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 i feel so sad.

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i feel so sad. Empty
PostSubject: i feel so sad. i feel so sad. EmptyThu Apr 04, 2019 8:20 pm

I wanna go back to the olden days of Xbox 360. Those days weren't perfect by any means. In fact, they were even bad days. But at least then, life felt lifeful.
Xbox 360 had a white and green background, with some silver and orange. Now the new Xbox One is all black and boxy looking.

I'm not a racist. I think blacks should be allowed to play Xbox. I even miss some of the good old days of black people playing xbox. But then my black cousins stopped playing Xbox. Infected by the ravages of modernity. The modern feeling of nothing being worthwhile. They grew bored and distant, twas the day the fun was no more and my heart turned black.

Back to Xbox One menus. It looks boxy looking. Spammed with ads and people's livestreams and stupid bullshit. Laggy too. Feels like its sucking my soul out of my body. Hypermasculine is what it feels like. Soul suckingly corporate and modern. I long for the days of feminine Xbox 360 menus. I don't agree with Paul Joseph Watson on everything. But he is correct on some things, such as all the great artists are shunned by society. Only allowing bugmen art to be allowed. Everything is a corporate conspiracy where they broadcast only AAA games and no innovation because great artists not allowed.
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i feel so sad.
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