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 cuck wars

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PostSubject: cuck wars cuck wars EmptyMon Apr 30, 2018 6:07 pm

I play Star Wars Battlefront. Got hype of the main video. But the game is not hype. Just outdoors areas. Have to shoot people a million times to kill them. This is not starwars.

Where is the glory of Star Wars? Firing a laser, and then witnessing the report of your confirmed kill. Where is that to be found?

The game is as hollow as modernity. Enticing on the surface, but as you go past the surface you realize there is no depth.

And why does the font look like 1920's decadence? This is Star Wars, not Casablanca.

It is all so dreadfully mellow. It fills my being with a violence of low intensity. Everything about the combat, feels impersonal. That I am merely an accountant, sorting through tasks, or walking on a hike inside of boring, dreary scenery. The graphics are realistic, but approach uncanny valley, appearing off somehow. Perhaps it is the glare of the morning sun, it does not feel real to me. The violence is so mellow that it is boring, and even my own thoughts provide more lucid violence than the game does.

Speaking of racism, the Jews in Hollywood do seem pretty racist. More racist than many people, actually. They made a Star Wars 8 poster, with a lurking, brooding, shadowy white guy in the background, depicting him as foreboding. And then they have a black guy, whos head's turned to the side, like a baboon or ape. Like his only function in the poster, is to be portrayed as an ape. It's like, I think black culture sucks and black society sucks, but, I wouldn't go so far as to make a movie poster drawing blacks as baboons. I'm sure JJAbrams is sitting on his throne of money, laughing around and tossing money into the air as he finds the whole thing probably hilarious.

Second of all, why am I thrust into the game as a black person? Im cool with being a female especially a white female. But why is it acceptable to make me play as a black man? I don't identify as a black man and don't want to play the game as a black man, so why am I just randomly forced to be one in the game? I mean I don't mind being a soldier and wearing black armor, or being darth vader who is voiced as a black man. But dont make me straight up be a black man. I mean, if its a cool black man, like Ganondorf or something, I wouldn't mind. But dont make me play as a straight up niggaman please. Why is this so hard to understand? And also, how does this make me a racist? Black men are my competitors, they get to sleep with hot black women and I don't. So why am I supposed to play as the people who are ruining my life? That's like total cuckery.
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cuck wars
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