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 The Religious Origins Of Morality And Ethics

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PostSubject: The Religious Origins Of Morality And Ethics Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:34 pm

Let's look at the judicial court system as a giant exorcism ritualization carried out by society and the state.

You are bad, evil, and "wrong". The judge acts as the proceeding shaman and priest reading judicial law which is carried out like commandments. The court exhibits as a exorcism chamber and sacred space. The jail cell or prison acts like the enclosed refuge of eternal banishment meant to mimick hell for eternal punishment of selected individuals on earth for the rest of their mortal lives.

Even the execution is religiously carried out in a zeal like a poisonous "evil" sin being cast and extinguished out in the flame of godlieness.

All of judicial law is merely that which has evolved in philosophy over centuries from various men much like the ten commandments being carried out by Moses on the mountain top.

Now let us evoke upon morals, virtues, and self evident ethical truths that we take advantage of as fact everyday. What are they really?

Do they exist on their own beyond human beings? Are they actual natural or universal bodies and rules that human beings observe in coming to mimick themselves?

No they are not. They are merely concepts but more importantly they are social archetypes. Where do they descend from in historicity? They stem from man's ancient religious past.

Moral and ethics then become evolved religious traditions where even though "God" has been taken out of the process they nonetheless cannot ever seem to hide their true historical origins no matter how clever moral or ethical philosophers try to hide behind the facade of social utilitarianism.

The moral or ethical philosopher is no different than that of a ancient Roman augur reading signs and symbols out of entrails when it concerns divine judgement.

Everywhere moral and ethical philosophers speak about morals or ethics but none know what they actually are. None of them know where they came from. For them it's just all a zealous traditional affair rooted in belief.

What was once the divine works of "God" is now the demi works of society at large. Government, state, and collective society becomes the new godhead but the characters remain the same even though slightly revised. The moral or ethical metanarrative functions the same even though it is slightly altered overtime.

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The Religious Origins Of Morality And Ethics
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