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 Elaboration on Bottom-Up and Top-Down thought?

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PostSubject: Elaboration on Bottom-Up and Top-Down thought? Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:26 pm

I wanted some clarification as to the nature of these organizations of thought. I'll start by explaining my understanding of these concepts.

In this type of thinking, one starts with small 'facts' of life and extrapolates from there to build a larger (even if incomplete) picture of their environment. This kind of thinking becomes a problem for someone who cannot handle the clarity (about themselves) and absence that comes with it.

This type of thinking, one assumes a 'larger' fact and then tries to find whether or not it is valid by extrapolating from it and attempting to find inconsistencies. For instance, one would assume that God exists and then later find inconsistencies in smaller aspects taught about God.

From what I can tell, I am usually a Top-Down thinker. I rationalize (consciously justify, upon an unconscious feeling of inconsistency/shame) the difficulty I have thinking Bottom-Up by telling myself that by assuming a criteria for a 'fact' I have therefor assumed an absolute which goes against the intuitive idea that there is no such thing. I suppose this is simply the nature of human thought itself though (one, zero) and so cannot be helped. Right...

It appears that Bottom-Up thinking is clearly the superior form to grasp the nature of what someone is experiencing. Top-Down thinking appears to have its origins in the very reason I use it, to rationalize away negative (to the person) unconscious thoughts.

Any other thoughts or elaborations to deepen my understanding of these would be appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: Elaboration on Bottom-Up and Top-Down thought? Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:34 pm

Bottom-Up - begins with sensual stimuli, the apparent, the perceived, finds patterns in it and with this extrapolates larger rules and predicts future occurrences.

Top-Down - begins with a conclusion, the invisible, the unperceived, and then tries to incorporate the perceived within its premises....or tries to justify the projected with the perceived .
If and when it fails it does not discard the presumed, it simply dismisses the perceived as illusions or as too complex or too inconclusive to be taken into consideration, postponing judgment indefinitely.

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Elaboration on Bottom-Up and Top-Down thought?
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