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 Head teacher on society's 'skewed, distorted approach to appearance'

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PostSubject: Head teacher on society's 'skewed, distorted approach to appearance' Thu Jun 21, 2012 1:11 pm

Interview with a head teacher, where she discusses the damage celebrities like Kim Kardashian are doing to our 'young children':

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Quote :
Some quotes:

Head teacher: "Heavy sexualized culture doing damage to our young people"... "If we are placing value on the objectification of young women"... "we need to say no, this has gone too far"..."most of the images young girls are encountering are inappropriate"... "women posing provocatively"...

Interviewer: "women can be their own worst enemy"
Head teacher: "Correct."

Head teacher: "We need to appreciate our young people for who they really are."

My response to this is that I think the teachers words are mostly hollow, as if one wishes to really question the lack of depth and sincerity in current Western culture it involves a far deeper examination than simply bemoaning the over sexualization of women/girls, and such an examination is bound to unearth certain negative qualities within femininity itself and some uncomfortable introspection on the part of women which would send the head teacher rushing into the arms of Germain Greer and denying there ever was an issue in the first place.

In fact, isn't this just more of the same feminist bullshit portraying women, inevitably, as the victims of lustful males?

Is this a form of envy on the part of the head teacher?
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Head teacher on society's 'skewed, distorted approach to appearance'
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