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PostSubject: WHY TESTOSTERONE IS TRUTH Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:35 pm

1. It causes caps lock.
Except so does estrogen.

2. Burninatin'. Testosterone is a bit like a burning sensation. Burns the fat. A man on fire is a man of rage. A man of rage got nothin' to lose.

alice cooper wrote:
Alice Cooper has claimed that there are no modern rock'n'roll stars because today's crop of musicians don't have any “testosterone”.

3. Got nothin to lose. A burnin' man got nothin to lose. A man of lust is a like a Fighter plane Goin down to a Burnin ring of fire. The display is spectacular. Its like watchin a smokin' ww2 plane slowly fallin into the Earth before it explodes in a spectacular firesphere of the insane rage of the Phoenix.

4. A man whos got nothin to lose is a man of truth, or a man of the most exquisite lies. When lies are sufficiently exquisite they can be said to be a reality of its own, a truth within its own context.

5. Women got everything to lose. That is why they are self-censoring, censoring themselves. Estrogen is self-censoring. It is a filter. That is why women dont make racist jokes, because they are afraid of hurting their own feelings, or gettin' judged. But a man on fire has got nothing to lose. What does a flaming fighter pilot have to lose? His plane is on fire and hes about to go boom boom.


6. This is not to say estrogen causes lies. It just causes weaker, more diluted truths.

7. Also, not to say all men are men of truth. Masculine jock men, are men of lies, why because they are perhaps too happy with the fact their plane is on fire. Too happy with their lives, their career, their sports, their wife, etc. to have any desire to explore truth.

8. This is not to say that hormones are the deciding factor. Someone can be a strong mind, and speak truth despite one's chemical brain chemistry. In this sense bullying promotes truth, as abuse strengthens the mind to rebel against other's dogmas.

Why because I got high one time. My weed buddy was speakin' delusions, fallacies, while I was speakin' truth. The simple fact is I am a superior being, one of the most superior beings on this planet, actually, and if you want philosophy, you better come to me.
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