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 Racial purity in conquest

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Racial purity in conquest Empty
PostSubject: Racial purity in conquest Racial purity in conquest EmptyFri Jan 25, 2019 7:07 pm

I know practically we're far away from conquering anything as we haven't even secured basic survival, much less in a position to think about expansion, but, you know... my mind wanders. Can't help it. The only thing I ever think about is how to establish dominance over territory and expand it.

Inspired by this scene, which has been linked already in movies thread:

Say that we make our group powerful and as a consequence manage to invade and conquer another group and take their territory - a sandnigger country rich with oil f.e.. Obviously the men would be exterminated or enslaved (preferably the former IMO), but some white men of weaker principles might get the idea to start procreating with sandnigger bitches. I think this is a really bad idea - if you conquer a group, they are most likely inferior in some significant way, or they wouldn't be conquered. This means their women are no less inferior than their men - they are the kind of women who produce these weak kind of men whom we conquered. And in a way, you are partially getting cucked by the men you conquered, as by fucking their women, you are helping further their genes too to an extent, because they have similar genes to their women.

So the most efficient thing to do is to kill or sterilize the women too and populate the territory with our own women when the situation is secure.

It's also somewhat ironic how women are supposed to be genetic filtering mechanisms, yet in many such scenarios it is precisely women who perpetuate weakness. Or rather, the men who choose to mate with inferior women.
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Racial purity in conquest
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