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 So you say you love animals

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PostSubject: So you say you love animals Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:23 pm

Look around you....everyone has got a cat or dog or a pet of some kind. An animal's rights are mandatory in our pro-liberal, urban society.

Animal rights activists are everywhere. Vegetarianism and Veganism are on the rise like never before. People just love animals. LOL cats make up one of the largest databases on the Internet. Cat cafes are opening up in Japan and spreading to Europe- places to drink coffee and chill with kitties for a few extra dollars.

But it seems like even with so much respect we have of them, they get treated worse than babies, like toys. I'm guilty of it too.

They're cute and fluffy and look adorable in tu-tus and onesies, but it's not what they're accustomed to in their natural environment, and quite frankly it's patronizing and abusive in and of itself. Their names are often stupid and endearing, not something we would want to be called etc.

In this sense, they are not respected, or treated with love or dignity. Once upon a time our dogs were used for sniffing out blood after a gunshot wound was made deep in the forestlands, and our cats were strictly up for hire as mousers, not to be pug faced fluff-dolls.

And with the 'advance' in our eating habits by protesting new agers, and pushy vegans that are spreading like the plague, using them for meat has become a modern day sin worthy of the harshest penalty.

But Biblically speaking, and in the Torah, animals are to be eaten, and used as a sacrifice unto the Great and Mighty G-d and Creator. Here they had a purpose, a purpose so dramatic and tragic, like the Passover lamb....

In all reality, to not eat them and to not sacrifice them is the fault of a true sinner, as sacrifice is made to cleanse us of our wrongdoings.

Sacrifice is then a holy act committed not out of animal cruelty, but love for them, and love for our G-d.

How then has morality been so twisted? Could it be that Veganism is one of the most hidden and well disguised abominations to the Lord?

If we are to truly love G-d and His creation, it's my belief that respect for animals has much deeper connotations than modern man has to offer.

Treating them with only docility makes them less-than what they are....ravagers, scavengers, hunters...that is their pride, their purpose, their dignity.....

Feel! and taste the blood of life!

Blood gives us some of the deepest of all emotion, and our society is losing enough of that already. I'm saying vegetable eaters could be on the verge of creating a vegetable society.

It's not difficult to notice that feminization is part of it, meat often being most associated with masculine traits. It seems women make up the majority of non-meat eaters. They do it in the name of love and this love is getting shallower and shallower. What will happen if more men join in and stop eating meat?
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So you say you love animals
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