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 Down And Out In Seattle WA

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PostSubject: Down And Out In Seattle WA Wed Aug 17, 2011 6:42 pm

Tomorrow I have a job interview for a fancy bar by the bay of the ocean here in Seattle.

I'm hoping to get it because it's a big tourist attraction which getting a job there for me means big boku money.

$50,000.00 gross a year working in a bar sounds pretty nice to me.

If all else fails I got this sweet temp gig Monday afternoon which I think I'm almost guaranteed a job there.

Not sure what sort of job I can get with them but at this point my level of desperation doesn't allow me to be picky.

Met a new friend this week where we've started becoming a highly effective team working together when it concerns our own thieve and con guild. Me and him are supposed to be getting a apartment together next week in one of the suburb portions outside the city.

He knows what I'm all about where he said that he wants to go into business with me to which I accepted.

Me and him have thought about recruiting more members into our gang to which the possibilities are quite endless in what we can do. Smile

Infact I've met alot of pissed off unemployed intelligent men who are thinking the same things that I have been where if one was so gifted to have the right sort of leadership skills one could shape their anger into a pretty effective and organized gang.

The thousands of angry men one finds all over the United States makes me wonder how such rage could be coordinated and directed. Laughing

In the last couple of days I had to move from one shelter to another. The first homeless shelter I lived in over a period of days I came to have hundreds of bed bug bites all over my back, arms, stomach, and legs.

The morning I woke up with all those bites all over my flesh has since then been classified mentally in memory for me as one of terror.

Since then I have moved to a better one in a basement of a cathedral without all the bed bugs.

Had a interesting expirience in the city last night. Imagine being dehydrated wandering miles on foot from one end of the city to the other in which from one business to the next you are denied a cup of water without money. Mad

I guess their business outlook is that without money for their convenience you must die of thirst outside of their place of operations.

Oh, yes I've expirienced the sweet apathy of human beings at a firsthand account.

It took about the seventh business establishment after looking to finally allow me quench my thirst.

Fuck you Starbucks!

One thing about being homeless is that you get to look at the social operations of human beings from the outside in your distinguished outcastment. It's all rather interesting.

As of yesterday I have about $00.00 left to my name. I'm living the dream.
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PostSubject: Re: Down And Out In Seattle WA Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:16 pm

I'm just happy to hear you're living again where you should be- on the edge Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Down And Out In Seattle WA Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:57 pm

Poison IV wrote:
I'm just happy to hear you're living again where you should be- on the edge Cool

Oh, I'm definately living on the edge my dear. Once I'm done reinventing myself the world hasn't seen nothing yet.

The new and improved Joker the world as a whole won't be able to handle.

Once I'm back on my feet again I'm going to have me some fun. Cool

Twisted Evil Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Down And Out In Seattle WA Thu Aug 18, 2011 8:22 pm

I think my new street comrades are going to betray me soon especially with their more recent behavior of disloyalty. I suppose the old proverb of no honor and loyalty amongst thieves was one with a very specific clear message afterall.

It's alright though. I've seen their betrayal in a way coming for some time now in which I have no problem parting because I have learned everything I need from them to revert with my own planned individual criminal activities. I'm more of a solitary act anyways.

My own planned sense of operations will be ten times better than theirs anyways and more effective.

Today I followed a job opportunity working at some fancy bar club resort. They will only give me a job as a bus boy working thirty hours a week. (Meh.)

I suppose having no money and being homeless I will take the job where perhaps I'll get another part time job working at nights when it concerns increasing my income.

Then again I have another interview for a industrial temp agency Monday afternoon that might get me a fulltime job in which I'll tell the bar to go fuck themselves altogether. Only time will tell what I will do.

Fairly recently I have found a new hobby where I go to very public spots and locations where I study human behavior to which such areas have become my new studying grounds.

I'm starting to like studying people's behavior constantly ease dropping in on their conversations dissecting their very brains.

Today I was given by a homeless church group a free pair of black dress slacks and a Armani shirt for my job interview. Moving amongst the human sheep in the downtown area I felt a confidence I have never had before as I blended within them as a wolf dressed up in sheep clothing.

All that is needed now is to mask their behaviors, mannerisms, activities, minds, and so on to which after mastering all of that the hunting will begin.

For the first time I have come to like my social invisibility seeing it as a gift of all the wonderful things I can do for myself in the future with it.

Wearing that clothing, did anybody know who I was or what I did for a living? No they didn't.

Infact I could be anybody wearing such apparel where if I wanted to with my aspiration of becoming a professional con artist I could very well pretend to be anybody I wanted to with the right mental pursuasion.

The smart wolf never allows himself to be known, perceived, or seen as a wolf where instead rather methodically he camouflages himself to be just another sheep member of the herd that he is preying upon.

I've learned to like social conformity on some levels in that I've learned to use it as a weapon against itself by masking behind it to fulfill my own selfish egotistical vendettas.

Slowly but surely I'm reinventing myself so that in the end I become a smarter and more stronger lone wolf.

This temporary situation of becoming homeless in Seattle has not broke me or made me weaker.

Au contraire it has only made me stronger and more smarter where I have tested myself in my very individual limits of existing when it concerns losing it all.

Now all I do is look for all the various weaknesses of the social hierarchy, government, and authorities with all their various security measures where I will make it a sport looking for all their holes or cracks to which I can slip right by through. Laughing

I'm enjoying myself and the world around me like I have never done before.

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PostSubject: Re: Down And Out In Seattle WA

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Down And Out In Seattle WA
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