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 banning muslims

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PostSubject: banning muslims Wed Aug 01, 2018 10:05 am

Best thing trump ever did as president is ban muslims. Fuck feminist/equality-people cucks who respect islam.

Islam is the antithesis of feminism and equality, therefore feminism/equality cucks are the antithesis of logic.

Here's why banning muslims is good. Terrorism. The average white or christian terrorist, grabs an AR15 and shoots up a school. That I can handle. But what I can't handle, is the idea of some basement dwelling muslim eating falafels all day, building a nuke. I have this image in my mind of some angry jihadist in a basement, building a nuke to blow up a city. We need to defend against this. I can handle minor terrorism but there is no way to save myself from a nuke. If I could go back in time I'd shoot whoever invented the nuke and murder all of his coworkers.

People say we needed a nuke to stop hitler. But hitler already lost, ran out of oil and we never nuked hitler. So lets say the japanese won ww2. So be it. World of anime, sushi and hentai, at least we can live in peace and sleep at night not being afraid of being nuked.

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banning muslims
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