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PostSubject: Re: Feminism Feminism - Page 34 EmptySun Apr 08, 2018 11:49 am

They are only "competing" within a certain set of rules that favor them and are enforced by other men. It's like if you create rules which favor children in competition over adults, enforce these rules by other men, and then pretend children are "directly competing" with adults. It's kiddie-level role playing.

They don't care about it is what they say, and then they go seek the protection/provision of daddy state (the dominant masculine entity) and seek the cock of dominant biological males. Observe their actions, ignore their words.

Quote :
You have a tendency to think in emotional extremes which negates the bigger picture.

What can I say, I'm a very emotional guy.

Quote :
There is no "direct genuine competition", in such conditions women naturally submit to the dominion of the male

That's my point. This pretend play "competition" can only exist while others are enforcing rules that are favorable to women. Without it, women simply submit. That's why terms like "gender war" are silly, just as silly as "child vs adult war". Conflict/competition is between men and groups of men.

Quote :
Also, caring and especially knowing about what women want is important as she bears the offspring, as long as her desires are reasonable and realistic then catering to it is absolutely necessary.. for example..her security, her health etc

That women bear offspring doesn't mean their opinions matter, it means THEY matter.

In fact, since men know what's best for women better than women do anyways (just like parents know what's best for children better than children do), it's best to completely disregard women's opinions in order to preserve things like their health and security. Which brings us back to what I initially said - tell women what to do, and reward/punish them accordingly.


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