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 VRChat Revolution

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There Will Be Blood


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PostSubject: VRChat Revolution Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:45 pm

Ive been spending some time over the past few months playing Oculus Rift related games... and its having an impactful effect on my psyche, to the point of out of body experiences and drastically more vivid+imaginative dreams.

The most immersive of them, and immersiveness is the goal, would be VRchat - with a Second Life type of interface where in you can only hear other avatars that your 1st person avatar is physically near. I think that feature enables you to really feel like you are actually there.
Enter to get a piece of retardation and degeneracy, but mostly unthought bizarreness of random strangers.

I was just in this courtroom with five hentai avatars that had prepubescent British voices who were seriously and pretty intelligently role-playing an actual trial, with some guy in the audience section reminiscing about the things he used to do when he was their age and how things have changed - what the world had come to.

There's an extremely childlike joy and playfulness to it all. In short very much the beginning of something of I know not the result.

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PostSubject: Re: VRChat Revolution Tue Apr 10, 2018 9:49 pm

Your avatar looks like my friend's wife and its creeping me out.

This is the future of interpersonal relationships.

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VRChat Revolution
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