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 This Is Your "God" Money

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PostSubject: This Is Your "God" Money Thu May 24, 2012 3:00 pm

Since government is "God" as I have alluded to in another thread in the evolution of figure heads and religion it then becomes obvious that it's created divine seal becomes worshipped too.

What is the seal of the "all father" that is government? Money or currency is of course.

This is your "God", money! The proclamation of any political atheist that is a anarchist.

What is money? Divine credits of the will of government which is "God".

The more you accumulate the more you fall in line within the good graces of "God" which is government that issues such holy seals by it's own mint.

The more credits you accumulate the more open the world becomes for you to inherit.

Like the "Gods" of old if you are "good" follower or servant the gate to the kingdom becomes open for you.

This process with the more evolved "God" of government in the modern era works in the same way.

Those who accumalate much less or have very few tokens of credits become severely punished living a life of suffering. Those are the people who have lost favor with the great "God" of government who live in eternal "purgatory" or "hell" in complete poverty where their judgement waits.

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This Is Your "God" Money
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