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 The Temple of Time

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PostSubject: The Temple of Time Thu May 17, 2018 4:45 pm

The Shopping mall is the Temple of Time. It shows times past, of long ago. Shops open, and shops fade away, fading away into memory. Human mammals hustle and bustle to and fro. All different from one another and futile. The human race is made plain to see, their movements made transparent. They are but a blip in space. Words cannot explain, one must witness the shopping mall for oneself.

And as the years go by the Mall withers. Fades. What was once the grandest thing of modernity, is now betrayed and made to ruin by the newer elements. Shopping mall the only thing connecting us to a shared legend. But even the temple of Time cannot withstand Time itself. Once the Virtual Realms are here, the shopping mall will fade into the past, superceded by the Virtual Realms. Whether the Virtual Realms will be any good, only time will tell.

Human life is futile and cannot escape Death. There is an overwhelming futility and insignifcance of the human species. The Virtual Realms have the possibility of being dystopian or utopian. It has the possibility of being soulless and vaccous, or grand.

There is a fading Joy in life. Will the Virtual Realms plunge us even further down the abyss, or rekindle the fire we once had in our spirits?

One thing is for certain. People are not as kind as they once were. Saturated in violence and disturbances the purity in their hearts has been trampled. Society can never be what it once was. The Internet has been the single worst and best thing that happened to mankind.

Like the Tree of Knowledge, it brings great insight, but at a cost of losing one's innocence. The trauma of the internet leaves many broken and shattered minds. Social media, such as Facebook, it is a cesspool of negative energy, an energy drain caused by a gathering of uncivilized savages.
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PostSubject: Re: The Temple of Time Thu May 17, 2018 5:12 pm

The Mall is the modern equivalent of the agora...the town square, where the city folk gathered to gossip share stories, thoughts, and to buy and sell.
Thoughts were moved into more private areas, like symposiums, because they quickly realized that mass participation ruins all discussions
Children and women, are distractions, morons lower the discussion to their level.
So, men began to gather in private areas, by invitation only.
Lyceums, colleges, were also a place where students and adult intellectuals could exchange ideas, mostly the older towards the younger.

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The Temple of Time
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