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 The Island of Israel, History of the Jews, and, Holocaust - Real or Fake?

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PostSubject: The Island of Israel, History of the Jews, and, Holocaust - Real or Fake? Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:56 pm

I am encountering some videos saying the Holocaust is fake. I used to watch Moon conspiracy videos but I could come to no real conclusion whether the moon landing was real or fake. I fear I will never know for sure if the Holocaust was real or fake. Can someone convince me one way or the other?

Youtube has become censored, for example a girl posted a video saying she thought Hitler was a hero and Holocaust was fake, and she adored Hitler for trying to help animal rights so much. Her videos were mysteriously banned a month later.

Personally I don't know if the Holocaust is real or fake, and I don't want to anger any Jews. So I will say this...

If I am world ruler of the world I will not slaughter the Jews like Hitler allegedly did. I will only punish Jews guilty of war-crimes. So I want to talk about the Island of Israel.

The Island of Israel is an Island. It does not have to follow the Rules of Humanity. Due to a population brainwashed into Jxian belief systems, the population irrationally feels affection towards Israel, due to a religious brainwashing instilled positive emotions between Christians and Jews at an early age. Relatable to each other with the idea of shared Old Testament heroes and stories.

Israel is an Island, it can do whatever it wants, its moral code ordained by God himself. It can do war crimes against Palestine.

Now normally, I wish the Muslim religion didn't exist, thus on paper I want war to happen in Israel. When I think of war and them wiping each other out, I feel like this.
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But then I think about the horror of war and the bloody bodies. Then I start to feel sadness and compassion. I start to cry. By God if I was in a war and my enemy came to me, crawling in blood, I would nurse him to health. Then I would give him an ultimatum, join me or die, and if he would not join me, I would shoot him in the head.

But in my head I just imagine it as "bloop" they're gone, no pain or anything, just disappeared. What's wrong with that? There is no suffering. I wouldn't do it to every Jew in Israel, only the evil jews.

Now what bothers me is how Israel is allowed to do whatever it wants and do warcrimes and noone cares. It's just how rigged it is that bothers me. Everything is rigged, the UN is rigged, everybody is rigged.

Donald trump is rigged and a Jew supporter, its all rigged for Israel. My friend trolled me and said Hillary would have warred with Israel and my eyes lit up...I felt like a fool that should have voted for Hillary. Then I googled it and my heart sank. Hillary was a die-hard supporter of Israel. They all are. All were. It's all rigged for Israel. No way to win. No way to win.

And that is why when I said if I was world ruler of the world, I had a plan to appease the Jews. I know that the Jews will always rule the world. But if we appease them, and make criminals their slaves, they may allow us some power to self-govern ourselves without their diabolic influence. My plan is to get rid of prison, and just force criminals to be the slaves of some jews, as a peace offering to the jews so the jews will show us mercy.

If you believe the Bible, the Bible proves the wickedness of the jews. The story of Joseph, 11 brothers conspired to betray their own brother and make him a slave. This is 11/12 Jews have the genetics of wickedness in their DNA. These 11 brothers are the fathers of all jews, if you believe the Bible. If you believe the Bible it means in 11/12 jews lurks an evil, conniving wickedness of betrayal. And if you watch Jakob from the forums he betrayed me, attacked me when I was nothing but nice to him, but it's just living in his DNA.
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PostSubject: Re: The Island of Israel, History of the Jews, and, Holocaust - Real or Fake? Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:52 pm

Exaggerated and exploited to manipulate victim status, as the one and only 'chosen' to suffer, on behalf of the one and only God.
The one all other tribes rejected.

This creates a paradox:
How to exploit a strength gained by the manipualtion of weakness.
How to apply power that is based on the status of powerlessness.

The secret is identity. To distance self from the identity that used powerlessness to gain power, by emotionally, memetically, exploiting those who feel powerless.
Need for detachment form past, is what splintered the original memetic virus, from the modern secular strains.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν
μηδέν άγαν
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The Island of Israel, History of the Jews, and, Holocaust - Real or Fake?
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