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 Schizophrenia (Another Look)

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PostSubject: Schizophrenia (Another Look) Wed Nov 09, 2011 2:59 am

I think schizophrenia can just as easily result from too much reality as it can from too little.

I used to work with a man who had schizophrenia.

It wasn't primarily physiological, for he developed it in prison, in his early 30s.

You see, prison was a little too much reality for him, so he developed paranoid schizophrenia, or at least that's my theory. An overestimation of danger, an inability to calm down, relax, and let his guard down. An obsession with the prospect of an early demise, a mind on hyper altert mode, unable to mentally and emotively turn off, unable to accurately assess, interact with and interpret reality.

He falsely believed every prisoner and security guard was out to get him. Now, a few of them might have been, but not all of them.

He would attack fellow inmates, including his friends and cell mates, without provocation and without mercy. In his mind, it was shank or be shanked, get them before they get you. The prison doctors prescribed him medication, and he hasn't been off medication since, except briefly, and with dire repercussions. His symptoms return, he perpetually believes people from his past, people he wronged, people who wronged him, are out to get him. He sees them everywhere, so it's best he stays on the meds. He would hear voices, telling him, so and so is out to get him, mistake rustling in the bushes for someone hiding in them, waiting to leap out and exact their revenge. He wasn't particularly sheltered before prison either, oh contraire, infact he had a tough upbringing.

Also, multiple personality disorder, another form of delusion, or disassociation, can result from too much reality, and often does. Too much negativity all at once, such as a man/woman losing their wife/husband and/or children in a car accident. If people are unable to cope, they split from reality, or a portion of it, and escape into fantasy.

Now, you could say, well, that's because blah blah blah, the man who lost his wife or child had been pampered, was a wuss, blah blah blah, he should've regularly read the obituaries and frequented the morgue, familiarized himself with literature on mortality, joined the army, and took hunting lessons, he was too sheltered, too soft, blah blah blah.. but I'm sorry, everyone has their breaking point, and no amount of reality can prepare one for suffering the loss of a family member, or several family members all at once or consecuively.

Can we really blame one who's suffered so for physiologically and psychologically turning off, tuning in and droping out to an artificial, synthetic, virtual world of their own construction and imagination? I think not. Sheltered minds and hearts are certainly more hypersensitive to negative stimuli, minds and hearts who live a comfortable, luxurious and leisurely existence, locked away in their palaces, their ivory towers and what not, like little fairy tale princess, but even the strong can only endure so much trauma, all at once or consecutively. I watched a documentary where a man lost half his family and somehow, literally overnight, subconsciously, physiologically and psychologically cealed himself off from his.. former self, quarantined him, and created a new identiy, and lived the rest of his life as a woman, absolutely convinced he was not a man, absolutely convinced he had lived a different life, aloof, amnesic and oblivious of his true life.

So, perhaps too much or too little reality, too much or too little negativity can result in schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder. Too much or too little of anything is a negative, anti life thing, the key is to find the, Aristotelian golden mean, but Satyr places activity and reality above passivity and fantasy. The world requires balance. Harmonize the poles, or you might snap from exhaustion and fatigue.

Also, I'm going to mention this even though Satyr won't like it, of course this is just reflection of my decadent psychology and not reality, so It'll be an interesting exhibition for him to poke and prod nonetheless. It is possible schizophenics are in contact with realities and entities imperceptible to us. It is possible, I'm not saying it is true, or even likely, just speculating.

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PostSubject: Word of Advice Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:10 am

Oh, btw Satyr, it's ok to kick back and let lose once in a while, sit down on the couch, watch your favourite show, friends (it's ok I won't tell), whilst eating potato chips, smoking dope and playing with your balls, you don't have to hunt polar bears, tigers, and beat yourself with a pain stick whilst reciting passages from Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and the Bhagavad Gita, or plant bombs underneath government buildings, you can chill now and then, dude, it's ok, man. All that hate, all that fear, need want, and worry.. you could catch cancer or a heart attack..
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PostSubject: Re: Schizophrenia (Another Look) Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:17 am

I'm fucking with you Satyr (if that's possible), I know you're passionate about your philosophy, and even though it is not my own, I can take some things from it, and respect you for having principles and staying true to them, and above all, to yourself.

You are a true philosopher in every sense of the word, and it is a shame so few appreciate you. Your light is so bright it blinds those who have lived their whole lives in darkness, your fire is anathema to their dark, shallow coldness.. their hollowed emptiness. I think I'm one of the few here and on iLP who appreciates you, for my inner light is so bright I am not blinded by yours, which is brighter than mine, but can admire and bask in it's radiance. In addition, I'm not loyal to the system, I have nothing at stake in it.

You are a genius ahead of your time, you have erected a carefully crafted, systematic philosophy, and a unique one at that, well done, but I'm affraid you may not be appreciated for decades or centuries after your death, but then, who needs appreciation from those who will not dare to gaze upon your essence now, for it has not been certified and sanitized by the establishment.

Here is a Camus, a Nietzsche, a Voltaire walking among us and no one but a few pay him any heed, except to mock and ridicule his authenticity and genius.

Shame on humanity.

I know you did not write your Liturgy and other works for me, but to gain allies to rebel for your cause, nonetheless I thank you for posting it and wish you luck with your mission, and although I'm not sure I agree with the totality of your ideals, if it were ever implemented in the real world, I'm sure it would be at least no worse than the world we presently inhabit. Then again, I could be wrong... intriuging ideals and visions, no less.
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PostSubject: Re: Schizophrenia (Another Look) Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:45 pm

Guest wrote:

well done, but I'm affraid you may not be appreciated for decades or centuries after your death,
Not true, Satyr is a living legend. Even the mods at ILP fear him. KT will be erected in the annals of internet lore, and naturally, ILP along with it, as both a byproduct, and a catalyst.
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PostSubject: Re: Schizophrenia (Another Look)

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Schizophrenia (Another Look)
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