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 Asians in Africa

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PostSubject: Asians in Africa Asians in Africa EmptyWed Aug 08, 2012 7:17 am

Forty years ago Asians were expelled from Uganda by Idi Amin. Asians were primarily civil servants, doctors, lawyers and business operators. Many were originally brought to Uganda by the British Empire to fill clerical roles... being seen as more capable than native Ugandans. After Uganda gained independence from the British the Asians quickly grew to dominate the Ugandan economy, eventually controlling 90% of it.

Blacks like Idi Amin complained that Asians were not sharing their wealth with the Ugandans, were sending it abroad and refused to integrate both socially and racially.

Quote :
On 4 August 1972, the then President of Uganda, Idi Amin, ordered the expulsion of his country's Indian and Pakistani minority, giving them 90 days to leave Uganda.[1] Amin said that he had had a dream in which God told him to order the expulsion.
Quote :
Ugandan soldiers during this period engaged in theft and physical and sexual violence against the Asians with impunity. After their expulsion, the businesses were handed over to Amin's supporters.
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In the link below, a British Asian woman gives her views on Asians returning to Uganda today:

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She must submit herself to the Judeo-Christian guilt system and slave morality so that she can return to Uganda and profit from liberal capitalism, something completely alien to Hinduism with its strict caste system where one is born into a social and racial class which lasts throughout ones life and from which there is no escape. Blacks are condemned by their own biology in Hinduism.

She pathetically tries to gloss historical events over as only the work of Idi Amin and a handful of his supporters, but the popularity of his policies and the gusto with which they were carried out suggested a more widespread resentment towards the Indians and their intellectual and economic achievements.

She says, "Asians coming into Uganda now must really learn to respect Ugandans. You can't come in and think you're superior because if you think you're superior you're not a human being. We're really all equal."

But she speaks as though reading a script, it's not something she really believes.

Interestingly, although the Asians viz-a-vi the blacks in Uganda were in a position similar to the Jews viz-a-vi the Germans in Nazi Germany, the victims in the latter were the Jews, not the Germans, as it was never considered that the Jews were hoarding wealth, keeping to themselves and failing to integrate. Do the Jews apologize today for their behavior and regret not respecting German culture? The opprobrium in both cases is reserved for those who believe they are innately superior... the Asians and the Nazis. Blacks and Jews are both considered victims.

(Love the last bit when she mentions that miscegenation is now a way of life. This is not true as Asians do not interbreed with blacks. In other words, the meme will not surpass the gene.)

In an Observer article Asian journalist Farah Damji cements this guilt complex:

Quote :
My birthday falls on Uganda's Independence Day and childhood memories of my early anniversaries are full of marching brass bands and buttoned-down generals. I'd watch the procession pass below the veranda of my grandparents' flat in downtown Kampala and feel like a princess, lost in the fantasy that this was all mine.

But even as a tiny child I knew something was wrong. The mildly garish turned into the gruesome as daily reports of cannibalism, rape and murder were dissected by adults in hushed voices. The problems didn't happen overnight. The great shame is that the Asian community didn't address it. We didn't see the injustice in having a battalion of African servants on call, like maharajahs, as we lived it up in a land that wasn't really ours.

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The injustice is not the rape, murder and cannibalism being done to Asians, but "having a battalion of servants on call."

A brief clip from the Italian made documentary film Africa Addio:

It's intriguing how hard it is to get hold of photographic or film or even articles documenting evidence of black African attacks on whites and Asians. There is still the overwhelming desire to paint Africans as the eternal victims of 'racial hatred' and colonialism.

Backlash against the film

Quote :
The film has been described by numerous reviewers as having a "pro-white European" and "pro-colonialist" slant. Some[who?] have objected that the film makes virtually no references to past atrocities and exploitations committed by European colonialists, thus giving the appearance that mass violence in Africa was only a post-colonial phenomenon.

In West Germany, a protest movement against the film emerged after "Africa Addio" was awarded by the state-controlled movie rating board ("Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden"). The protest was chiefly organized by the Socialist German Student Union (SDS) and groups of African students. In West Berlin, the distributor resigned from showing the film after a series of demonstrations and damages to cinemas. Today, the protests against "Africa Addio" are regarded as being the first anti-racist movement in German history.[5]

The film was banned as racist in Italy.

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Massacre of Arabs in Zanzibar, from the film:

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PostSubject: Re: Asians in Africa Asians in Africa EmptyWed Aug 08, 2012 8:52 am


Nice find.

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PostSubject: Re: Asians in Africa Asians in Africa EmptyFri Aug 17, 2012 10:21 am

Yes, this is very interesting. I bet the athiest kult would never acknowledge this was even real. They would proably say it is a conspiracy theory that the asians built so much productive and the africans that assumed their businesses failed miserably and the whole country went to shit. I want a athiest kult person to come in here and try to dispute it. It would make my day
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PostSubject: Re: Asians in Africa Asians in Africa Empty

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Asians in Africa
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