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 the War against Freedom

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the War against Freedom Empty
PostSubject: the War against Freedom the War against Freedom EmptyTue Sep 11, 2018 4:08 pm

So I was clicking on one of those stupid ad-slideshows, I wanted to see why Jim Carrey got "fired" from Hollywood.

I came across Christian Bale, and why he got dumped by Hollywood.
It says he said this:
"Bale is known to take his roles very seriously and act from his heart. So we were disappointed to hear that he was caught on tape during the filming of Terminator Salvation yelling at the director of photography “You are trashing my scene. You do it one more time and I ain’t walking on this set if you’re still hired. You’re a nice guy. But that don’t cut it.” Ouch."

It is the depersonalization of people. They don't view us as people, but icons, robots, fictional entities to fit the lowest common denominator.

Hollywood is so pathetic and cliquey, it is like a giant Smooze monster, you have to obey it or else. Any sign of a free-spirit, any sign of individuality, and youre done. You have to be a stepford wife, obedient, with no views of your own.

Even having liberal views is not enough to save you from their almighty claws. Jim Carrey went on an anti-trump rant, which I guess is too politically incorrect for the people at Hollywood, because it has emotion. So even having liberal views is not cool enough for them.

Heaven help it, if you slap a woman, or get into a fight, or are bipolar, they'll judge you endlessly for it. So Christian Bale barely lost his temper at someone, so what? It feels so fascist like they will end your career for even swearing out loud.

They filter out anyone who has a free-spirit, or has any spunk or rebelliousness. All that is left is sameness, homogenous, sterility, talentless hacks who fit into the lowest common denominator, pumping out endless, brain-dead sterile lifeless sludge, for example the new Ghostbusters movie.

And they do it to show that our gods, our icons, need to fall in line, even our gods are not allowed to have personhood, if our gods and icons are shown they cannot have personhood, if our gods, our fighters, our legends, are not allowed to express rebellion or our true emotions, then the slaves will obediently next fall in line.
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the War against Freedom Empty
PostSubject: Re: the War against Freedom the War against Freedom EmptyTue Sep 11, 2018 9:02 pm

Carrey didn't get fired from Holleywood for being anti-Trump.

He got fired because he was anti-social and didn't obey the Holleywood oligarchs.

Furthermore, Christian Bale went on, and continues to go on, to make many Hollywood blockbusters. Not fired.
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the War against Freedom
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