government will be to become totalitarian because of the conflict it would create between those who can and those who cannot hold themselves accountable at some shared and fundamental level.
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