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 Philosophy of ART

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PostSubject: Philosophy of ART Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:15 am

Mind reflecting external/internal, or any degree of synthesis between the two, representations.

Two sources of data coming into the brain via the nervous system, with the brain being the processing hub:
Esoteric - cells, participating in organizations called organs, interacting with each other.
Exoteric - phenomena, patterns organized in unities or participating in incidental congruence, interacting with each other, and the medium (light, atmosphere) via which the sense organs are stimulated, beginning the process of interpretation, and transmission via the nervous system, and reintegration in the brain into sensations, images, and in more sophisticated brains into noetic construct called abstractions.

In the brain the esoteric and exoteric mix and mingle, and are often combined together, and to varying degrees, into the abstractions.
Therefore only higher minds can create art.
This is both the benefit and the danger entailed in art.
Via the nervous system it is integrated and via the nervous system it is returned to the external world in the form of action: movement, translated into a new medium like stone, like colour on canvas, like patterned atmospheric vibrations called music: art work.
The art work represents the artist's synthesis of his own external and internal sources of data gathers and processed into abstractions.
It is the representation of his abstractions, translated into a new medium and through it into another's nervous system.

This synthesis can be confused for the real, or can be used to manipulate the lower mind with metaphors and images that trigger memories, feelings, sensations.

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Philosophy of ART
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