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 Cuck Corner with Astropithicus Apithicus

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PostSubject: Cuck Corner with Astropithicus Apithicus Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:06 am

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Hello I am Astropithicus Apithicus and for today's episode we will explore what it means to be a cuck, and a post-modern critique of Jay-Z's brilliant masterpiece, "Apes**t".

This brilliant work of our times can only be said to be that of a brilliant genius and it is a true lodestone of our times.

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Quote :
Setting “Apeshit” in the Louvre is more than just a flex: It’s a dramatic expansion of the type of culture normally presented in this elite space, one where people of color have long felt excluded, unwelcome, and unrepresented.

Hmm, but in 1793, blacks were allowed in this space.
"But in 1793, on the first anniversary of the overthrow of the French monarchy and the establishment of the Republic, the Louvre was declared a state museum, property of the people and freely accessible to all"
I guess they got the memo 200 years too late?

Quote :

With “Apeshit,” they take this imagery a leap forward, literally taking over a former French palace and adding to its collection by creating their own work of art.
Yes, a leap forward, that is if you mean 180 degree turn backward.

Quote :
swagger, strut, and pose their way through the the world’s most visited museum and the world-famous high temple of European fine art.
Yes because swagger, strut, and profane lyrics are the quintessence of fine art.

Quote :

rap music
Revolutionary. They are really hitting it to "the man", by showing that fame and fortune is the main thing that matters in life. Also hitting it to "the man", by entering a white museum, which allowed blacks since 1793.

Quote :
If you escaped what I escaped, you’d be in Paris getting fucked up, too.
And what did you escape exactly? Living in a black city? "Negroes in paris", so to speak?
It seems to me that what you are saying, is that you do not enjoy living in black cities.

Quote :
Or the Napoleon who reestablished slavery in the French Empire in 1802, eight years after the Republic had abolished it, subjecting enslaved Blacks in the Caribbean (and the territory of Louisiana, sold to the United States the following year) to decades of further oppression and brutality.
Thats bad. But also what's bad is that blacks were doing slavery, long before the "white devil" ever entered their sacred african lands. The africa dudes still continued to praise slavery even after the 1840's, one african king went on that slavery was one of the sacred gems of african society, and he practically worshipped slavery as part of god's divine plan of africa.

Quote :

In 1991, vandals “executed” a marble statue of Josephine in a public park in Martinique, cutting off her head and splashing her torso with blood. The statue has never been repaired, and still stands in its mutilated state, a visceral reminder of the violence inherent in the value systems that created white aesthetic ideals.

Right. Because no other race is violent at all. Native Americans are not violent, Asians are not violent, Africans are not violent, even though Africans genocide each other every day and stone homosexuals every day, africans are holy saints, gods, victims of the evil white devil, Whites are the only violent race and a stain of blood on this earth.

Tell me more about Sharia law, and how feminism ought to defend sharia law, as part of women's rights against racism.
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Cuck Corner with Astropithicus Apithicus
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