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 Tantric Sex

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PostSubject: Re: Tantric Sex Tantric Sex - Page 2 EmptyFri Jun 03, 2016 6:42 am

Black Panther wrote:
It is said often that aspects to the house cusps are important. What would say, a trine of Venus to the 5th and 8th house cusps mean?

Short answer in its positive banal aspects: the house of playful romance, love where the child in one can come out, feel nurtured creatively is attuned and guided along with the house of literally "I dig you" kind of magnetic love, possessive loyalty, healing and transformative sex - literally a recipe for a child with a creative outlet empowered with boundless energy.

Fun, fitness : Finesse, composure
Beautiful smile : Intense piercing gaze
Flirting, Flaunting : Intrigue, mystery
Need for attention : Need for intimacy
Compassion in a warm heart : Cool discriminate intelligence in a disarming mind
Disloyalty, lack of chivalry, and seriousness is unattractive : Weakness, laziness and cowardice is unattractive
Stimulated by affection, friendships, life : Stimulated by passion, challenges, death
Luxurious Soul : Luxurious Spirit

The pro-creative and the re-creative coming/alligning together.
[Creativity itself is 12.]

At the higher level, Venus overrules aesthetics, harmony, pleasure and its limits, alliance-contracts, marriage, garden and vine-yards, light-bringing, mirror-empathies, monster-doubles, tempters, [sym-phonic] orchestrators, seducers, the nymph, innocence, in-toxic-ations, overall force of attraction and the just establishment of worth. In trine over 5 and 8, philos [chivalrous love] perhaps is wedded to sheer kapsoura [intense, magnetic passion]…, the joining of not just two things, but opposites;

Quote :
"Venus, as noted earlier, was the name Varro gave to the procreative force that joins fire to water, male to female. This force, he says, is inherent in Victory as well, because when Victory overpowers, she also binds.
Like the newborn Venus rising from the sea, venustas, apparent beauty, is the visibility of the binding force that beauty generates through its power to inspire love.

According to Varro, Venus (love)—like proportion and symmetry, as Vitruvius repeatedly defines them—is a force that binds.
Varro presents the birth of Venus herself from the sea foam in a fusion of fire and water as the mythical paradigm for the binding force at the origin of all life. This force is the origin of coherence, universal concord, and community, wrote Plutarch, citing Greek sources, later in the second century A.D.;184 of all appearing in the world, according to Lucretius, whose De rerum natura Vitruvius knew, and who invokes Venus as “the pleasure [voluptas] of gods and men” at the opening of that great poem of cosmic order.

"Mother of Aeneas and his race [Aeneadum genetrix] . . . nurturing Venus, who beneath the smooth-moving heavenly signs fill with yourself the sea full-laden with ships, the earth that bears the crops, since through you every kind of living thing is conceived and rising up looks on the light of the sun . . . since . . . you alone govern the nature of things, since without you nothing comes forth into the shining borders of light, nothing joyous or lovely is made, you I crave as partner in writing [these] verses."

But the Venus Lucretius invokes at the opening of his poem is Aeneadum genetrix, mother of Aeneas’s race, ancestress of all Romans. She, Aeneas’s mother, had protected her son on his treacherous sea voyage to Italy, where he came from Troy after its fall to father a new race of heroes. That this was so had been common knowledge since the third century B.C. in the foundation legend that Virgil later made epic and Augustan in the Aeneid.
The Romans called the goddess they claimed as their genetrix Venus, however, not Aphrodite.
And this Venus, arguably, named the very essence of the correct relations with the gods that, if properly maintained, guaranteed Roman might. It is in this that Venus might rightly be understood as the “mother” and origin of Rome, for the foundation legend naming her as the ancestress and divine source of Roman power became current in the century that saw the beginning of Rome’s con- quest of the Mediterranean world."[Indra McEwen, Vitruvius]

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[perhaps agape is 6th [love reaching devotio] and eros is 12th [love become sophia], 7th is nuptial love [soul-mateship.] Jupiter in 6th may also indicate a lucky arranged marriage acc. to family custom or religious custom or close to one's tradition, someone from maybe one's kith and kin, a distant relative…]

And also, Venus in relation to sex and money:

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Black Panther

Black Panther

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Tantric Sex - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tantric Sex Tantric Sex - Page 2 EmptySat Jun 04, 2016 8:43 pm

Perhaps this is what feminine philosophy is; sourcing... valuing, stitching together, weaving together from the finest materials, keeping treasure troves; the Feminine principle first as Wealth, Venus' first rulership; Wealth primarily being health,

Where Aries is mental health (Aries is a thinker, initiatives are thoughts, he knows how to translate a thought into an initial action) Taurus is physical health, not in the traditional sense of not being sick, but of having a body to enjoy, and a world to enjoy it in.

Gemini is evil. I mean it is profoundly wicked, immensely arrogant and masterful at detaching. It must be there that evil was figured out from two good; how to employ one good to manipulate the other; (I use evil joyfully, it is a good word, and I respect Gemini)  

only through the pain that this repeatedly created is the care in Cancer born, which is a selfish caring for other people; its love is true and blind. Leos love is rather the stuff of his consciousness, and very much contrived in the instances where no true love is ignited. But contriving is the seed of the true shaping power of Virgo.

Now Libra, where Venus has matured, and is able to engage other elements without resorting to partial trickery; the Cardinal Air sign 'gets things in order' and divides in the right proportions. So wealth takes on cosmic substance; it is made the firmament of the world.

"The kingdom of Osiris was vast and huge and massive and terrible. It streched from Earth to Earth and was Earthly as the fucks given by his own heart. So great was this realm that the heavens had descended upon the Earth to profit and maximize their potential. It is such that our heavens became so great; they inherited the ancient treasures of an Earth gone to dust."
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Tantric Sex
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