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PostSubject: rebrand. Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:58 am

Been a while since I been heavily focused on philosophy, but I said I'll sit down, write something, do something productive. Some may say it's bullshit, but I simply sit at the computer and write. I don't think this will be my best post, or my worst post.

Some may not agree, some may say it's bullshit. Fine by me, but don't take it personally. 99% of the people I know I don't agree with their views. Basically I don't agree with most people's views on anything. Suspect

So like, I see what you are trying to do there with the whole "feminization of man" thing but I see it somewhat differently. I get why you came to that conclusion though.

What I'm saying is I see the "feminization of man" idea but I'm rebranding it to "subjugation of man" because it's more accurate that way. What I mean is this.

I'll be sitting down, watching wild west shows from the 50's. I know what you are gonna say, that it's tv, not real, I get it. But when I see these shows I see women getting angry at tyranny. They get hysterical and tell their man to "Fight him, bla bla bla, dont let the cruel man ruin the town, bla bla bla, stand up to him, you've got to Johnny, you've just got to, bla bla bla." And the man is the calm one saying, "Nah, I'm in it for the money, there are always gonna be bad men, leave them alone." Basically the woman gets hysterical at tyranny and the man doesn't give a shit until it affects him. Sort of like Luke Skywalker. Luke Skywalker wanted to join the empire and be a nobody, until they pissed him off, then all of a sudden he wants to be a hero and save the galaxy.

The whole "me 2" movement is an example of this, women get outraged at what they believe to be an injustice, men really don't give a shit. Because honestly who gives a shit, someone got molested, nobody gives a shit, there are worse problems in the world, why the fuck do I need to care if some rich asshole got molested. cyclops

Basically what I'm saying is this. Feminization is like my little pony. It's a distinct energy. It is a positive energy. I will explain. Society is not exactly being feminized. What's happening to it is different. It is being neutralized. Subjugated. Here's what I mean. I watch my little pony and I feel feminized. Then I turn on the Liberal television. The feminization goes away and I start to feel toxic. This toxic feeling is actually masculine. But clearly it wouldn't make sense to say "society is undergoing masculinization". Because clearly what is is happening, such as taking away freedoms from ordinary men, doesn't sound very masculine on paper. So I call it the "subjugation" of mankind.

Firstly I want to explain what my thoughts are of "Domestication." Society is not being domesticated but subjugated. In order to domesticate an animal it must be groomed, soothed. A dog must be petted and loved. But there is no love in this world. Many people do not get petted or anything. Thus they are not being domesticated, but still forced to obey. Thus it is subjugation not domestication. Under the mask of civilization there is deep seated resentment. No real loyalty, such as what you would expect from a domesticated animal.

Muslims are not very masculine. All the moslems I see either look very manly or very cute men. And they have sexy feminine voices like michael jackson. Second first of all what kind of a manly man would be on his knees 5 times a day praying to a god. Manly men ain't got time for that fairy tale shit. And what kind of manly man would commit violence in the name of obedience to some god. A manly man would form his own ideals, form his own reality, and do violence for his own personal reasons. He would understand the reasons America is hated, and not conflate it and give nonsensical religious reasons, and not blindly do it ignorance.

So I saw this article saying moslems dont want to be feminized by sitting on a couch watching american tv...First of all moslems are already feminized as it gets, it is taboo to be creative and taboo to disobey, taboo to speak your mind, they are on their knees 5 times a day to a fairy tale god. Thus to explain the modern state of American society I would not use the word feminized but toxic, modern society is very toxic. I mean just look at all the garbage and toxic chemicals they put in American food. Personally I think feminization is a good thing, kind of feels spiritual to me. Personally I dont think banning guns is actually feminization, while it is true that women are afraid of guns, if a woman tries to ban a gun that means she is abandoning her feminine state and trying to be a man and tell everybody what to do. Actually too many man making up laws and rules and too many women trying to be men and telling men how to act. Personally I find the phenomenon of the modern man to be bizzare, they aren't transsexual yet their voices sound like women. They are like subjugated animals with no identity. Also american women on TV have the most bizarrely annoying and unsexy voices, its almost like a variant of the "valley girl" voices but turned more irritating.

If you don't agree with it that's fine. Just my 2 cents.

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